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  1. As far as daily use of mechanical watches goes, I’d say there’s not any real difference to a quartz watch from the user perspective. Especially if it’s an automatic and it’s your only watch that you wear almost every day. Servicing is usually more expensive on a mechanical movement than on a quartz movement (yes, a quality quartz movement requires service other than a battery change as well). And servicing on a mechanical movement needs to happen more often, although many service intervals for mechanical movements are being extended to 10 years due to better tolerances and modern oils use
  2. Like some said, I guess it depends on the ambient humidity it was in. What I have always done is in a very dry humidor, put a bowl of distilled water until it reaches about 5% over desired rH, then remove bowl and put in your desired humidification method. Then when it’s been stable for a few days at desired humidification level, load up with sticks. Could you put your sticks and humidification in directly and the cigars would be perfectly fine? Probably
  3. What I usually do is ask them a few questions first, because I think it’s different for every person. For someone who likes intense and outspoken flavors in food and drink, I would recommend something totally different than a mild and creamy stick. Especially when they’ll be smoking paired with said food or drink. When I started to really get into smoking cigars, I began buying stuff on the milder end because that’s what’s always recommended for beginners. But I quickly figured out that I really like the bolder stuff too (often more than milder cigars), I like my whisky peated or barrel p
  4. I just preordered this. Yes, it’s another integrated bracelet, blue dial watch like so many that came out in the last couple of years. But in my opinion, this is very well executed (and Tissot’s marketing spiel is that it’s based on the Tissot PRX from the 70s). And now that they came out with this mechanical version, powered by their Powermatic 80 movement, I couldn’t resist. I’ll post real pics when it arrives in June.
  5. Registered, curious to see what all this will entail. I highly doubt that they'll mail out cigars though 😄
  6. I’ve used this (and the other one they make), one of my buddies owns both. They’re ok, but I’ve noticed the blade gets dull rather quickly and starts snagging the cap and tearing rather than cutting. They worked really well when new, not so much anymore. I prefer my 8 year old perfect cutter and my Colibri SV cutter over these. Less than a quarter of the price combined and they still work as well as the day I bought them. The Les Fines Lames cutters look great in Instagram pictures though 😅
  7. 1) Monte Double Edmundo 2) Cohiba Siglo IV 3) HdM Epi 2 4) Partagas Series E no. 2 From what I have in my stash right now. I’m out of Lusitanias and Fundies or I would substitute one of them probably for the Epi 2
  8. For me, it was the first time I smoked a premium cigar. I used to be a cigarette smoker in college and would, every now and again, have a domestic cigar at certain occasions. The Netherlands has many manufacturers that produce what’s known as the Dutch dry cigar. They’re almost always machine made shortfillers, very high quality for a machine made, but they never really did it for me. Cubans of course have always been legal over here, but I never really paid any attention to them for some reason (probably price). Then one night, about 15yrs ago, a friend handed me a Monte 4. I thought, anoth

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