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  1. As long as they don’t triple the price of my E2’s and Montecristo regular production, it’s fine 😄 And I’ll still be buying Cohiba and maybe some Trini here and there, as I don’t smoke those a whole lot anyway. I think I can still justify a 5er here and there, even at the new prices. Would be a different story if my Cohiba/Trinidad consumption was higher.
  2. I also think it is because tastes and/or habits have changed. Did people smoke more (and more of the same cigar) in the past? Probably so. Me, personally, I love 50 cabs and would like to see more of them. Over the years I’ve gotten to know my preferences, so I love the ability to get them 50 at a time. Though it’s mostly about it being a cabinet when I really think about it. So 2 cabs of 25 would be fine as well.
  3. I’m more partial to later albums (especially IV). But as said above, in the timeframe, this is something that must’ve stunned those who heard it for the first time. I’ll score it 8/10
  4. Sunday afternoon, it’s a lovely day out with the sun beaming down on the back yard. Off to the ‘ready to smoke’ humidor. This PSD5 is one of 3 I bought as singles at my local B&M last November. They came out of a BOP AGO 19 box. It’s my first D5, not sure what to expect as far as blend goes. I generally love Partagas (E2, Lusi, D4, P2, Shorts, Mille Fleurs). Grabbed myself a Lungo with a splash of orgeat to have with my cigar and sat myself down. Pre-light: Nice wrapper shade, but kind of veiny and unevenly rolled/pinched. But not too worried about that with this gauge. Straight cut and as expected, the draw is fine. The cold draw is sweet bell pepper, quite nice. First half: It opens immediately with big flavor. I didn’t expect that. Paprika, sourdough and an almondy, creamy sweetness that it all rides on. The almond cream is totally unexpected and might be because I put orgeat in my coffee. Extremely enjoyable nonetheless. The burn is a tiny bit wonky, I attribute that to the slightly pinched roll. It burns fine and only requires 1 touchup to the halfway point. At the tail end of the first half the sweetness is taken over by deep earth, this is more of the Partagas I’ve come to expect. Second half: Dominated by earth, some hints of coffee grounds. Highlights are still the sourdough, but the paprika has turned into something more spicy like a habanero pepper. Very tasty, the finish is long and interesting with the habanero spicyness building up to take over from the earth after the smoke is expelled through the retrohale. Smoked it until it wasn’t comfortable to hold. No bitterness or astringency throughout. Conclusion: Really liked this, kind of like a concentrated D4. A little deeper and darker on the flavor. Very Partagas, which for some reason I didn’t think it would be. Some older reviews from when it was first released into regular production weren’t too kind, which is probably why I didn’t anticipate it smoking as good as it did. This example took about 45 minutes to smoke. 91/100
  5. I’ve been doing exactly that, I’m well stocked on the more ‘premium’ cigars that I like and have been buying volume of the lesser known cigars that I really like. PLPC/PLMC/Du Depute/Demi Tasse/RASCC etc. are all cigars that are still in stock at shops over here. The way the tobacco law and taxation is setup over here in the Netherlands, once a box gets its tax seal it can’t be sold for more/less than is on the seal. No discounting tobacco, which means the less popular stuff sits. So I’ve been buying all that less popular stuff (that I do like), now that it’s still abundantly in stock. Once the price increases hit, I’m sure people will start exploring those less popular cigars and see that they’re really good, leaving less stock in the process.
  6. It’s the same setup I’ve been using for many years. I use 80 liter coolers, the ones with a rubber seal in the lid. A whole load of 65% Bovedas and stored in my cellar where temperature varies between about 15° C in winter to max 18°C in summer. I don’t really worry about them, I sort of regularly open them to put in newly acquired boxes anyway. I’ve got a Govee sensor in each one, I maybe check it once a month if I even remember. Humidity has always been rock solid this way.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. What I usually try to do is watch them in succession in 1 sitting. The story arc spans both movies, Part II is best enjoyed coming right off of Part I in my opinion. 10/10 for me as well
  8. Probably, yes. Depends on how much more expensive the more regular smokes get.
  9. I don’t buy/smoke a ton of Cohiba as it is (but still smoke them semi-regularly, maybe 1 every week or so), so will continue buying them at the low rate I am currently.
  10. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. All the elements are there for a great movie, and it probably is. For me personally, it’s a very good movie but not among my all time greats. 8/10 for me.
  11. My favorite is the Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro, I always have a box or 2 around. Regular chocolate bombs.
  12. 9/10 for me, it was my introduction to Tarantino and his way of storytelling. It was entirely new to me. Winston Wolf must be my favorite character, like @BigGuns said: he got there in 10!
  13. A great movie, from a time when not everything was pre-cut and you had to think for yourself when watching. The scale of the whole undertaking, with a cast that wasn’t big stars at the time, amazing that it even happened.
  14. It’s quite light in body for me, cream/woody (cedar in particular)/sometimes nutty and fruity, but dried fruit like dried apricots or raisins. They can be quite complex in their simplicity, if that makes sense. I like them, but don’t often go for them.
  15. As a child I never was exposed much to The Beatles, my parents played more stuff like The Doors, Neil Young, Joplin etc. My exposure to Beatles music came much later, in my teens. By friends who did grow up listening to The Beatles. I always did like their music, but never really loved it. Abbey Road is, in my opinion, one of their better works. Still, if I were to rate it, I would rate it 7/10. I can take it or leave it, you’ll not hear me complain when someone puts it on, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played the album myself.
  16. My choice of Vegueros is the Tapados, just because I like the vitola. To me they’re great smokes, basic pleasant flavors but often a unique grassy note that I haven’t much encountered elsewhere. They’re by no means a very rich or complex blend, but a fine cigar nonetheless. In a double blind, they wouldn’t scream ‘cheap cigar’ and I bet they’d end up scoring higher than we would imagine. I get it
  17. My favorite style of peated single malt is that of Caol Ila 12 and Ardbeg 10. It’s the meaty, campfire core that I really like. Lagavulin 16 is a bottle I always keep in stock, but I have to be in the mood for it’s sherry’d finish.
  18. Of course the curing of the tobacco leaf is done before it is fermented and subsequently rolled into a cigar. I voted no, because I have never noticed a difference myself. Had many boxes with the same box codes that I slowly smoked through one of them, while leaving the other undisturbed. No difference. Highly circumstantial, obviously.
  19. It’s got a Seiko NH35 running it, they are generally pretty reliable little movements. The case size is 35mm, so quite small compared to contemporary gents sizes. This might be perfect for someone who says they generally dislike wearing a watch. If you like it, go for it.

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