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  1. That is really good steel in the blade. I have a couple of old pocket knives with Sheffield steel. They are easily sharpened and hold an edge well. Would that cutter actually allow you to cut a robusto?
  2. I believe I would rather spend the 55k on a lot of really good cigars and scotch.....and a trip or 5.
  3. I don't know that wine would be strong enough for me. Probably a good stiff drink of scotch or bourbon would pair better.
  4. A "sig 6" sized custom roll from a member here. Was amazing. Has about 2 or 3 years on it and was quite tasty
  5. First off, turn off the news. My "happy place" is usually outside. Whether working in the yard, garden, building something, fishing or just sitting and relaxing I'm most content when outside.
  6. We've had that before. Was very good. We normally drink coffee from a local roastery. Buy the whole beans and grind at home. He's won several awards for his coffees.
  7. WLC

    Home Dry Aged Beef

    I must be getting old. When I was growing up all beef was dry aged. Whole sides were hung for 14-21 days before being butchered. Now we have to pay extra, or do it ourselves at home. I have done a couple of whole rib roasts for 30 days. Makes for some mighty tasty ribeyes.
  8. Never slowed down. We actually built a new house, doing almost all the interior finish work ourselves and a good bit of the other work as well. My wife is a teacher and didnt go into the classroom from march until school started back in mid August 2020. Taught via zoom from home.
  9. For some reason I thought that the rum ration was about 115 proof. Guess I was wrong
  10. Amending my answer. I missed the first pic and only thought there were 2 choices. I definitely like number 3 (which I mistook in my first post as 2) the best. But my statement of whichever one makes the ring pop the most still stands
  11. Flat iron is good. Season to taste with what you like, grill over screaming high heat for just a couple minutes per side. Its real easy to go past med rare, and in my opinion it never needs to go past med rare. Cut against the grain in thin strips.

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