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  1. Saint Luis Rey Regios. MEP Sep 20. Don’t see these mentioned often, but very tasty. Even young it’s a solid smoke
  2. Love these sticks. Almost done with my 2017 stash, so it was time to restock. Hadn’t noticed the seal before everyone pointed it out. Can’t wait to break into them
  3. I think that falls under the "Rules for thee but not for me" exception
  4. That's quite the quandary! I would say smoke them. Not sure the premium you'll get on BR pays for the wait you've endured, not for me at least.
  5. I enjoyed it. Definitely see how they can improve with age, but much better than the young QD50s that I have. A solid above-average smoke
  6. Holiday weekend line-up! Cohiba Corona Especiales REG Sep 19 Vegas Robaina Famosos BSM Dic 19 H Upmann Magnum 54 BRE Nov 19 Punch Short de Punch RAT Ene 20 QdO Coronas Claro TUA Ago 20

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