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  1. The hot tub does a great job at keeping me warm while I smoke ?, only way I smoke during the winter. You'll enjoy HUHC if you're fan of Mag46 too! I personally enjoy HUHC for quick smoke! I'll definitely try them when I get the chance!
  2. Thanks! I haven't tried the half corona yet but people seem to like it a lot too.
  3. First time doing a review of the forum, I’ll give it a go : Sweet light floral smell and pre-light draw. Stick is slightly box pressed. First third was very mild with light milk coffee flavours. Nothing much going on. Burn was a bit wonky but didn’t need any touch ups. Flavours became stronger during the second third with the addition of toasted bread and leather notes. Flavours stayed pretty much the same into the end of the last third and I could also pick up notes of roasted coffee beans. Mild strength. Overall a very good, smooth,
  4. My first ever cigar 'haul': 25x HUPC TOS NOV 16 12x Trinidad Vigia UTL AGO 19 10x Monte 2 LMB OCT 19 10x Hoyo San Juan LGR OCT 19 10x RA Superiores MSU MAY 19 10x QdO No. 54 ASR SEP 19 1x Boli Libertador, 1x Regios de punch, 1x La Isla and 3 Mag 46
  5. 25x H. Upmann Petit Coronas 12x Trinidad Vigia 10x Montecristo No.2 10x Hoyo de San Juan 10x Ra Superiores 10x QdO No. 54 3x H. Upmann Mag 46 Tubos 1x Boli Libertador 1x Punch Regios de Punch LE 2017 1x Punch La Isla
  6. Hello everyone, I'm from Montreal and I've been reading the forum for the past couple months. I'm a newbie and I've already learned a lot thanks to the forum. I plan to keep on learning as much as possible! I was introduced to cigars when I went to Cuba 2 years ago. At the time I brought back a box of party shorts and a couple RyJ SC, Epi 2s and reyes. I've smoked occasionally for the past to years but mostly in the summer. Went back to the island past December and brought back my first real cigar 'haul'. I'm excited for this new hobby and I Hope I can start contributing to the forum

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