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  1. Anyone have an idea when we might see SW offered again? Love all Upmann and excited to get a box at some point. Thanks all.
  2. Hey - I’m willing to pay for one (not having won anything and all ). Looks very cool and would love to represent!
  3. So if the Canadian govt forces cigar smokers (effectively) to buy online, in Cuba, etc, aren’t they going to take a hit in tax collections? Not sure how this makes any financial sense (since we know despite their moralizing that politicians do care about the cash...)
  4. So the box code is not available or just not on the box? Does pp mean you’re buying cigars without knowing anything about age and factory?
  5. Not trolling, serious question. For those of you with experience with Reserva/GR - are these usually worth the markup? (looks like at least 6x regular production). And a little confused as to the leaf description in HW - are these the 2016 leaf that would have been in ~ 2017-2018 BBFs (ie, aged BBFs) or a different blend? Thanks Vance
  6. Interesting discussion. I had my first Mag 54 last night and really enjoyed it. Am a big fan of HU in general. Will be interesting to see how the box evolves.
  7. I’m just watching from the sidelines but I bet the SW and Siglo VI would be a treat....
  8. Woo-hoo !! Congrats and best wishes! Marriage is a blessing! All the best to you two! Vance
  9. Your Regular Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). Medio Siglo Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). Not enough info - have La Trova resting but haven’t tried yet Your Best New Release (2019/2020 production ) Topes Your Most Improved (2017 - 2020 production) Not enough info/experience to answer here Your Mr. Dependable Award (2017-2020 production) BBF
  10. I'll add a vote for Topes - great tasting and more consistent for me than Vigia or ML (small sample size though, less than 15 overall)
  11. My top 5 this year: 1. Medio Siglo: love these....easier to pay $13/stick in the spring as opposed to $18 now, but they’re worth the money....can almost always get a good 75 min or more of pure enjoyment. 2. BBF: consistent quality and flavor...that malt taste is right in my wheelhouse 3. HU #2: really like these....love the A’s as well but the #2 has a little heft I enjoy 4. P2: really love a good D4 and my P2s have been an extended and classier D4 5. Topes: don’t think this gets the same love as the ML and Esmeralda but it suits me -Vance

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