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  1. Let us know what you think! Keep waiting for more to pop up. I hope they stay cheap and cheerful with how everything has been going.
  2. My last cigar from this box. Went through them pretty fast and have had a stellar experience with almost every one of them. This one is rolled beautifully with a slight firmness to the draw. Smoke starts off with a nice bread flavor. The sweet doughnut flavor that is often described is about spot on. This one finishes up with coffee and spice. I love how these take off fast and just deliver the flavor. You never sit through half the cigar waiting for the flavor. I got 55 minutes out of this today by smoking slowly. 92 pts.
  3. Sure hope that isn't the case! I just recently made the switch from almost all NC to CC. But that would surely drive me right back to nearly all NC.
  4. Pres, do you expect prices to come back down a bit once shipments from HSA slowly get back to normal and the dollar (hopefully) comes back or do you see these increases as more permanent?
  5. Firm for me. I feel the heavy weight cigar with a more firm draw smoke cooler, more flavor and last a good bit longer. I can make a firm P short last over an hour. Now that’s some value 😁
  6. Thank you my friend. Overall I was quite lucky. Family, house and cars are all good. We have roads that were literally washed away. Not often you see that in PA. Glad you are safe too.
  7. Great day for me with the arrival of 3 boxes from our host. Thank you Rob and FOH team!
  8. Good observation! So I actually do not roast (yet) but have looked into it quite a bit. I love espresso so I picked up a few things from Sweet Maria's when I was researching roasting. I'll have to touch base with you when that new addiction begins!
  9. Post hurricane smoke here in the ravished east coast.
  10. If the box fits that what I use most. Otherwise I jump to the 2 gal.
  11. I double bag then throw them in an amazon bubble bag mailer. Straight to freezer for 2 days. Out they come. Unwrap and into humidor. Never bothered with fridge and never once had any issue. Pick whatever makes you comfortable.
  12. Just in from our host. My first box with a COVID date. Anyone know what factory RAT is?

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