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  1. Hope you enjoyed this one much better than Palmas. Is Rio Seco young?
  2. Nothing new. Exactly like an USSR in 70s and 80s where, unfortunately, I was forced to spend 30 years of my life.
  3. What is about RAT DIC?.. Collectible as well?
  4. Sorry to hear. Would you mind to share the box code and production date? Thanks.
  5. And inevitable question is: 62% at what temperature? It defines the moisture content. Thanks.
  6. Did you get it on 06.30.2021? Diplomatico Number 2 (25) RAT DIC 20
  7. Exception: LCDH at Marigot, Sint Martin. Visited store several times, know the owner personally. Carole is a very knowledgeable in cigars, provides valuable advices. Selection is great. The store is piece of art. Not sure posting a link is not a violation of rules. You may google it to see the images.
  8. Happy birthday Karl. Wishing you all the best!
  9. Hi all, What would be your preference between Cohiba Ciglo IV and Cohiba Siglo VI if money is not an object. Please don't judge by prestige having something. I would like to hear your opinion based on your personal taste, preferences and the cigar quality. Thank you.
  10. Hello griller, I would like to understand dry boxing a bit better. What is your normal storage condition (T and RH) and dry boxing condition? Thank you.
  11. Like a former Soviet Union (USSR). Great heredity. Unfortunately, very bad for the ordinary cuban people.
  12. Hope scans will show nothing serious and Tom will get well soon. Best.
  13. Beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your loss, Ray. It's a tragedy...
  14. Sorry to hear Ken. Wishing you all the best.
  15. Have you dry boxed at the room temperature and RH? What is your normal storage T-RH? Thanks.
  16. Appreciate, Enduin. I am aware, I don't know the quality of this specific code/dates. Bit hesitant to buy blind. Enjoy upcoming weekend. Best
  17. Aren't there any other, I would say politely, funny posts? Or there is a censorship?.. And if you don't see something, it doesn't mean something does not exist.
  18. Hello, Could anyone shed a light on the following box codes: PSE2 TUA NOV19/MAY 20 Cohiba Siglo IV TLU OCT 20 Thanks
  19. Hello, Anyone can shed a light on the HdM DC (50) UGO JUL19 box code? Thank you.
  20. Hello, Could anyone shed a light on the PSD4 ARS MAY18? Thanks
  21. Hello, Could you provide your opinion on the Lusitania (25) box codes SOU OCT20 and GEL OCT20? Thank you
  22. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service for our Great Country. I wish you all the best! Health, happiness, prosperity!

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