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  1. Special Club is great stuff! Love Vilmart as well....
  2. That’s a great story! I actually can’t believe they still grow Chardonnay there considering the price the Pinot fetches! Meant nothing by “standard” 😂 just a delineation from the regular offering. I am very fortunate to have explored Coche quite deeply and I’m telling you...the bottle variation is unforgivable even at the Corton Charlemagne level.
  3. The 08 Cristal Rose was stunning...a very serious, vinous version of the regular 08 Cristal. The Rousseau Chambertin mag was 2013 and absolutely delightful. Like great red burgundy should be. On point! Had an 11 Rousseau Chambertin that night that was frightful unfortunately....VA and a general wreck. Vogue Musigny Blancs were a ton of fun and quite delicious. Colgin Syrahs have been quite savory and enjoyable...this one was solid.... The wine that punched above its weight class was the Pierre Yves Colin Morey Genevrieres. Quite energetic and very delicious! The Coche was splendid as well but too much bottle variation for a wine at that price point.
  4. Love it! As stated multiple times before I love when “trophy” esque bottles are compared blindly. Had a great wine moment a couple days ago and there was only a couple surprises as to what sung. Any guesses?
  5. Good read. Thanks Ken! I would say Dom as the premier Champagne out there relies on the past and the current assumption is out dated. Dom (to me) pales in comparison to MANY champagnes out there - including most Growers. Wheras Cohiba still holds a special spot for me....specifically the Esplendido.
  6. That happened a long time ago. Most people aren’t willing to pay for the craft and it’s a true gem when someone produces something special
  7. Beautiful. Thank you Piggy! These silica beads are completely dry (read absolutely white - I added no water and they’re still showing 67!) The most congruent change in RH with temperature seems to come with Boveda 62% packs (pounds of them) at the top of my coolerdore. I don’t have a ton of room for much more. Would you recommend going down to 58% Boveda packs instead? Would you sell your dessicants? Here is a Hobo graph of the last half day:
  8. Hey all! Especially @PigFish - Have a 95 quart cooladore with heating mat/controller underneath. I am able to keep temps between 69.5 -71F with a slow temperature change do to the insulated environment. I have 4 pounds of 62% Boveda in there maintaining 62-65% humidity according to my Hobo data logger. Piggie was saying (especially with larger temperature swings) that a silica desiccant (I picked up ones from act more in line with the actual Cigars - keeping your cigars from being a moisture buffer. I placed a pound of these 60% beads (replacing all my Boveda) and the humidity wont go below 65% staying at 67% most of the time. I gave it a few days and no change. I had the company send me a new 60% for fear that the beads had a mis labeled percentage and no change in effect unfortunately. Any ideas or help? I’d like to get these cigars down to a more consistent 60%. Thinking Boveda 58%... my cigars could still be dryer to my taste...granted it has only been 3-6 months for acclimation. Thanks for listening to yet another humidity question...
  9. Best/Current: 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser and 1995 BMW M3 Worst: 2010 BMW 328
  10. Crocket & Jones is a solid boot. Viberg makes an insanely high quality boot, especially their shell Cordovan. They are the most selective with the Horween stuff. Ralph Lauren Purple is made by Edward Jones (Tom Ford used to be as well) I -love- Bontoni for quality and style as well. The Real Real can be an excellent site to find true value in these higher end brands. I found some Tom Ford and John Lobb shoes brand new for 1/3 of retail.

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