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  1. ERDM Demi Tasse, HUHC, Punch Punch, Trinidad Coloniales, RASS all treated me well young, though I'm sure there is plenty of room for improvement as they age. JL2 and RYJ Wide Churchhill were both good up until the last third where they got ammonia tasting.
  2. These beauties arrived on labor day from our host 😍
  3. Today's arrivals from our host. Had no idea the demi tasses were that tiny! Will make for a perfect winter smoke. Need to figure out codes and dates on the dip 2s and romeos
  4. Own just over a full coin at 6500 avg, good price to ease in at
  5. From our host! Short de punch. Into the freezer to kill beetle larvae and corona. Gotta love cuba with the double box code tagging
  6. Some beautiful HQ EDRM Choix Supreme arrived today!
  7. Very impressive! Can't wait to see the final product, love the design.

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