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  1. Good review, I have a 2017 box of the petite lancer's that are still getting better. Less and less pepper and more cinnamon and nutmeg as these progress. They're fine little NC smokes as they get some age on them.
  2. I have a small shoe box ½ full of lighters. It's amazing how much we accumulate when you either forget your lighter or see something cool that you want to try. Even bought a Xikar years ago that the striker looks like a golf ball. It's green with a gold ¼ golf ball for the striker switch - still works and it's in the box gracefully aging. There are still Prometheus lighters that have lifetime warranty's in the box - that no longer work. Also, they stopped honoring the warranty years ago - need to throw those away but I paid like $35 to $50 for some of them and I loved the heavy metal feel of those lighters in your hand. The majority of the box is filled with $3 to $6 lighters from Amazon. Other than occasionally having to clean the jet section - they all just keep working and who cares if you occasionally leave one in the front cubby of the golf cart! Now I see a cool MegJet that I want to try and I would rather have another box of cigars! Priorities change over time.
  3. Glad to hear that you really enjoyed the first two-thirds. I bought two boxes and put them away for a nap. After reading your review, I think I'll let them sit for a while and hopefully the last third will come around. Thanks!
  4. Going to try and give them at least 3 years. Then I'll try one and we'll go from there. Of course as soon as I read a review with a similar box code that says "their smoking great right now"' I'll probably pull one.
  5. 2 new deliveries today both Punch 48's (RAT JUL-21). Beautiful rosado wrappers on these.
  6. Welcome to Florida! Sorry about the hassle of the move - it really sucks. We moved 15 times during my working career. Retired to Stuart, Florida and never plan to move again. My favorite joke is that my wife and the pool boy can deal with the home when I'm dead. If you're ever in the area PM and me and we'll get together for a smoke! Good luck in the new place.
  7. Watched the video, read all the info - ordered 3 bundles of E & I Lancero's. I missed out on the 2019's and wasn't going to let that happen again. I love Lancero's and really looking forward to trying the maduro's from the reviews. I think I'll put the Colorado's away for a while before trying them from watching the video. As far as the aging discussion above about NC's - best cigar ever was a Padron A from 1999 that I forgot about and smoked about a year ago. The review is buried here in FOH. 98 points all the way - only because I'm not sure what 100 points is supposed to taste like .... I've got a box of Tatuaje Black Label Petit Lancero's that I've had since 2017 - smoke one every 6 months and they're still getting better with the passage of time.
  8. Mag 46's from our host (TOU JUL-19) - arrived in perfect condition. Now away for a 2.5 year nap!
  9. Mix of the Lancero's for me - love me some skinnies.
  10. Came home from a week on the road to this delivery that was waiting. The Lusi's are from our host - Thank You!
  11. I was in Abu Dhabi for 4.5 years working. Used to go about once a month to the St. Regis on the Corniche downtown. Great cigar bar - they used to have cigar dinners on Friday evening where the Chef paired cigars, alcohol and food. Had some really special meals but, pricy.
  12. Taking it easy this weekend soothing some employees and my own wounds. Unfortunately, lost a big client project on Thursday to a competitor (> $2B project with ~ $200M gross margin for the company) - gut punch. A few old fashions with George Dickel 13 year old Bottled in Bond Whiskey (can't call it Bourbon since it's from Tennessee) a PSD4, HUP Mag 50 and a JL2 make it all better. Spent Saturday morning freezing all of mine and my wife's credit reports. Someone got her SSN and tried opening a Wells Fargo Debit and Credit card. Luckily, had one letter in her last name wrong but had our address and everything else correct. Their fraud department caught it but it's still a pain that the info is likely out on the dark web now. Hopefully this doesn't come in three's ...
  13. I bought a new 2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and owned it through the end of 2016 when I traded it in on the wife's car. I bought it for $35K and sold it 8 years later for $27K with 48,000 miles on it (obviously USA Jeep product). I loved that vehicle - although I used to get ribbed all the time because of the way it sort of wandered all over down the road on its big, knobby tires - also my other car was a Bentley GTC. Probably can't get two vehicles farther apart in style, function or comfort. Never had the Jeep into the dealer for work - was one of my most reliable vehicles. Loved the Jeep JK wave and taking the top and doors off in nice weather. Still miss my Jeep .... although the video is priceless!
  14. I was in Indiana for the Thanksgiving holiday. Indiana gets a better allocation than Florida -- so, I did a little shopping. All bottles made it through the flight home!

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