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  1. VR Famosos from 24:24. Thanks to our host! Gorgeous, Oily Medium Brown wrappers; I'm sure these are going to be special.
  2. Agreed, it is a beautiful golf course and tough! I was in San Fran on business and luckily brought the clubs "just in case". Found out from the Concierge that there was a parade downtown - so sent the wife to the parade and took a cab ride to the course (expensive !!!). Turned out it was the gay pride parade - my wife says she saw some "things" that she will never forget. My buddy and I were amazed that we made it to the course through all the traffic and were lucky we were able to get on with only an hour wait. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful course - parring 18 made for a great finish to the day. I still remember almost every shot and look forward to seeing the course set-up for Championship conditions over the next few days.
  3. Congratulations ! Nice review of an even nicer CC.
  4. Good day when the mail man arrived. JL1's (UTL MAY-19) These really look and smell good! Can't wait .....
  5. Nice review and thanks - I agree with you! I have the same box but still working through a LGR NOV-17 box first. Glad to know that when I finally get to the DEC-17 box, it will be great as well! These were so good that I went back and bought 4 more boxes - all LGR JUN-18. Have only smoked one of those ROTT but it was a cracker as well.
  6. That's a real piece of craftsmanship ! I love the individual slots for the Cigars. While not the most efficient storage it certainly gives each cigar it's own "Throne". I picked up the below when in Abu Dhabi and use it to dry-box my young cigars. It was the individual slots that attracted me to the purchase.
  7. MSU MAY 19 - lightweight Boli PC @ 7.5 g's. Still very smooth.
  8. Yup, we got a little lucky with this one! With everything closed and locked-down it's been a good weekend to get some in-house chores done and smoke some good cigars!
  9. I have about 2 hours until Hurricane Isaias arrives (see my pictures in FOH: A Week in Pictures). Preparations are finally completed and it looks like Isaias will stay about 20 miles offshore so it's time for a calming smoke! Probably the second best smoking cigar in my Humi is this Aging Room Quattro Nicaraguan which is a 7" x 50 RG. This is my second one out of the box which has been resting in the Humi for 8 months untouched! The first one was pure, sweet dark chocolate, hints of caramel and smoked amazingly at the beach two weeks ago. These are all Nicaraguan wrapper, binder and long-fillers. The Maestro (Torpedo) was CA's #1 Cigar of The Year for 2019. For those not familiar with the brand, it's Rafael Nodal's small batch concept made by A. J. Fernandez. One of the things I like about these NC's is that they come with a little piece of paper in the box telling you when they were made - this box says 10/16/18 - just like Padron's 64 Anniversary Series which is another staple in my Humi. These cigars have dark chocolate colored wrappers, box pressed, very sleight veins and a firm feel. They smell like dark chocolate and that rich earth smell very much like Cubans. It's 89 deg's F and 58% humidity with the wind out of the NE outside (amazingly low humidity considering there's a Hurricane on the horizon)! First third: I've paired this with water as I want to really taste the cigar given how good the first one was. It starts out really smooth and tastes like 70% dark chocolate. I'm not getting any sweetness from this one. Although it has a very familiar taste that I really enjoy. After thinking about the flavor I go and open a Guinness Draught Stout (one of my favorite beers) and I can't believe how much it tastes just like the beer. The smoke even has that same creamy texture that the Stout has - wow ! I keep drinking the water with this cigar and every once in a while take a sip of the Guinness to confirm what I'm having a hard time believing - it's the exact same taste a smooth, creamy and bitter chocolate stout. As this third finishes I get some light, fresh Ginger mingling with the other flavors. The construction on this is amazing and you can see the veins go right into the white ash. Very cool! Second third: The stout and ginger taste fades and this third is all dark chocolate. It's really smooth with none of that strong pepper taste that most NC's seem to always have. I get a taste that reminds me of `Good &Plenty' Licorice candy for a few puffs. This is real smooth and still very creamy. I'm unable to take a picture of the final third as the Hurricane rain bands have finally arrived and I get chased from the second floor porch. Too bad because the temperature has dropped over 6 degrees and it's really nice - until the wind and rain come. I had smoked this cigar down to the band and was just considering how much farther I would go when nature intervened. Total smoking time was 1 hour and 47 minute with still at least another 20 minutes to go ... This was really different from the first cigar out of the box and much more complex. Still, it was enjoyable, calming and challenging analyzing all of the flavors. I really liked that it tasted like Guinness through about the first half of the cigar -- who doesn't like a cigar reminding you of your favorite beer? I'd say 94 points all the way.
  10. I spent my Friday and Saturday prepping for Hurricane Isias! The good and bad of living in paradise in Southern Florida on the water. Looks like we'll be spared a direct hit and it's forecast as a Category 1 passing just offshore. Most of us just call this a storm! Makes for some pretty cool pictures of the first outer hurricane bands just coming on shore, Saturday @ 0850 this morning EST. Boats are all ready with double lines or strapped down on the lift.
  11. Congrats - the only thing I could come up with was unfit to post .....
  12. My best cigar was picked by Moe when he selected the Diplomatico's review weekend. I had no intention of opening this box for some time but did it for the review weekend. Wow, best cigar of July 2020 and one of the top ones for me this year. Also, made me order another box off of 24:24 this past week when the Diplomatico's #2 came back up for sale. I'm hoping the third box is as good as the first two from 24:24!
  13. My second favorite quote - and one that seems very fitting for this forum: "It is a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you often get it" W. Somerset Maugham

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