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  1. For me the Dantes is turning into a good cigar. The topes is of the chart. The 56 well...had a box, smoked a few and the rest went on BR. I didn't quite like it enough for the heavy price
  2. Hope everyone s fine! My buddy bought some Lusi GR from an aficionado he got to know. He figured out they were real but... were they? After smoking he took of the band and saw an original Partagas band. Then took of the GR band and compared it to the Limitada bands. And it's where things get ugly... What's your opinion guys? Real or fake? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to tell me your opinion. Appreciate
  4. I might hurt some feeling and I'm sorry. For me it's my least favorite 2019LE. Maybe like the Dantes it needs time. I don't get all the hype on it. Smoked 3 already and found them rather blend and lacking complexity for such a premium to pay. I Ve one more single that must impress me. Otherwise my full boxes will end up on auction at some point.
  5. Same dude. Same doubt i have. Any thoughts?
  6. Well...colours and tastes are different but here we go. Love them. Smooth, fruity, elegant, mild, great draw and construction. Maybe lack of complexity in general but for the rest I'm a big fan and this picture says it all.
  7. Thanks for the answer. I don't know about the factory code neither do i know about the micro printing. Some 2011 have not the micro printing because it was a transitional year is it correct?
  8. That place got 30 boxes. Some have the sticker on the wooden box, some not, some even have double sticker on the wooden box.
  9. Sorry just see your question now. I cannot tell you I've no idea. Got mine on auction
  10. Hello everyone, Need your expertise. A shop I discovered recently has some boxes of SC Muralla and proposed to sell me one. They look great. However, it's not a source I've dealt with so far. And I know the rule: know your source. Well... What raised my concern is that the green sticker is on the wooden box and not on the outside carton box. These are the picture I've and I don't have any with better quality. What's your opinion on the box? Thank you guys. NB. The code barre number doesn't exist and it's written the shop instead on a sticker. Therefore, it's deleted not to
  11. I d ask him where he bought them because I absolutely loved them. If he answers FOH, then you know he is full of ****. If he says somewhere else, i d check if they are reputable. If nothing above work i d finally tell him they were fake.
  12. Well I don't. Otherwise I wouldn't have written a nota Bene

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