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  1. Storage conditions are 65 degrees at 65%. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks guys. It’s amazing how difficult it is to find a solid guillotine that isn’t sized for 80 ring.
  3. In the market for a second cutter. Was a firm believer of Xikar Xi's but after my last one dulled I sent it back and got a new one and the quality is definitely not the same. Was looking at the perfect cutter. I kinda hate the idea of it telling you how far you can cut but it seems to be one of the few solid guillotine cutters on the market that hasn't gone down the tubes. Does anyone own one? Does it handle a second cut well if needed, or does it split the wrapper/head? Thanks!
  4. I have always found the Connecticut River Valley region to be very interesting. Here are a few pieces that help explain this one unique area well. Additionally, I find PA produced cigar tobacco very interesting as well. Many people don't know that PA produces wrapper leaf for cigars. From the samples I have had it is very reminiscent of CRV. https://www.cigaraficiona
  5. Just finished Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad by William Craig. Excellent.
  6. Yeah he is a corn to my knowledge. Acted tough at first but once he felt the warmth of my hands he was beyond happy to be there. Held him for a good 20 minutes before relocating to a safe place.
  7. Nice day so I broke out a fresh Monte 2. First from the box. Started out medium light body. Creamy smoke and woody flavors, light spice. Nice. Monte chocolate develops in spades at this point. Medium body. Body and strength continues to build in final third. A bit of harshness comes in but still very nice! 91 pts. Now for the weird. Been having a strange animal theme this week. Earlier was the wild turkey now a snake friend was on my patio later on.
  8. Have a few 5 ct boxes of E2s. Never had one but will light one up soon!
  9. My first from a box of ten purchased about a year ago. Nice construction. Firm feel with a slightly firm draw. Begins on the lighter side with some woodiness and a touch of spices. First third is a bit bland as I anxiously await the Partagas blast. More traditional Partagas style arrives in second third. Some paprika along with coffee notes. Nice. Final third strength picks up a bit and we are now sitting at medium full. Nice progression in flavors over an hour and 20 min. 90 pts Now for the bazar. While smoking I looked up to a new smoking friend. New resident wi
  10. Very interesting! The staff must have watched the latest blind tasting from Sautter.
  11. We were extremely dry for a while there then suddenly we got 6+ inches in the last week. Next boxes for me are 20’s and I’m very exited
  12. Pouring rain led to an interesting day for me. Started with running through town to my car a few blocks away in a total downpour. Streets were so flooded I was well over my ankles in a few spots. Got in my car and took off my shirts and pulled my pants halfway down to sit on a towel and not ruin my seats. Start driving home and get many weird looks from people at crosswalks. Glad I didn’t get pulled over. Got home to water pouring into my basement. Luckily sump pump caught it all. Spent the next half hour outside with a pump getting water out of the offending window sill. Figured tim
  13. Agreed. Blind buying with these years has been very safe in my experience. Buy when on sale and save money for more boxes!

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