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  1. Oh that sounds lovely! I’ll definitely try the Monty MC! I’ve seen the D6 and have been curious!
  2. Hey everyone! I’m a relatively new smoker and have been enjoying the smaller 20-40 minute smokes My go to for a while was Monte 5, but end of last year I got a box of H Uppman Half Coronas on a 24:24 and wow, super great! What else would everyone recommend in this similar size and format?
  3. I loveeeee pairing cigars with rum. My go-to rum isn't actually Cuban, it's Guatemalan - Ron Zacapa 23 So far I've paired it with everything and it's worked well! Seems the lighter wrapper Monte No 2s are the sweet spot, however.
  4. Oh wow thanks for the advice! ive found myself really liking robustos too.
  5. I’m new to cigars totally! So this is fun!
  6. Oh wow cool! I live near Valdosta! oh nice, thanks for the recommendation! I actually Picked up a 24:24 deal on the monte no 5 since I enjoyed them so much, and to share with friends too. Where in GA did you live?
  7. Hello! I'm a very new smoker that stumbled upon this site and I'm interested in learning about CC and finding out what I like. So far the journey has been great! If anyone has any recommendations, please send them my way, always up to try something new! My experience is limited to Monte No 4 and Trinidad Reyes - long way to go! Cheers and have a great weekend!

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