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  1. Little bit of OJ helps too…just a touch
  2. Well done sir!! Similar to what A Bowman did with their recent cask strength release. Have you tried one of those? Reminds me of 2010 Stagg. Would love to procure a bottle off this lot if you’re selling 🙂 Where are you storing it?
  3. No one said hate! Sometimes it’s the best bill you could pay! Just speaking truths on the winning front 🙂
  4. Thanks! Yea, it is magnificent. I’ll take a snap shot with it open. Spanish Cedar lined and I’ll probably put a handful of smokes in there that could use a touch of dry boxing…Connie 2, Connie B, Punch 898 for starters 🙂
  5. Hey all! I received this from a good friend of mine… This thing is heavy and beautiful….any idea who could have made it? He has no clue…he most likely bought it in San Francisco
  6. Hey Mike! With the exception of Ken and a couple others you are bringing a machine gun to a stick fight 😂 I’m on IG as well and I think we know some if the same people. Stoked to have another cigar fiend close by! That’s where my deep dive is now. I’ll send you a friend request… These have to be recent because there are so many great old bottles (such as 88-91 Gentaz!) old: 91 Dujac Clos St Denis new: 2015 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Batard Montrachet (or the 2011 Montrachet…but that was years ago) best white wine: tie between 2011 Coche Corton and that 11 Montrachet value: PYCM Bourgogne Blanc
  7. I hope you guys have a long night…that Screaming Eagle will pay you back with time open…more so than most wines I have decanted…It’s amazing how much that wine opens up into something way more beautiful and complex/savory then on first pop.
  8. 2020 Punch DC that was really showing…soo much more approachable than even 6 months ago…beautiful now and I’m sure even better moving forward… Also a RA Gigantes that wasn’t quite in the same league but damn good - add bourbon and we’re happy…
  9. Down here in Monterey - firepit - Punch Double Corona’s and some bourbon (EH Taylor Barrel Proof, Stagg, etc) cheers!
  10. I have to agree with you. I absolutely love the B and the 2. B is (for me) a better smoke and I can’t get enough of them. I had a few A’s and 1’s and for my palate I don’t get it….

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