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  1. This one’s easy! Also helps that I recently watched the movie again.
  2. Another Montecristo review weekend, I could not resist! I did the Double Edmundo last time because it can be a divisive cigar. This time I opted for maybe the most loved Montecristo globally, with the iconic No.4. This is the cigar that started it all for me. I’ve had some stellar No.4’s, I’ve had some absolute mongrels and everything in between. Overall, they have been a staple in my humidor, who doesn’t love a good Petit Corona? This is the last one from a box of ASU SEP 17, that has mostly been good to me. Let’s see how this one stacks up. Pre-light: The wrapper is just how I like a Montecristo, coffee & cream with a slight tooth and sheen. It smells of raisins and cedar. Well constructed, medium pack that’s consistently filled without any soft spots. The pre-light draw tastes of hay and raisins. First third: On light up, I am immediately greeted by a familiar draw flavor of milk chocolate and there’s a spicy quality to the smoke. Great draw, I went with a V-cut on this one. As it warms up, a little creaminess gets added to the spice while the milk chocolate lasts well into the finish. The retrohale doesn’t add anything flavor wise. Mild to medium body at most. Pretty good start, but not quite interesting enough to really captivate me. Second third: It is starting to pick up in body, the milk chocolate has intensified and gets mixed with a defined coffee flavor. Now on the retrohale, the raisin note I always seem to find in Montecristo appears in full force. Every so often I get a hint of vanilla, but nothing too defined. Final third: As we move into the last portion of the stick, the burn needs a little correction. Flavors are getting less pronounced and once past the band only an acrid nuttiness remains. Quite a disappointing ending to an otherwise excellent cigar. We’ll file this one under: middle of the road. Conclusion: Quite an enjoyable cigar if we count out the last portion. I have to detract some points for that mongrel final third and the slow start. It was a very good cigar overall, but I’ve smoked so many of them that I can safely say this was just a good one, not a great one. I only took the one picture. 87/100
  3. Doesn’t sound half bad. I wonder how well it mimics that humidor smell though.
  4. It’s not that strange to line with copper, creepy crawleys don’t like copper. My guess is the lining is to ward off beetles.
  5. What kind of hygrometer were you calibrating? I have found the Boveda kits to be very accurate, but it’s paramount that the temperature is steady at 20°C for the entire 24hrs.
  6. Took an educated guess, I knew 2 of them weren’t it. So 50/50 😄
  7. My sentiments exactly, grown to love them over the years as well. It’s a great modern size, I think it was a great move on their part. Happy to see that you liked the review, thank you!
  8. To my delight it’s a Montecristo weekend review comp! Arguably my favorite marca (you’ll get a different answer on a different day, but most days it’s Montecristo). My love for the Cuban cigar started with a Montecristo no. 4, many moons ago. So I had to jump in with a review. But what vitola to do it with? One of the classics, the no. 4 that started it all for me? Or maybe the iconic no. 2? From the title, you can see I chose the Double Edmundo instead. A cigar that wasn’t much loved when first released in 2013. I didn’t really like it back then either. However, production got better and age definitely rounds them out to where I absolutely adore these with a few years on them. Let’s see if this particular example delivers. Pre-light: The wrapper is a wonderful shade of coffee & cream with a warm hue and a slight sheen, small veins and tight seams. Quite firmly packed with a perfectly constructed cap. The aroma off the wrapper is a rich cocoa/raisin and a hint of cedar. The pre-light draw reveals a slight mustiness in addition to the aromas off the wrapper. First third: On light up, the first few puffs are just a musty natural tobacco without much definition. The draw is a little firm, but not really hindering anything. About 4 puffs in, a vanilla sweetness comes in on the draw with a pronounced milk chocolate on the back end of the draw. The finish is chocolate and raisins that lasts to the next draw. The retrohale is very smooth and brings out a little bit of white pepper. Medium/mild body. So far this is delivering the flavors I expect from the Double Edmundo just not very bold yet, I write as the ash falls off onto my iPad and we move into the second third. Second third: With the insulation of the ash cone gone, the draw seems to open up a little and the flavors ramp up. Gone is the vanilla sweetness, but in it’s place a lovely cedar note makes it’s appearance, with the chocolate and raisins still dominating. A little further in, the sweetness comes back and the finish starts taking on a nutty quality that can only be described as ‘oily’. The retrohale is still just as smooth as in the first third and still only carries white pepper. Another ash drop at the halfway point sends flakes of ash flying all over the place. Flavors remain consistent, body at a firm medium. Final third: As windy and humid as it is today, the burn has impressed me. I have not had to touch it up at all. At the beginning of this final third there is some black pepper on the draw and a slight earthiness has come in. Still backed by the core flavors of the sweetness, chocolate and raisins. The finish starts to develop a deeper, dryer earth as the sweetness tapers off and everything starts to meld together. The finish lingers with a very slick cashew-like flavor. It finally gets too hot to handle and I retire this exquisite stick. Conclusion: I smoked this in the morning and enjoyed it with a cappuccino. Not your typical morning cigar, but it was rich and decadent without being overpowering. The construction overall was very good, first third could have done with a slightly more open draw. As mentioned it was very humid and quite breezy, but didn’t have to think about the burn whatsoever. Yet again, this fortified my love for Montecristo. A few points detracted for the firmer draw, that probably detracted a bit from the flavors in the first third, and out of spite for dropping ash on my screen 😄 93/100

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