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  1. Thanksgiving dinner just with my wife and daughter - hopefully next year we’ll have extended family and friends as well. 13 lb turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, green bean casserole and giblet dressing for the girls and oyster dressing for me (with respect @La_Tigre oyster is the absolute best Be well all and Happy Thanksgiving to you! So much to be thankful for, even in this crazy year Vance
  2. Very much agree! Since FOH auctions became BR I’ve been more a browser than a buyer but this may change that....will be fun regardless!
  3. A podcast host that I listen to described his response to people who ask about the risk of cigar smoking this way - “well I guess I could be too relaxed or too happy...” But on a serious note, all of life is assessing risk and adjusting behavior....cigar smoking is a risk I’m very happy taking...the reward is so much better than my perceived risk I think Piggy’s point wasn’t that we shouldn’t wear masks but was rather a warning on the use of statistics (remember that Mark Twain quote)... I feel confident I could author a paper showing that cigar smokers are healthier and live longer than the general population....but that’s likely a function of socio-economic factors and that this hobby tends to skew toward those who have more time and resources. But we know that correlation is not causation!
  4. Clear and 58 tomorrow in KC after several wet and cold days. Probably a Medio Siglo or Topes for me. Happy Thanksgiving all....remember all the things we have to be thankful for even in these crazy times...
  5. For me, it’s getting hard to justify the price differential between CoRo and a good BBF, D4, or Connie 1. I mean, Cohiba is unique and tasty but is it almost 3x better than the ones I’ve listed?....not sure. YMMV, but for me if Im paying $21-22 per stick I’m trending Trinidad nowadays... Esmeralda or Topes is hard to beat...
  6. I only have experience with MS in tubes but storing those with cap off (the ones I haven’t already dispatched...love these).
  7. Box A for me but very interesting to read the reasons members have posted for choosing B. Now eager to try a light wrapper RASS!
  8. hey congrats and best wishes!! and it's a great investment
  9. Great review.....if you like the D4 you’ll also likely enjoy the P2...both favorites of mine lately.
  10. Interesting review...I’ve never gotten mint from a MS, just hay, graham cracker, honey - although they seem for me fuller/stronger than a CoRo....hopefully these two were just outliers for you. They’re pricey but I keep buying them....my current favorite smoke.

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