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  1. We’ve been to lunch. Refined taste is a stretch
  2. I'll echo this. 90 days is what I've found to really make a difference
  3. It's brutal for pipe tobacco. $49 a pound is almost a 100% tax on most bulk blends. Really a shame
  4. One that flies under the radar a bit that has been exceptional for be in the Saint Luis Rey Regios. I have a box from Sep 20 that is already smoking exceptionally well
  5. It was a straight cut but tight draw so ended up cutting off a bit more to open it up. Is there a problem with the way I did it?
  6. A 100 rating can only encapsulate the perfect cigar in that very moment in time, and only for that reviewer. In a week, a month, 10 years, your palate will change and it could change the rating. The way the Cigar Aficionado scores cigars (typically rating multiple times over the course of a cigar’s lifecycle), then I think it can be justified, given that particular reviewer’s experience with the stick at that time. For myself, I can't imagine knowing what perfection is because I don't know what I don't know, so I would never rate anything a 100, with the way this system is intended to be

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