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  1. That's a 38% increase on the Fundies vs the box I bought in January 2020, making them a better investment than the S&P 500. Tastes a lot better too. 🤪
  2. Got my first Pfizer shot 10 days ago, second shot in August.
  3. Where I live most people have a joint account for common expenses like mortgage, electricity, etc. and each spouse has its own account. How much each put in the joint account can be 50/50 or different ratio if one makes a lot more than the other. In short, my SO doesn't have a say in my personal purchases and I don't meddle with hers, so long we both respect the savings and joint expenses agreement we put in place. Pooling all income into one single joint account is considered very last century here.
  4. Montecristo No 3 (ABO MAY 14), purchased from our host last year during a 24:24 First time I smoke a cigar until a nub. I usually give up somewhere in the final 1/3 because its turned too bitter or ashy. My fifth stick out of this box, solidifying the No 3 as my new favorite in the marca with the Especiales 2. Creamy chocolate notes all the way through, perfect burn and construction. About 90 minutes from lighting to nub. I bought of a box of PSP No 1 two weeks ago, I look forward to trying and comparing it. Skinnies and thin RG is where it's at for me. I had a 2009
  5. I've built a collection of about 750 cigars over the last 18 months. The first year I did not get to smoke more than one a week since most of my stuff was 1 year old or less. Now that everything is rested, and that I got a couple aged boxes, I've been smoking 4-5 per week and really enjoy discovering my collection. I invested in Cohiba in spite of the pricing and warnings because I figured even if I didn't like them I could easily offload them in 5 years. I've got a box of CCE, Talisman and Siglo VI, and have at least a 1/4 half box of every other Siglos and Robustos but since they're all
  6. Would the Bolivar PC be a good introduction to the marca? Bolivar and Partagas are the only two readily available marcas I haven't yet tried.
  7. Dr Rochelle Walensky has to rollback that statement. Also your previous data tables showed some infection still occurred, even if its low. It's not zero.
  8. The same numbers are appearing in Canada. We don't think we'll be able to reach a 80% vaccination rate, 60%+ is more likely.
  9. They're confirmed infected cases, it's just not enough data to meet the standards of the scientific method and definitely rule vaccines completely or significantly stop the spread of the virus. It's anecdotal until confirmed with the proper studies. The ongoing studies are actually showing a much smaller viral charge in people who got vaccinated and still got infected, which helps reduce transmission. So it's good news. But masks will continue to be mandated until herd immunity is reached (which for COVID is 80% of the population getting their two shots) and seeing people scream thei
  10. Measures like masks only work if a majority of people have a social conscience and are capable of empathy, so YMMV.
  11. There have been anecdotal reports of vaccinated people catching the virus more than 2 weeks after their first dose, and of people having COVID, beating it, then catching it again, but there's not enough scientific data to conclude the safety level of transmission after vaccination. Masks are here to stay for some time I think.

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