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  1. You could have had the decency of inviting me over to help. The nerve of this guy...
  2. Pretty much the same, plus I don't care for the black pepper and one-dimensional flavor of many NCs. That said, there are some great NCs out there and I mix them in.
  3. You'll find this to be a very engaging and welcoming online forum. Enjoy!
  4. Has anyone come back from the Island to the States since the personal importation ban was imposed last fall? I'm curious if customs is enforcing, or even asking, about the ban.
  5. Seems to be one of the PdR factories as a lot of Trinidads have that code.
  6. These are smoking incredibly well—LGR AUG 19. Tastes like a highly refined BBF. All of the typical Bolivar traits in perfect harmony. No mongrel or young roughness.
  7. So when does everything one think it will be safe to return again to the island?
  8. Beautiful example of this platonic ideal of a Double Corona. Lovely construction throughout with no hint of petulant youth. More linear than expected flavor-wise but given the harmonic balance I wouldn’t ask for anything else. 1/3 - Opens with Partagas’ signature sourdough dominance, mixed with hints of spice and citrus in a creamy, silky envelope. Medium strength. 2/3 - Body increases slightly to medium plus. Leather replaces the citrus note. Rich, balanced, and silky smooth come to mind. 3/3 - Same as 2/3, not obvious difference. Consistent down to a nub.
  9. Thanks, much appreciated! I think it was just an anomaly as I've had a couple from the bundles and haven't encountered an ammonia on those but I don't want to risk any others since who knows how long it will be before we can return to the Island from the States.
  10. How long have you aged them? I've got a bundle from ENE 20 and got the dreaded ammonia kick on the last one at the start of the 2/3.
  11. x2. Foursquare makes fantastic rums from the budget to premium options. Their white rum collaboration with Hampden, called Probitas, is our go-to for any rum cocktail. It is perfect for a daiquiri or mojito. I'm enjoying the latter at the moment with a Punch Short de Punch.

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