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  1. Interesting. I remember smoking a blunt wrapped with a candela leaf in college. It was pretty smooth...but I can’t remember clearly.
  2. 09 Cuaba Distinguido. Absolutely superb. Can anyone tell me if recent Cuabas are still this good?
  3. It’s not sad. Some of us introverts just need to re-charge after being with other people at work, events, etc. I’ll go to the local B&M and catch up with those guys occasionally. But most times, I just enjoy being alone. It’s like meditation.
  4. Exactly this. You can think of it as an extra 2-3 weeks of aging anyway.
  5. Geez. That’s straight up cigar porn right there!
  6. The majority of the time it’s in the backyard with my dog. I have a longtime friend who will drop by occasionally and we have a smoke to catch up. I’m also part of group of guys that meet up every 2 weeks at the local lake. The group started in the late 80’s and has seen many come and go. I’ve been going for 13 years and we mostly kayak, paddle canoes and fish. The highlight of the day is the food we make on site. Most smoke cannabis and a couple of us smoke cigars. Always a good time.
  7. 08 Boli PC and Sumatra coffee. I wish every day started like this.
  8. Hello all. Looking forward to joining this community and learning all the latest on CCs. My cigar journey started roughly 22 years ago. Funnily enough, my first stick was a fake Cohiba in a Mexican cantina right across the Texas border. I was young, but became intrigued with cigars. I started smoking cheap stuff and eventually my collection got better and better. I met some BOTLs during a herf organized by some members of the site that was once known as "Club Stogie". There, I had my first Cuban -- the Bolivar Corona Gigante (RIP). My mind was blown and down the rabbit hole I went. Fas

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