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  1. Lisa crook? Nah, don't believe it. Probably just testing El P to see how he copes.(or doesn't!) :-D Get well soon Lisa. We miss you. :crying:
  2. Always looked like reefers to me. The eyes gave it away & maybe the difficulty with pronunciation.
  3. Lisa, don't worry about causing offence. We are all grown-ups here (or supposed to be). As the forum rules say, if you can't take humour or a bit of sledging, find another forum. :-)
  4. Partagas Churchill. Currently THE best smoke this side of the black stump.
  5. Happy Birthday, Smithy! Have a good one mate. Rob, don't give up the day job.........
  6. Sir, Could I respectfully request that you include those cigars you would recommend whilst driving a Holden V8 through the suburbs of Melbourne on the way to a footy match with St Kilda? We, that is the Pope & I, are hummungus fans of said automobile & footy team & one day see ourselves doing a Mad Max through the suburbs of Melbourne. He will ofcourse have to shed the mitre for the day, which will cause Him endless grief. He spends hours polishing it you know. Ever yours
  7. I detect some anal retentiveness in this thread. Jeez! We are talking about consumables which we set light to are we not? We smoke them very often in conditions, surroundings & states of inebriation where we couldn't tell the difference between a Swisher Sweet or an Cohiba Siglo VI. Get a life. Move on.
  8. Lise, wise move not mentioning the fire. Might get the git edgy.

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