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  1. An amazing JL2 tonight (RUM AGO-19) that just hit 90 days in the humi. Paired very well with an Old Fashion made with Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon. Brought out the orange peel, peat and oak in the cigar!
  2. I'm in the opposite camp - going with the guarantee proposed in @El Presidente's question - I'd carefully plan to do everything that I yet want to do ... and not in moderation! Visit friends and family more often. Make love to my wife more often since I'm running out of time. There's still a few places that I want to visit and schedule a vacation trip 1 per year for the next ten years (perhaps in combination with the first bullet). Sell the boat now, sell the house in 3 years and sit down with the wife and see what she wants to do with the money since I won't care ... Redo the Financial Plan to leave the grandchildren some funds for their college plans. Re do the Cigar Plan so I run out in 10 years and buy some Sir Winston's (have none yet!) Plan one hell of a final party in year number 10 - try and go out with a bang (in combination with bullet number two above).
  3. RyJ Mille Fluers (ELU MAR-14). These have really mellowed out into a very smooth 50 to 60 minute smoke. The last third tasted like a cherry cough drop ...
  4. PSP Dip #2's from the FOH team. Thanks for the great looking and smelling cigars - these are pretty dark, shiny wrappers!
  5. I loved the Woobie Smoking Jacket so did some research and found out two very interesting things about smoking jackets! Now that's called dedication to the Cigar hobby - and better yet - if you have a proper smoking jacket they come repeat with very nice accessories ....
  6. That's an awesome gift -- Nothing like having great friends! I think generosity between BOTL is as much what this hobby is about as much as enjoying the cigars. Some of my best cigars seem to be when I'm smoking with friends who also like CC's.
  7. Yup, tried dry-boxing for 7 days at 57% when @Devo was visiting for the holidays. We both had the same issue and we both agreed to just let them sit for a while - frustrating. I have another dress-box of 25 that should be ready to try in another 30 days or so. I'll just have to be patient. I don't like throwing away half of a very good cigar because I get frustrated having to relight it every 3 puffs.
  8. Boli PC (MSU MAY-19) on a nice day in Southeastern FL.
  9. Final 2 boxes of Boli CJ's arrived today (both TUA ENE-20). That makes 8 boxes of CJ's resting - (1) 2018, (4) 2019's & (3) 2020's; that should last me a while. All are MSU or TUA and between them and the (3) boxes of MSU - MAY/JUL-19 Boli PC's -- these tend to be the CC's that I reach for more than any other out of the humi.
  10. Glad to see these are smoking well for you! I have the same code, ASR MAY-18 on a 50 SLB that I've put away for another 6 month wait. The first half of every cigar is phenomenal and the second half won't stay lit. Never seen this with any of my other CC's happen so consistently. Kinda frustrating when you only get to smoke half of a "short" cigar. I'm hoping that you are right and these only get better with some more age on them.
  11. Two things working against you on the draw - the slightly overweight and the 90% humidity outside. But, seems like the extra tobacco gave you more flavor than usual from the Parti short. That's a pretty fair trade-off in my book. Looks like you have a pretty good UEB box there and only a few months away from the magic 3 years old - should only get better and better! Lately, when I get high humidity; I reach for a NC or one of the lightweight CC's in the box.
  12. Morning smoke - SCdlH Principe (LGR JUN-18)
  13. Good mail day today: 2 boxes of Boli CJ's (MSU JUL-19) and 1 box of JL 1's (MTS ENE-20). I'm betting that the old UTL code is now the new MTS code effective December 19.
  14. A little humid last night - so, better an NC to handle the conditions. This one was a real treat - Ashton VSG > 15 years old! Simply amazing flavors!

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