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  1. Most would agree that talk of box codes in 19/20 production is pointless. I haven't smoked enough across the marcas to firmly state that, but a lot of the seasoned smokers seem to be on board with that. I do agree though that just because one box from a given month and factory contained tent pegs does not mean every box with that code will be tent pegs. Now if we were to bring up the batch of poor quality leaves that went into 18 BRE Connie 1's (think I have the code and month right), that would be a different story.
  2. This is a torch but look at the Vertigo Amigo. I mentioned above that it is a single torch and if you scorch a wrapper with this one you are to blame, haha. I only use that and bics. I bet you will be very happy with it.
  3. Great smokes. Have boxes going back to 2013. They are awesome smokes and can easily last 50 min to an hour with slower smoking.
  4. Another vote for vertigo. Bombproof lighters that work. I currently use the "Amigo" which is a single flame torch. Perfect to toasting, lighting and touching up a cigar without destroying it. Never really understood paying more than $20 for a lighter.
  5. I've had one that was given to me. I found it just ok. First half was bland with traces of cherry then turned pretty bitter for the final half. The price on these is laughable imo and I would be shocked if they are selling. Buy a box of Partagas Shorts for under $5 a stick and call it a day.
  6. I have an HQ box from 20 that just came in. Look great. Never had one before.
  7. Many many thanks to @Chas.Alpha. I’m am beyond humbled by this generosity. BOTL/SOTL never fail to surprise me. What a great community. Will certainly be taking some glamor shots smoking them at the lake.
  8. I've heard of a few guys pairing Behikes with divorce paperwork 😂
  9. Often when I post photos on here its with an espresso with the cigar resting beside or on top. Photo takes 5-10 seconds tops and I have never experienced an issue. Thinking back to the water dunk test nobody seemed to experience issues with burn. I realize the dunk was a homogenous soaking but I think it goes to show that humidity levels on the wrapper have little effect on overall burn quality. The internal combustion heat likely displaces this moisture before the burn line even arrives.
  10. I don't seem to go though spells but some days I will get hit with the nicotine pretty hard and other days don't feel a thing. That's with the same cigar and same eating and drinking habits too. Never seem to find a reason why. BTW a quick fix is to run inside and down a teaspoon of sugar. Or better yet make a sugary alcoholic beverage. My go to is a mojito 😁
  11. Live in PA and pretty much hibernate from November 1st until early March. I may get in a short smoke every now and then if the the sun comes out and there is no wind. Cigars are more about relaxation for me rather than a fix so the weather needs to be pretty decent for me to light one. By time spring comes around I am drooling at the thought of a cigar.
  12. It's been lovely having some warmer days here on the east coast. Can finally begin to work into larger format cigars. Up for review today is a RASS from 2014. Nice firm pack and a good heft to it. Lets see how she does. Draw is on the snug side but nothing that I will attempt to remedy. Starts out with a sweet cedar note dominating the blend. A floral note is there in the background. Very very smooth. Nice. Second third and the sweetness intensifies. Not the raisin characteristic you see described but more of a light sweetness, sweet tropical fruits. Cedar is still there. Sitting at
  13. For those that are sitting on smokes they don't plan on smoking, consider donating them! There are many troops overseas that would love to be able to relax with the smokes you don't want. In fact, I am putting together a box right now. NC only btw..
  14. Think I'll be working from home tomorrow. Can't wait for a beer..
  15. I'm with you. When a new box arrives I always get excited when it has some heft to it. Also means longer smoke time!

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