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  1. Wife and I got our first shot, moderna, a few days back. Wife had chills and felt a bit sick the first few hours after the shot. Myself felt fine till the next day my arm was very sore. The interesting bit is my wife and i only got the shot because the local city hospital freezer went bad and they had 250 vials they had to give out asap. We were on the wait list as we don't current qualify for the vacinee based on state rules but they would have been spolied if not used. At this point my father has the vacinee, mom has her appointment in a few days, in laws have their first shot and my wife
  2. First are the QD50, GLU April 2020 I got a few weeks back from FOH. Already smoked one with a few friends (We did it in a backyard, one is tested daily for his job, me and my other friend WFH and are low risk). It was not bad, for sure needs a few months down to fully shine. Next are some QD Senadores EL2019, PTG Feb 2020. Got it in a split from a discord channel I hang out in. Have not smoked any yet, I think some more time before I light one up. The next are what I got today, Siglo VI HQ from FOH. They look pretty good, i notice some small "dust", maybe mold? in one of t
  3. Dad got his 2nd shot yesterday, spent the whole day with him today to see how he was doing. 24 hour in no side effect, even had energy to play with the grand kids. So far praying that is the end of it. Now I need to find a way to get my mom who is 64.5 year old:
  4. Hey So I ordered some half/quarter boxes from 24:24 and forgot to save the box codes. I went to check the running box code list post, and it seems the spreadsheet no longer works. I requested access a while back but seen no action. Will, there be a new sheet, or is it now dead?
  5. I was finally able to get my Dad an appointment and he got the shot yesterday. His insurance Kaiser and doctor were worthless, saying he has to wait 2 months as they are short on supplies. Yet his doctor knows he is 78 and had lung cancer (it’s in remission now but had to do radiation so his lungs are weak) Got lucky as San Francisco has open an drive thru vaccine site for people over 65 and I checked their site at 11pm and one slot opened up. Booked it for him and he got it done in his car (as my mom drove since, just in case of any side effect) The rollout seems very much screwed up, a fr
  6. You sure? I think what boveda means by that is a lot of humidor don't seal up perfect and humidity is a function of temperature. So if you put a 62% pack in a leaky glass top humidor with the air temperature of 40F its not going to perform very well. I have a 62% in a Tupperware that sits around 69F and it always reads 62%. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Never knew about the connection of oris and foh. Oris is one of those brands that does not get the respect I think it deserves. Anyways on to my collection, I have always loved watches. I remember backpacking thru Europe as a college student and made a point to buy a swatch in Zurich so we could say we got a Swiss watch in Switzerland. I still have that watch somewhere in my boxes. Now my three main watches Rolex explore, I picked this up last year at harrods in London while on vacation. Wanted a sub but the lower prices in Europe made them impossible to find. Omega Speedmaster “moon watch”
  8. I am guessing this is to stop you're kid or their friends from stealing a cigar. But yeah won't stop your whole box from being carried away. Also if there lock is anything like the ones they use on gun safes it's likely to fail on you. Only the really high end ones are any good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Enjoyed a RASS with my dad. Did not like it at first but just a few months in the humidor and I am starting to enjoy it. Wish I got more at the time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Box code GLE ABR-20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Funny i was thinking about making a post today to talk about the virtues of lower humidity. I recently switched my tupperdor from 65% to 62% for about two weeks. Lit a cigar today, Partagas Serie D No. 5, and had zero burning issues. It was a very enjoyable smoke. I think with how well the tupperdor seal it better to go lower as most of the humidity is trapped in. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  12. I am making the switch to 62% from 65%. I have had a tupperdor and I find at 65% I get some burn issues on my cuban cigars. If I "dry box" them in a ziplock bag for a day they taste and burn better. This leads me to think a smaller tupperdor that seals really good that 65% might just be a tad too much. I just order boveda 62% and going to give them a try. Funny thing about the 62% Boveda, they are marketed towards the "Herb" market aka Marijuana. I found that funny as I was placing my order
  13. Finally got some to hide from the kids and work outside with a Cigar. Ramon Allones Specially Selected 25'. Its actually not one of my favorites but I got a half box at the start of this year and figure I should give them a try once more.me to
  14. Hey I got a question, I am lighting my first Cohiba Robusto I got a few months back and I am noticing I am having some issues with it staying lit, requiring me to relight it a bit (3 times so far...). I am keeping them in a tupperdor with two 65% boveda. Is that too high? I did not dry box it, i did take it out a few hours before smoking it. Should I get 62%? I do plan to age the rest for longer and reading round seem 65% is the right level for aging but I am doubting myself.
  15. I got this follow up email after I told them the price is too much for me right now and I will move on.

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