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  1. Have wondered about these. So, not a pepper bomb? May have to break my new rule of no cigars but Cubans. If I may, what vendor did these come from?
  2. Sounds a bit like the US trying to get rid of alcohol use in the early 20th century. That didnt work so well...
  3. That piecaken looks really good, and I don't even like pumpkin pie. Would most likely do some serious damage to it.
  4. That would be a hard no from me too. I drink my whiskey from a mason jar and rest my cigar on the ashtray.
  5. First Thanksgiving in our new house. Our son will be there along with our "adopted " daughter and her soon to be new family. Smoked turkey, ham, dressing and all the usual sides. Doubtful on any cigars being in the picture though. I don't smoke in the house and it's too freaking cold right now to even be able to enjoy a PC outside. Happy Thanksgiving blessings to all.
  6. Unless I smoke in the garage, which I don't really want to do, my cigar smoking is over until spring. Was about 14*f here this morning. Guess that let's me add to the stash and let what I already have age about 6 more months.
  7. Construction with my dad at age 14. Was the official gofor. First proper job was with the US Forest Service. Stayed with them for almost 20 years before we moved up to Alaska.
  8. I started on non cuban cigars but now when I smoke one I realize why I like Cubans so much.
  9. That is really good steel in the blade. I have a couple of old pocket knives with Sheffield steel. They are easily sharpened and hold an edge well. Would that cutter actually allow you to cut a robusto?
  10. I believe I would rather spend the 55k on a lot of really good cigars and scotch.....and a trip or 5.

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