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  1. They will be! If you don't like them feel free to PM me, I can take them off your hands.
  2. Hey - that's a pretty funny comment about not over analyzing things from a guy who reads -- Rovelli's latest book on the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics. Love it !
  3. SCdlH La Punta (RAT MAY-20). I admit it - just couldn't wait - it was only 7 days out of the freezer. Probably should have waited for a review weekend but, after Rob and Ken's review I had to tase it - and it didn't disappoint. Should only get better and better with some acclimating in the humi!
  4. 2 boxes of Monte #4's (AMO SEP-16). Got lucky with these boxes - they look like chocolate sticks!
  5. Absolutely - in preparation, yesterday I dry boxed (4) JL!'s, (4) JL2's, (4) Parti Shorts, (2) Punch sd Punch and (2) Lusitania's. Going to be a great weekend!
  6. I just did this last week - it was, 2 - 2 + hour smokes and 2 - 1 hour smokes since I didn't know how long I'd have in the evening. Also, worked great because I ended up smoking with my current boss and ended up sharing the 2nd stick of each on two evenings. (2) Dip #2's (LGR DIC-18) (2) BPC's's (MSU MAY-19)
  7. Last night's CC: MSU JUL-19, Boli CJ - very good!
  8. Right now I have a 5.25 year supply just by raw numbers but I still have many "holes" to fill in the collection. I am constantly on the look-out for certain cigars and certain dates. I have a written cigar plan that controls my purchases that I update every 6 months. I also have an Excel spreadsheet with every CC / NC, Brand, type, size, box code or approx. age for NC's, cost at time of purchase, cost per cigar, total cost of the collection and average cost per stick. I keep a usage log and I need about 350 to 400 properly aged cigars per year for my personal smoking and sharing with f
  9. My story and journey with cigars seems more about luck (both good and bad) than any real intention to "Fall in Love with Cuban Cigars". I started smoking cigars while playing golf with buddies in my late 20's. Frankly, like @Hammer Smokin' people gave me cigars - none were really that good; plus I tended to focus on golf not the cigar. Because I was busy at work building a career and raising three children, smoking cigars while doing an activity with friends or family pretty much continued for the next 15 to 20 years. During this time I would buy the occasional box of Ashton's or Fuente's
  10. Guys golf weekend in Southeastern Florida. 24 gentlemen (using that term loosely) that get together every year for golf, beer, cigars and good stories. We take turns hosting and yesterday's host did a clam, shrimp boil - there was 6 trays of seafood as full as you see below in the picture. Just awesome!
  11. Just following @Chibearsv - when you've got a good idea - right bro! I bought two boxes of this code after watching Ken & Rob's video review as well. When they came in they looked and smelled so good -- went back for two more! These are even darker and shinier than the first two boxes.
  12. Latest additions to the collection: 2 boxes of SCdlH La Punta's (RAT MAY-20) and still filling holes in the PLPC collection (LGR MAR-19). All of these look very good. Away for a short nap for the La Punta's (can't wait) and a long 5 to 6 year nap for the PLPC's.

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