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  1. I’m booking for then as well. Fingers crossed Omicron has died down there by then.
  2. They don’t have stock, that’s the point.
  3. That’s incredible! Noble giants if you ask me.
  4. Are there any reputable non-state owned cigar stores? Are Reynaldo’s and Alex’s shops state-owned?
  5. Thanks, your knowledge is always very much appreciated! Doesn’t sound like there’s a way to take advantage of unofficial exchange rates then for purchasing at the lcdhs. Too bad.
  6. Anyone have feedback on the credit card situation? I’m hopefully planning a March trip.
  7. The Lanceros and BHK 52s are much better. I smoked a robusto and a BHK 52 back to back on Friday to see the difference and it was AA vs major league.
  8. Love the idea. I’d personally prefer the 47 rg but perhaps 50 rg provides more variety if a Dalias is being added.
  9. The bigger issue may be how you pay for them since the LCDH supposedly only accepted credit cards and US-based credit cards I imagine won't work there.

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