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  1. is a good site to peruse. I recommend vedado in an airBnB apartment.
  2. Fcigar on the beach is worth checking out. And, As stated above, the duty free has some gems and a vast selection.
  3. The Jubes are hard to find, as all are sold, and only private collectors have them. Still, going for $1100 - $1500. Yet, oh so good. They came out in either 04 or 05, iirc
  4. The VR Jubilaum were some of the best cigars in the last 20 years. This cigar was commisioned by the 5th Avenue LCDH in Germany to commemorate their 15th anniversary. Boxes of 15. Vitola: Canonazo : a little longer than a Siglo 6 Size: 52RGx 6inches They go for ~ $1300 these days. I love the Unicos. It was my first box ever in 2003. 1997 OR Famosos were fantastic. The DA I find too mild. The familiar is ok. The Clasico has been hit or miss over the years. I surmise there are better lonsdales, well, there Were. And, better hermoso 4’s, (than famosos) and b
  5. PF best movie ever? Correctamundo!
  6. Bring cigars for the first night, if the stores are already closed when you get in.
  7. Have fun guys. Hope to meet up with new guys, out of my nyc circle, over a weekend, soon.
  8. I had surgery on the 25th and have been recovering. Back to my 4 smokes a night starting yesterday. Overall, Weekdays are hard for me, as I work on Long Island until 8pm. I will be going out for a few smokes on Saturday afternoon, with my friend Mike @hogg , at Havana Dreams in Queens, if anyone wants to hang out.
  9. I love Santiago. That, and Ron Veradero. HC i am not a fan of. The LCDH ‘s had Santiago last November but none in stores or airport. I hope it is still available going forward.
  10. I live in Queens. I am down for a manhattan get together. But during the week I work on Long Island until 9. I get together with local Cuban cigar smokers about once a month at cigar inn or Havana Dreams or Carnegie. Sept may be hard as I have a weekend NJ herf on the 7th, and I am getting surgery on the 25th. But I will follow this thread to see when the plans are set for. Hope to see everyone. -Steven met up with Canadianbeaver when she was in nyc a couple years ago. Fun times.
  11. My favorite spot to smoke, overall, is on the roof of we just walked in and took the elevator up, on two different days. Best late in the day or at sunset. 65 hotel on Rothschild blvd

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