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  1. I’m afraid I smoked everything I bought in the beginning, that was about 15 yrs ago. It started out with me buying singles and smoking them that day or the next, I didn’t buy a humidor until years later. The first box I bought was Monte 4, I think I went through that first box in a month. Only in the last 5 or so years I’ve started to buy more than I smoke.
  2. It’d better be superior to the Davidoff Royal Robustos, which I tossed on both occasions I had them. It’s just silly money for any single cigar to be over $30-40 in my opinion (maybe I’m just too poor 🤷🏻‍♂️). Behike, I can maybe understand because the ones I’ve had were extremely good and unique in smoking experience. I’ll gladly forego the $500 Davidoff and have a box of Party E2 with money to spare, please and thank you.
  3. I voted totally changed, because I started out casually smoking maybe once a month. Over the last 15 years of buying and smoking Habanos, I’ve been trying everything and buying/smoking much more than those early days in college. So my ‘collection’ is much larger and diverse than it was at that time, in that regard it’s totally changed. But I would say ‘Ever evolving’ is more what it’s actually like in my case. I have some staple cigars that I’ve always loved and always have multiple boxes of. And the others, I’m still constantly exploring and buying wildly different stuff. There’s periods I smoke much of what I started out with and periods where I don’t.
  4. The band looks especially bad. I think ol’ Simón is turning in his grave right now looking at that depiction of him. That and the serials not matching up really leaves no doubt that these are fake.
  5. I think it’s pretty cool, it reminds me of what MB&F does with their watches and table clocks. That being said, I wouldn’t buy it and especially not for 30k. But I do think it’s cool that it exists.
  6. This has been very much my experience as well. Also, I’m a naturally slow smoker so a skinny doesn’t require any extra attention for me. Just light up and smoke to the nub without having to touch the burn
  7. Very nice! A friend of mine owns a Dax Cobra, he’s got a 383 stroker in it that puts about 450 to the wheels. That thing scares the living shit out of me. Can’t imagine how yours must be, I bet it’s a thrill to drive.
  8. Monte 4 I can definitely say: little to no change. It’s what got me started almost 20 years ago and I’ve found them to be very consistent flavour wise. Also D4, Shorts, Epi 2, CoRo. And an honorable mention for the sir Winnies, although I don’t smoke a lot of them, the ones I have had over the years were all pretty much the same flavour wise. I voted Monte 4, Party Shorts and D4 in the poll as I’ve smoked tons of them over the years and, with some conviction, can say they haven’t changed much.
  9. This is my 1978 Ford LTD lowrider. Started out bone stock and totally built and painted by a buddy and myself (my friend happens to own a custom paint and restoration shop). My daily is an uneventful 2002 Audi A6 Avant Quattro
  10. Don’t know about 100 points. But lately I’ve been burning through some LTO Partagas E2’s that, stick after stick, have been amazing. Cohiba Siglo IV have mostly been like that too for me, but haven’t had any of late.
  11. I wasn’t referring to you, but to the guy in the video you watched 😄
  12. It always makes me cringe when someone goes ‘and the correct way to….’ I like to cut my cigar first to test the draw and possibly correct it.
  13. For me, 6.5 isn’t that far off 7.5. So I’d rather have an average of 6.5 with regularly an 8.5 mixed in and the occasional magical 10.
  14. By legal definition in the U.S, as long as it contains actual whisk(e)y and the label discloses that flavoring has been added/something else has been added, you can put whisk(e)y on the label. Only straight whisk(e)y has to legally be bottled at at least 80 proof. I would personally think of this more as a liqueur.

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