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  1. (CHICAGO) WEEK - State Health officials have acknowledged a bending of the "Covid Curve" seeing smaller spikes in positive cases, or rather, not as exponential of a jump as recorded weeks ago when virus testing capability was much lower. Additionally, despite the additional virus-related deaths being reported everyday, Illinois Department of Public Health reports those numbers are decreasing too. Still, the department's Director, Dr. Ngozi Ezike used part of her time during Sunday's health briefing to explain how the department determines if a death is related to Coronavirus. Es
  2. Yeah, we even do that when we're gathered for a cigar. Sacrilegious..I know.
  3. Because half of us think the other half are idiots
  4. Here's what I never understood and I can never get a straight answer on... 1. Sweden has had no real restrictions placed on its citizens. One would expect that Swedes would be dropping like flies...but they are not. 2. In the US, we have states like California and New York who impose very tough masking and social gathering restrictions while other states like Texas and Florida have very loose (if any at all) masking and social gathering restrictions. From what I hear on the news about COVID, I'd expect that Texas and Florida's COVID cases (per capita) should be multiples of CA and N
  5. One would think that vaccines allow us to enjoy life again, but unfortunately, NOTHING has changed for this fully vaccinated guy. I'm still required to wear masks everywhere, dining restrictions are still in-force, etc. I can understand why people don't want the vaccine.
  6. What is the purpose of Plain Packaging Laws???
  7. Sometimes I get boxes that have different colored dot stickers? Can someone tell me what that means?
  8. Up Down is a great place. @5thStarChicago is a fellow FOH'er. Very gracious and all around great guy. If you meet up with @lovethehaze ask him to bring his specialty beers. He got me hooked on a couple of outstanding brews during our last herf.
  9. If nothing works, I'll cut it up and put it in my pipe.
  10. They could have written the article in one word: Socialism.
  11. Fantastic. I'm in Lake County, IL. Ill have @inter4alia add you to our distribution list if you provide email to him

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