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  1. Received some great looking boxes this week from our host, first box of Lusi's for me, looking forward to one in the near future. Always enjoy the Connie A's, and the Parti Maduros, can't go wrong if you like that flavor profile.
  2. Matching up the Flor de C's. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  3. Trying to expand the rum collection a little, first time for both of these. Cheers.
  4. I have been enjoying these LFDC Netherlands RE so picked up a few more boxes. Also have been seeing the good reviews lately on the Short de Punch so thought I'd give them a try, nice that they are in box of 10. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
  5. Probably only because it was my first, but loved my 1977 VW Scirocco. Haven't had any that were really bad, maybe only my grandfather's Ford Pinto I drove around for a short while.
  6. Thanks @MoneyPit, always looking for new Ethiopian beans to try, usually my go to for pour over. Regards.
  7. Welcome @ncs to FOH from a fellow Socal cigar smoker.
  8. Some Connie 1s from our host arriving prior to the holiday weekend here in the US, though looks like we will be in beach lockdown here in SoCal. At least I have these beauties.
  9. Welcome @rockinarl. You will be okay storing CC and NC together, though most will say that CCs are better at lower RH (60-65) and it seems many who smoke NCs seem to recommend higher than 65. If space and cost is an issue, store them together and error on the lower side, it's much better for the CCs and I don't think the lower RH will negatively affect the NCs. No, unfortunately you cannot see the old 24:24 threads, they are deleted each day, but there is a thread that is called the "running box code list", that tracks the box codes from the 24:24s, you can request access, it's a Google doc spreadsheet. Look under the "ReFOHreference" area. For tracking singles you can get a box of individual blank bands that you can write on and wrap around your sticks, I picked up some on Amazon. Cheers
  10. @Colt45 thanks for this. Takes me back growing up in SoCal during my formative years, we all wanted to be and look like Brian as 13 year olds. Rolled up sleeves with fake cig packs, vests, peg jeans, the whole works, loved the music and the whole scene. Post-punk, rockabilly, then new wave, good times in the early 80's. Thanks.

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