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  1. You aren't too far off. My first box of 4's were from 24:24 some time in 2020. Cost me $135 I believe.
  2. The last month alone should show you that HSA does the complete opposite of what the market demands. Complete morons running that ship.
  3. I think I may be putting fire to that any day now. Its about damn time to taste my first Trinidad! Hopefully I dont fall in love because I sure as hell cant afford them now! 🤣
  4. I'm already shocked they are selling for what they are right now. But again, everyone has a different limit based on many factors.
  5. I have to agree. During covid the shipping delays were supposed to be fixed in a few months. Then there was a minor price increase that was supposed to work itself out in a few months. Then production was down but that should be back up in a few months. It's pretty clear that it is spiraling out of control without any end in sight. As long as people are paying the prices, nothing is coming down. Sure there will be some adjustment but for those of us with $225-250/box of Robusto max the CC hobby is likely done. I pray that I am wrong but people keep on buying and buying at these inflated prices. HSA isn't completely stupid.
  6. I'll keep trying but this is what I have found with years of smoking aged Tatuajes, Illusione, Warped and aganorsa cigars. Very few have much to offer after 3-5 years of sleep. (At least to my tastes)
  7. With all the craziness I have been starting to pull out some NC from time to time. For this evening I chose another very important size to smoke and review. The corona gorda, a size that is a favorite of many on here. The HU mag 46 and JL1 being among my favorites. Sadly the first half of this was very very dull. Basic chocolate flavors with very minor spice. Just tasted like a old Nicaraguan cigar. If you know this flavor, you know what I mean. Second half continued the same but with an uptake in the strength of the flavor. The chocolate increased and the pepper came in a bit. I have had many 8-10 year old Cuban cigars with lots of delightful flavors. Every time I pull out a NC that I have had for years I walk away disappointed. They seem to just lose so much flavor. Sadly todays was the same. Felt like I was smoking just to go through the ritual of taking draws. 78 pts.
  8. I have a few most valuable vitolas but let’s start with the most important of all. The Minuto. In this case I have a Partagas short. As we saw in the recent discussion here shorts are a workhorse for many smokers. This box displays lighter wrappers which I find are providing a more dry and white pepper smoke. Still excellent but not showing the darker more intense flavors I enjoy. Consistent medium body woody notes with pepper the whole way through. Not overly complex but that’s ok. These smoke like baby D4’s at a fraction of the price. I couldn’t live without them. 88 pts
  9. Not sure what they were but I just looked today a Padron 2000s are just under $190. Solid robusto for the money
  10. Wild day of talking HSA price hikes made me pull out an old NC staple to see if I can make the switch back…
  11. Seriously, the jumps are wild. Look into things like Partagas shorts and the like. Can still be found at good prices and should give you your fix. Worst case just jump to the NC train. No need to exit the hobby
  12. Yup! Even at current prices I am out of the game except smaller format minutos when I find them on sale. A box of Pardon 2000 Robustos is $187. A damn fine cigar just for reference. If prices don't manage to drop in the future I sadly will have to leave the Cuban market.
  13. This is like if your house is on fire you run out to the shed, grab as many cans of gasoline as you can and run back inside and start trying to extinguish the fire with the gas. Sometimes it really does seem like they are purposefully sinking their own ship. The current situation has already pushed a few CC smokers I know back to the NC market. I'm only still a CC smoker because I stocked heavily over the past 3 years. I was hoping to use that stash to pull through all this but maybe there will be no coming back after all. WTF.
  14. Pretty light bodied and mild tobacco flavors for me. Never saw any mongrel out of them. Was overall disappointed after reading the hype that surrounds these. Back when they were about $230 a cab I purchased 2 cabs. They are enjoyable and certainly a good investment if I decide to sell in 10 years. At under $5 a stick I get them. At the current prices give me a HUHC or P Short any day of the week, much much more flavor in those cigars.
  15. My first full box purchase was P shorts back in 2013. Been in love since. It gets the job done every damn time. I smoke slow and get near an hour from them. Generally a baby D4 that costs half as much, 1/3 as much these days… They are great aged but I tend to like the power in their youth. Just finished a 2013 box. Have a 2014 that I decided I’m putting away for another 5+ years to see what happens.
  16. For the most part I am never a ROTT smoker. My stash is large enough that most boxes get a few years before being rotated in. The only exception would be a new cigar that I don't already have aged boxes of. HUHC is one that I have a bit of experience with as I zipped through my first box 2 months after getting them. I enjoyed them that much. So lets try one from this box I got less than a month ago. Bam, opens up with a blast of dark coffee and the sweet cookie/biscuit note that I love from these. Body is at medium full. Burn is fine and we move into second half. Flavors get stronger. Coffee gets a touch burnt and hot and the sweet notes becomes more woody. 45 minutes on this one. Overall pretty great. I personally don't mind some of the harsh flavors as I prefer a stronger cigar. This one had some power and I loved it. Assuming you have a backlog of cigars I still don't see the purpose of ROTT. I cant think of single time where a year + of resting did not improve a smoke dramatically. 88 pts and 90's in a few years I'm sure.
  17. Have many boxes of them as I love the value factor. Picked them up back when they were about $110 a box which is just silly. I enjoy the cigar but they are just so light in body. The whole PL line is a love hate with me because they just need a little oomph. Sometimes I feel as if I am smoking cardboard. This makes me question aging them, at least for my palate. Am I alone on this?
  18. When my fiancé and I met I was already smoking cigars. Went to school 5 minutes from JR in Burlington NC, some of you may know it. She would go with me on occasion to have a cigar. Nothing has changed in 10 years and we still have the occasional cigar together. The hobby is fully supported.
  19. I support any and all anti CC propaganda at this point. Seems convincing people they are trash is the only hope left of driving prices back to where they should be. In fact I just threw my whole collection in the campfire the other night. Total plugged crap filled with grass. Only NC for me at this point. 60 ring gauge plus.

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