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  1. Past two days: RGPG (SOM MAY-17) & JL1 (UTL MAY-19). Both very tasty!
  2. I often find when trying a new CC (one that I haven't tried before) that I can't wait and will try one ROTT - usually with mixed results. I've had a few that smoke great ROTT but, that's in the minority. The majority, taste good for the first 1/2" to third and then go down hill from there - and every time that happens I know I should have let them acclimatize (like @PigFish says - listen to the expert). I find a lot of the my ROTT try's still have too much moisture in the last half of the cigar. One thing that I know when I find this is that it will take a lot longer than 30 to 60 days to
  3. From our gracious host - 10 ct. boxes of PsdP (RAT MAR-20) and two PSD4's (SOU FEB-20). All 3 boxes are great looking cigars!
  4. Welcome to the hobby! You've already made some great choices. Pursuing that next great box can become relatively addicting pretty quick. I would spend some of your free time watching the reviews here on FOH - there is an amazing amount of information available. My favorite way to pick a new cigar! For example; just a little while ago, Rob and Ken were video reviewing SCdlH La Puntas (RAT May-20). I very much enjoy the El Principes with a morning coffee. After listening to the flavors they were getting and the fact that they both agreed on just how good of a CC this was (and would become
  5. A few from the last 2 weeks. Started a new consulting job which is keeping me pretty busy and away from Florida (I was 21 pages behind on the FOH's Daily Smoke this morning - Ha). It's in Montgomery County in MD -- They have an ordinance that you can't smoke outside at any business, hotel, apartment complex or even a public bench in a park. Found a small cigar bar with a great bunch of guys a mile away - yeah! Only down side is I can't bring in any of my cubans - that's ok - glad to support any small business that allows me to smoke a good cigar with great bunch of guys. The Aston VSG was
  6. Went away for a week and a half and this is what was waiting for me upon my return. The HuP Mag 46's look and smell incredible! What a nice 2020 run on these CC's from different box codes. Boli PC's are always a favorite of mine and recieved one beautiful rosado box and one multi-color wrapper surprise. Also went for some tubos to round out the collection. Already had several of the HuP Mag 50's UEB DIC-18's from another tubo box of 15 that I have and those are already smoking incredible. Had to go back for more. The Boli #1's will be a new one for me to try!
  7. Last two afternoons while working on the porch, Monte #2 (EAR FEB-02) and HuP Mag 50 (ESL SEP-18) both excellent flavors and smooth!
  8. RGPC (SOM MAY-17) this has been a very good box. Very smooth, starts with Walnuts then transitions to roast beef / meaty flavor. Into the bottom half of the box now ..... will be sorry when it's gone.
  9. A few from the last couple of days. It's been good smoking weather although the Padron (a 1926 #35 from 2011) was because of a humid day. Boli PC (MSU MAY-19) and Monte #4 (RUB MAY-19) first from the box - all cocoa! That dark glass in the background is a Guinness.
  10. Don't see this everyday - looked out the window and saw an orange submarine being towed by three tow boats up the St. Lucie River. Proceeded out to the ocean where I lost sight of them. Tried google to search for info but nothing so far ....
  11. Haven't been posting many cigars lately - just enjoying trying some new ones - P. Lusi, SCdlH La Punta, PsdP, and a HuP Mag 46. This HdM Epi #1 (UEB ABR-19) was gifted by @Devo and both of us smoked one hoping for @Kaptain Karl's raspberry - didn't happen! But, it was still a pretty interesting CC - started off with a bitter citrus that reminded me of raw rhubarb then in the middle went to Baker's Chocolate and finished with a very faint bitter citrus again that reminded me of grapefruit. Never had any of those flavors before from a CC. Will definitely consider adding to the collection.
  12. They will be! If you don't like them feel free to PM me, I can take them off your hands.
  13. Hey - that's a pretty funny comment about not over analyzing things from a guy who reads -- Rovelli's latest book on the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics. Love it !

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