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  1. I YOLO 10% of my portfolio on crypto and blue stocks, otherwise the rest is invested in an asset allocation index ETF. In Canada we have two fantastic options from iShares and Vanguard and it's difficult to beat a one fund solution that is perfectly diversified and rebalances itself for ultra low fees (0.2% MER in iShare's case). I feel like I don't understand options or forex well enough to gamble with them, even though crypto is even more volatile and risky. But I've been investing in crypto since 2013, so have grown accustomed to it.
  2. Great idea moving out of the GTA, about half of that 1 million dollars you were going to spend on a shoebox can now be diverted for cigar purchases.
  3. Low amount of charcoal and volume displacement. They're not bad, they just perform terribly for the money compared to the models I mentioned. They spend too much on marketing and style instead of function and performance.
  4. I bought a performance air purifier (an IQair Multigas) so I could smoke one in my house office when I feel like it during winter. My house has central AC so I close down all the vents and block the underside of the door with a towel, essentially cutting off the ventilation of the office from the rest of the house. With the IQair at speed 5/6 or 6/6, it's sufficiently powerful to filter the smoke and odor and contain it to my office. My wife says she's wouldn't even know I'm grilling one unless she walked in the office and opened the door. I researched purifiers quite a bi
  5. Personally, I would rather play the CBSA roulette than support this kind of aberration.
  6. Well, I'll be on the lookout for coloniales during 24:24. Hopefully Sir Winstons make a re-appearance soon as well!
  7. The great news is that I will finally be rewarded for my impulse purchases. After consulting my spreadsheet I realized I had a BRE MAR 19 cab of Connie 1 I bought here in December 2019. 🍾 🤪
  8. A little over a year in this hobby, I've come to realize my favorite sticks take a least 90min to go through: the Monty No 2 and the Sir Winston. However, I rarely have 2 hours to enjoy a Sir Winston until the end and they're too expensive to waste and not finish. Early in my cigar journey I thought that any vitola within a marca would sport the same wrapper/binder/filler combination and taste the same, and that you only had to pick the vitola that corresponded to the amount of free time you had. That would have been so easy and logical 😆 I know from experience a Monty 5 tastes
  9. Hadn't purchased any cigars in over a year, but starting 2021 with a bang!
  10. Met my wife on an online dating website. 3 children and 10 years later I feel like it was the right platform because initially you can have meaningful exchanges (provided you are at least semi-articulate) without the stress of in-person dates, which can be so very awkward, especially the first one. After exchanging almost daily e-mails for two weeks I felt like I knew her already on our first date, which made everything smoother and more relaxed. Definitely would not mention the cigars. I try to leave the topic of addictions for the second date. I was in my early 20s when we met an
  11. As of tonight, midnight, the whole province of Quebec will be shutting down for three weeks. Except for essential services, everybody is to stay home until April 13th, when the hope is to resume economic life. School year is over though. Seriously... one year ago the worse thing about my life was the Game of Thrones finale... who would have thought.
  12. I'm a coffee snob too... Flat Max/Decent 1.3 owner 🙋‍♂️ I love the Monty No 2 for its creamy cocoa and coffee notes. It goes very well with my daily espresso driver, which is a light Honduran roast with similar notes.
  13. My business is diversified but everything is affected short term. We shoot and film major corporate or charity events. All those are cancelled. Will be rescheduled a year later because that how soon you need to book venues. That revenue is lost this year. We also do many corporate gigs... was suppose to shoot 130 heads for a major bank this week, everybody is working from home for at least a month. Updating portraits will be the first projects put on backburner when things resume and companies run in liquidity issues. Unsure if and when those bookings will be rescheduled. Thankfully,

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