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  1. About half way through my box on these and still go back and forth on whether I like RASS or not. Some are very good and others are just ehh. Lets see what todays brings. Like every other cigar in this box so far, beautifully constructed with a firm draw and satin wrapper. Lights perfectly and begins with a great medium body of tobacco, leather and a bit of raisin. Second third continues on medium body and introduces some chocolate which I have never had from RA before. Rather interesting. Burn is great and the smoke has some viscosity to it. End of the cigar ends mostly with
  2. I would agree. I have found 2021 to be fantastic. 2019 started the roll and it just keeps getting better. Only issue is now cigars are either unavailable or unaffordable. Hopefully the quality will still be up there once the panic buying slows down and things become affordable again.
  3. I made a post a while ago showing the change in HUHC. The new box is just awful imo.
  4. Lol and that's what I get for reading too fast 😆
  5. Don't worry about relighting. I smoke at a slower pace and on a robusto size cigar I may retoast the edges 5 or so times throughout. Robustos can last anywhere from hour 15 to an hour 45 depending upon construction. Additionally, many people mention an underweight cigar will burn quicker due to the increased oxygen flow. This is true but there is a very effective way to cure it. After cutting touch your tongue to the cut end over and over until you get the draw you want. Your saliva swells the tobacco creating the perfect draw. With that technique it solves most problems with a loose pack.
  6. They must have been blended stronger a few years back. I have a 2019 box that I have and I would call it medium at best. I was disappointed in this as I was hoping for a stronger cigar. I find the #2 to have a good bit more flavor and power. Less finesse however. #2 for me any day.
  7. Every now and then you can still find a sale in today’s world. 2018 too!
  8. A little smoke that I just cant get enough of. These offer serious bang for the buck and can still be found cheap for about $100. Best part about these are no waiting for the show to start. Immediately smacked with thick smoke consisting of coffee and sweet cream along with a biscuit characteristic. Awesome. Second half does this same trick only with a bit of chocolate coming in. Overall strength and flavors are at medium/full. Cigar lasts 50 minutes with a nice even burn. Smoke these slow and enjoy the reward. 90 pts.
  9. Big shout out to Rob and the FOH team for this great prize!!! The Hoyo is from 2015!! Many thanks!
  10. Thank you for sharing your experience and sorry you are going through that. I certainly do realize that there are extreme cases and some of which effect the young and healthy as well. My only comment back would be we see this with other diseases too. For example, I have a family friend who competed in natural body building. Guy was probably a healthy 300 lbs. Gym, running, yoga etc all day every day. Got the flu three years ago and winded up in the hospital. He went into a coma for a short term and managed to drop to 160 lbs. He made it out but is still dealing with issues today fro
  11. Because more people showed up that disagreed with you so you can’t over assert your opinions? Give me a break. It’s been nothing but different opinions this whole time. No name calling or anything uncalled for. Quit trying to stir the pot for no reason
  12. Spot on brother. I’m 30 and plan on a starting a family in the next 2 years. My fiancé and I have nearly zero risk of Covid complications and know well over 30 friends who barely knew they had it. We also know 3 people personally who have either had miscarriages and other pregnancy issues after receiving the vaccines. Related? Who knows but we aren’t taking the risk. So the govt/employer thinks it’s going to mandate a shot and potentially compromise my RIGHT to have a family because people are scared? Come and get me. I have just as much a right to be concerned of a new vaccine and ot
  13. I would pay double to use the airline that doesn’t mandate vaccines for their employees. Just as I would never dine at a restaurant that requires proof of vaccination. A loss of employees who prefer to choose what goes in their bodies along with a 20 maybe 30%? loss in business is what will be in store for business’ that decide to enforce draconian measures. People will be voting with their wallet on these issues.

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