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  1. Well prez you have a dilemma on your hands not just one that tastes like a 46 or 50 maybe a 54 but a handful of all those.
  2. I can’t quote all the funny stuff in this thread. I have done Edward 40 hands thank goodness I deleted my Facebook long ago. One of my good friends spent a night in county on his bday bc of the original 4 locos. We got two cases for him right when they got discontinued. Good times and good thing those days are over.
  3. Nice review. I’ve had some pencil taste in the few I’ve had but a solid cigar in my book.
  4. Watching a documentary on the family. When they first started in America they stated they used pre-embargo Cuban tobacco. Has anyone smoked or has one of these cigars?
  5. These showed up the day before New Years.
  6. We have been back in the office 100% since summer 2020.
  7. How does those taste after a couple years? I have a 21 box and the pencil shavings taste come in and out.
  8. Had a conversation with my co-worker today that is similar to this (in-person😱) The amount of people that vote or act against their own best interest for the dedication to a political party is mind boggling.

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