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  1. Well I don't. Otherwise I wouldn't have written a nota Bene
  2. Hey guys, Hope everyone is fine. My friend send me a picture of Siglo 6 in tubos coming from a LCDH that is suspect to me. Would you please give me your inside? I suspect the left one is fake. Thanks. Nb. I just have this photo.
  3. All of them. I'm 35 in top shape. No need to put a product in my blood that is still in "test" phase. All of the vaccines are in "test" phase till end 2022/begining 2023. It's no conspiracy, it's fact.
  4. Yes. Recently. Met that dude who had a walk-in humidor. He had so much Dunhill and Davidoff cuban that he had enough for a lifetime. He decided to take part of these LE and RE. I bought him 3* Trinidad Topes at retail price. He had 3 more boxes. A week later when I wanted to get his last 3 they were of course sold. Hate myself for that.
  5. Lovely. The smell disappeared pretty quickly. I mean the strong smell of new goods
  6. Few reactions on my part. They not only spoke in the US about paying people to get vaccinated. In Switzerland it has been a proposition: 1000chf (900$) to get the shot. I read a lot of opinions saying we should get the vaccine to protect people that cannot get it. Things that bothers me is when vaccine will be mendaroy to access community facilities, how will the people who cannot get the vaccine due to health problem will access those facilities? Last but not least, it has been said in Switzerland that even if people get vaccinated, mask, social distancing and st
  7. I understand your point of view. And the example with the car is very relevant. However, one thing I never understood is this: vaccine protects you against disease X. So where is the problem if I'm not vaccinated? Just get the vaccine so I cannot transmit you the X diseases or don't get the vaccine and maybe get that diseases. In the case of the car example you make a good point because you cannot really protect yourself from a car that hits you because of a drunken driver. Howeverz you can vaccinate yourself and not getting the disease X from a sick person.
  8. As I stated i m pro vaccine. However, i strongly believe that your body is your body and you should be the only person to decide what to do with it. In short, no mandatory vaccine for a country should become a reality. If one's body become the property of the government, I have no insurance that one day, ones mind will not be the property of the government as well (we can extend that to many concept like home ownership, ect).
  9. I'm pro vaccine. However i won't get that one. I still have doubts about this rushed program.
  10. Your regular RASS Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). Trinidad La Trova Your Best New Release (2019/2020 production ) Trinidad Esmeralda Your Most Improved (2017 - 2020 production) Magnum 54 Your Mr. Dependable Award (2017-2020 production) Partagas D4
  11. Looking forward to seeing your review. I had to contact Raching customer service and they were super responsive and fast to deal with my issue. Great product and great customer service so far. Almost a year in with my CA330 and it has been only pleasure
  12. Best thing I've ever done is to get rid of the TV 10 years ago and unsubscribe to the newspaper. My mind is fresher and I've time to do other things I love.

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