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  1. I had one last week with two forum friends and we all thought they were fantastic. Like a Hoyo with a little more kick and definitely mixed roasted nuts (same descriptor I used) addition that isn’t typically found on a Hoyo. Certainly not too young to be enjoyed.
  2. JL2 (EOS AGO 19). Smoking great for such a young cigar. A Papa daiquiri doesn’t hurt as well. 😋
  3. I had a single of the Karloff last Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it for a full bodied NC change of pace—beautiful construction and wrapper to boot. I picked up a couple boxes thereafter as they’re almost all sold out. Definitely try one if you can.
  4. I have not but have heard concerns about the capsule material. That's the rub with most off-brand options.
  5. It has been out for at least a year but recently out of stock. It is not a permanent item so who knows when it will disappear. There's also a Puerto Rico special release that's out right now and very good as well--quite similar to the Cuba to my taste. EDIT: Still is out of stock in the US.
  6. Upmann PC courtesy of @PaulPower. Such a pity these were axed, they’re lovely sticks.
  7. Nice review. I'm trying to forget I've got a bundle for as long as possible. The sourcing of tobacco between the different house rollers must be very diverse as some seems to be ready to go almost immediately (Mondales fell in this category), whereas others definitely need considerable down time (all of Alex's rolls fell in this category), and yet others were in-between as being pretty accessible now but having a lot left in the tank (I'm thinking of Reynaldo and La China here). Perhaps it is the blending that plays into that since the Mondales are certainly the lightest strength-wise of the lot.
  8. Morning and evening. Working through my first box of ‘05 RGPE. Unbeatable for under $100/box.

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