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  1. My whole stash goes from 62 F in the winter to 69 F in the summer. Humidity wise I see 63% to about 66%. I have been aging and smoking NC and CC at this combination for 10 years and see no reason to change. For what its worth Edward Sahakian of the Davidoff shop keeps his cellar at 55 F.
  2. Following this. Interesting how nobody has chimed in yet.
  3. Love the look of these. Just grabbed my first two boxes last night on 24:24, same code. I am excited!
  4. Love P Shorts as well. I have been exploring some Romeos recently such as the Petit Royales and Club Kings and have enjoyed them. I keep waiting for Romeo Mille Fleurs to pop up on 24:24 but they never seem to make an appearance. It seems with them it would be nice to get a box that has Rob's blessing rather than buy it blind.
  5. Now I haven't had a Sir Winston but have you tried HUHC? Pretty classic HU taste in a 45 min cigar. Sounds to be at least an option for what you are after.
  6. I’m working through a box from 2013 now. Nice sticks
  7. I haven't smoked any but based on the size, I would too. But they’d have to fall into BPC, PLPC, Monte 4 etc prices first.
  8. Nice! When smoked slow even a properly bunched shirt can do an hour. 84 minutes is awesome. Now that’s some value 🤣
  9. NE USA is getting some great weather this week. 50 degrees today and I am so happy to have gotten some cigars in this week. PLMC is another cheapie that delivers, and therefore a favorite among many on the forum. Like PLPC many recommend aging these into caramel sticks. This box is quite young but most of what I have had out of it so far has been quite yummy. Opens pretty light with mostly grassiness and a touch of cedar. Draw is on the tight side which is to be expected with these thin ring cigars. Half way point and some distinct sweetness comes out. I wouldn't go caramel yet. More of a woody sweetness or a sweet grass. Final third reveals more depth in flavor. Hitting around medium body here we see darker wood notes and the sweetness being replaced by a touch of spice. 89 pts. Drink pairing is a Columbia single origin espresso through my Nespresso. Earthy notes of this coffee tend to overpower this blend a bit. A latte or something on the creamier side would have been better. Why a star for 2021? Coming from a long past of NC cigars I prefer stronger cigars. In my experience cigars lose flavor with time rather than gain it. The first third of this cigar was rather boring but became quite interesting as I continued. I think just a few more months these will be quite delicious. Now as for aging the recommended 5 years, idk if these will have the stamina.
  10. Indeed! Great smoke anytime of year you need a quick fix. Straight cut here.
  11. Thanks for the thoughts on this. These EP no doubt have some power to be laid down. I have two boxes with the same code and wrapper. I’ll continue to sample and report my findings to see what happens!
  12. The big issue with "ready to smoke" cigars is it ruins the investment (Assuming ready to smoke correlates to loss of flavor with age). So now (theoretically) cigars have a shelf life of say a year or two then the begin to degrade. That would really suck for those that want to build a collection of 20+ boxes of cigars and sample them over the years. This is obviously just speculation. If you look at wine similar things are happening. The wines of Bordeaux in the past have generally been quite tannic and brooding while young and could easily stand 30 years. Many are now going new world style where they are ripe with fruits and jam at a young age. Will this destroy the future for aged wine? Who knows.

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