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  1. What about your recommendation being based on your browser s history?😂😂😂 @vitolaslover
  2. As mentioned earlier in this thread, some smaller ring gauge won't have the numbers under UV light as it has been cut. Usually the smaller ring gauge of the cohiba lines just don't have an numbers at all.
  3. Well when a wrong boxes shows up on the verification code is that the box being checked is likely counterfeit. For me it always worked and never found a counterfeit in my collection: know your source. What is sometime hard is to get the captcha correct.
  4. My bad habit is always keeping the most precious cigars I owned and never smoke them... Such a shame in a way because tomorrow isn't given so I should reach for these precious sticks more often than not.
  5. Same here. I love the Rass from a 50 cab, well round. And the one from the dress box, a bit box pressed. RAS on the other hand I also would like to love it but I just cannot. Young or age these s something that don't fit my palate
  6. You re my hero sir. Love how well you re organize
  7. I m very happy with mine. It's an investment indeed.
  8. One problem with this company is indeed the language problem. I never really got all the answer I wanted neither. Have you been on their official website? Because for the humidors I was comparing they have all the info you need. I know they recently upgraded their ventilation system so it might be a part of the price?!? Also, some have a dry box area.
  9. Thanks for the advice. Good to know. I was a bit concern it was too windy in there😇I already thought about removing 2 shelves. Especially to have more room for the 50 cabs. I ll definitely do it. Thanks piggy. Wish you a good day

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