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    Guitar and the blues, being outside, riding my motorcycle, watching Formula 1, running and Muay Thai and most of all: smoking cigars

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  1. VR Famosos and RyJ Churhcills. They are looking great
  2. Actually, same. I discovered them earlier this year and have not looked back. Great stuff. I recommend the HL, or the "Holy Lance" in natural. Really exceptional lancero, and the Haut 10, as well
  3. I picked them up because I have yet to see a bad review. I'm very excited to try one!
  4. I love Illusione. I have not had a bad stick from them. Enjoy!
  5. A box each of Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos and HVC Serie A Perlas (only $46 for the box)
  6. Great write-up, John, as always. I would have to say, anecdotally at least, that the same is said for Montecristo. I have seen opinions across the whole spectrum regarding the profile: it is among the best for some, and among the overrated for others. Myself, I fall into the latter camp. RyJ, on the other hand, is something that I can always enjoy. Have not had a bad one yet
  7. Agreed. Toothy is more so the bumps on a wrapper itself than a dis- or mis-coloration. I've personally never encountered a "toothy" wrapper that had tooth that looked different from the wrapper color itself
  8. Time and money for a 50-cab. My wallet hurts looking at it
  9. @rcarlson agreed. Finding the dark fruit is not for a lack of effort, that's for sure. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to buy more...for research
  10. I can't imagine anything one must acquire outside of some sense, if that is the case. Simply stunning cars.
  11. This is my 5th out of a quarter box procured through 24:24. They’ve been in the humidor since February, so while not aged, definitely well rested. The scent is mild tobacco and some sweetness off of the wrapper and foot. The cigar starts out relatively uninspired, with no truly discernible flavors, but that changes about 1/2” in. I detect no red fruits/cherries like most RyJ, but there is prominent chocolate and cocoa the length of the stick. Overall there wasn’t much change or complexity, but it was enjoyable. Worthwhile enough to buy more and let age for longer. 90/100
  12. Was perusing Amazon and came across this cutter. Interesting promotional photo...

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