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  1. I’ve smoked two of these and they were both great experiences. Doesn’t quite justify the price tag IMO, but I was surprised to dive in to all of the hate the forum gives the Anejados program having smoked one of these. I’d say it’s worth trying one, but not worth picking up a box when you could spend that $600-700 on Bond Roberts.
  2. Gotta love Mojito Dave in Cancun. Arturo (I think) was the manager, he was pleasant and gave good advice. Wallace at the LCDH in Grand Cayman is a cool guy, and it’s a really neat little shop, hardly any seating though. After a quick google it looks like people have pretty mixed opinions but my experience was good.
  3. Smoking a cuban cigar while you make your own knives. That’s badass. Appreciate the review
  4. Thanks for the review. How would you compare this to your experiences with the No. 2?
  5. “I smoke my stogie anywhere I want. I don’t have to find a hideout place like you haha”. A living legend
  6. Bought a box of OMB MAR 17 probably the same day you got these. Really great little smoke. Thanks for the review!
  7. Glad you've recovered! I've gotten to smoke two RGPCs, and enjoyed them both. I've read people compare them to Sancho Panza, but I've yet to try a SP. Do you think they're similar?
  8. Sounds like I'm chasing something pretty elusive haha. I've tried/have a lot of the sticks y'all have mentioned, and the profile they somewhat share is definitely one I enjoy. I'm definitely going to dive into some REs soon. After the smoke clears it'll be easier to stomach $20+/stick, so hopefully it clears soon. Appreciate the recommendations guys! Definitely gonna hunt down some of these that I haven't tried.
  9. I wrote a reply earlier and submitted it but it looks like it got lost. Thanks! I actually have some HDM EDLs in the humidor that’ve been sitting right next to some Upmann 2s for a few months and I’ve yet to try either. I’ll have set some out to try this week. I’ve had Monte 2, 4, Edmundo, PE, MC, and Open Jr. The 2 and the MC are my favorites (and the Junior was my least favorite, of course). What should I try next of the Monte marca?
  10. That’s a fair point, and these aren’t the first two No. 2s I’ve had. It has in the past just been a smooth easy relaxing smoke for me without ever being overpowering and that’s also what I got last night. I really enjoyed the vanilla flavor of the one I smoked a little while back though. Do y’all have any recommendations for cigars that have nice vanilla flavors?
  11. Intro: I was gifted a couple of sticks from this box. I got to smoke one a few weeks ago at the beach and it was one of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked. Great construction, even burn, and an incredible creamy vanilla flavor. It’s the first cigar I’ve smoked with a really poignant vanilla, and I was hoping to get that again out of this stick. DISCLAIMER: This is my first cigar review. I have an intermediate palate, so there’s a pretty good chance I missed out on some intricacies. I hope to hone in my reviewing skills and writing one up seems like a good place to start.
  12. I'm interested in joining as a newbie as well, getting ready to shoot you an email. Looking forward to it!
  13. Hey everyone! Been reading up ( and buying a few 24:24 boxes) for a month or two now and finally have the time to contribute a little more now that I’m at home socially isolating. Been smoking for a few years but just recently got more into CCs. Looking forward to getting to know y’all better.

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