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  1. Supply shortage I presume. It has only been that way lately. Usually it is more of a mix of psp, hq and clearance. Hopefully it goes back to that soon.
  2. FoH branded travel lighter has been wonderful for me. I fly about 30-35 times/year and haven’t had an issue with it—I’m on a flight now with it in my backpack. They’re usually available on the FoH webstore under accessories, though I don’t know if they can be purchased now with the carts freeze.
  3. True, but I’d surmise the retail would be much higher than $225/box for the RAs.
  4. They’re great. I’ve worked through most of a box. I’m not usually a RA fan but these are special. Most recent boxes I’ve seen are numbered in the 6xx/7xx of 6,000 so they’ll be around for awhile.
  5. Some of the larger online NC shops have them. I grabbed a couple boxes, they're wonderful!
  6. Isn't the systemic underreporting of COVID-19 cases more plausible than something "un-natural"? COVID is where I'd put my money if I were a gambling man.
  7. I'd go for it after the standard 60-day acclimation period unless you're going to put it down for several years.
  8. They’re wonderful. This is from a January 2020 bundle and already smoking great. Alex’s customs benefit from time down so I’m trying to keep my hands off them as much as possible. I had a Reynaldo Sublime yesterday from the same trip and that was ready to go—it lived up to the Vitola’s name—but this one will be much better in a couple more years.
  9. Alex Puntilla and Hemingway daiquiri. Great combo.
  10. I’ve yet to have a Warped I don’t like. It is the only NC I buy with regularity.
  11. Moises told me the same last weekend when I was there. Looks like the PV LCDH got them first. I've got boxes 69 and 70.
  12. Good smoke with some added protein, what could go wrong?
  13. x2. That’s been my experience as well. The complexity of a Lusi but with more attitude.

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