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  1. Last few days: DIP #2 (LGR DIC-18), Esteli Las Calaveras EL 2021, RGPC (SOM MAY-17).
  2. These are great little cigars! Have 3 boxes of LMB-OCT-19 and they've been the best tasting short-filler cigars I've ever had. Last two I thought I was smoking a JL-2. For the price a few plugged ones are ok by me. So far, I've been able to fix any plugs with the perfect draw.
  3. Love the RGPC's - have 4 left in one box and three more SOM MAY-17 boxes waiting to open. Have 2 ALO-MAR-17's that I haven't tried yet. Always consistent and smooth - my favorite flavor that shows up often is is walnuts. Haven't gotten that flavor anywhere else.
  4. Nice review, thanks! Been thinking about dipping my toes into the LE trend - still building my collection of regular production. A review like yours gets me thinking about a box of these.
  5. Been on a run of short smokes ... SCdlH Principe last of the box (LGR JUN-18), RyJ MF (ELU MAR-14), PLP with just a hint of sweetness (ASR JUN-17), Boli CJ - this box is really getting special (MSU JUL-19), and another SCdlH Principe from the next opened box (LGR JUN-18) same goodness as the last box, maybe even smoother from sitting untouched another few months.
  6. Very sorry that happened. Crooks in general are not the brightest lot. My favorite personal crook story - we had a break-in, someone went into the garage and stole some change from the cars, a radio out of one of the cars - fixing the damage to the car was a bummer. Took some CD's out of the car (yes, this was a while ago) and stole a flip-phone left in the car (before iPhones and personal security codes). The next day called the phone company and got the records off of my personal phone - crook kept calling the same numbers. Didn't shut off the phone and just let him keep calling unt
  7. After two weeks on the road - recent arrivals. SLR Regios with beautiful rosado wrappers (GOB-MAY-20) and after smoking a few of the SCdlH La Punta's (RAT-MAY-20) that @El Presidente & @Ken Gargett did the review on a while ago; I found two (RAT-MAY-21) boxes to add to the collection.
  8. From the past two weeks. Pardon the NC's - now occasionally working in Maryland - the land of no smoking - anywhere ! Found a local B&M with a great group of guys. The only rule is you can only smoke what's bought there - doesn't go for the "I bought another cigar - can I smoke one I brought in" try. No issues, every time I'm in I try something different that is recommended by the proprietor - actually fun trying different cigars. RGPC (SOM-MAY-17) SCdlH La Punta (RAT-MAY-20) Esteli Sun Grown followed by a Henry Clay War Hawk Boli PC (MSU-MAY-19) Esteli Las Cal
  9. The wife and I were visiting (and babysitting) our grandchildren over the Labor Day holiday in Maryland while their parents were attending a wedding. Our Son-in-law always wanted a fire pit in the backyard. We had previously discussed where he wanted it so .... I decided that a weekend project was in order. Wow, was he surprised when they came home from the wedding - we used it every night with the grandchildren roasting marshmallows over the fire! Of course, I had to christen the fire pit with a Boli PC. If you look closely, you'll see an orange chalk line drawn around the fir
  10. Those are some really cool pictures. I love seeing the bundles of 50 resting in newspaper. Just gives you the feeling of "old school" and quality. Thanks for sharing the pic's - can't wait! I enjoyed smoking the N3 that I won in a prize pack - Thank you. Way to keep our hobby fun!
  11. First step towards stopping obsessing about RH is reading @PigFish's many posts to gain an understanding of RH and how slowly it changes and then figuring out what RH you prefer smoking your cigars at for the best flavors according to your palate. For me that took well over a year of playing around with the set-up and RH in the office humi. NC's ready to smoke are kept in the bottom above the Cigar Oasis and act as a RH buffer (1% to 2% higher RH) for the CC's above them. For me it's 65% for NC's and 62 to 63% for my CC's. It also took a lot of patience to let the CC's acclimatize and rest
  12. JL!'s and JL2's are the hardest stick for me to try and let them get some age. My 2019's are smoking lights out. I'm going to try the @SigmundChurchill trick and put away the last 3 from each box to age while I start the next box ....
  13. (2) BPC's, (2) JL1's, (2) SCdlHP's, (2) Monte 4's & 1 Dip 2.
  14. Cigar Oasis died and had to remove the bottom three shelves to replace it. Allowed me to reorganize the humi, make it look better and easier to get to my current rotation. I am grateful I've been stocking-up on my favorites for the past year - pretty lucky given the price increases!

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