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  1. Couple recents: Siglo I BUP JUN 2019 HdM Epi2 from 2018
  2. Congrats on the house! Awesome that you get to design your own cigar room!
  3. Very nice review! I am a big fan of Siglo I’s as well
  4. Bolivar Royal Corona PUS MAY 2019 Young box, but have had several excellent examples from it. Unfortunately, this was not one of them. Lacked flavor but great construction.
  5. Couple from last night: JL2- TPO MAY 2019 SCDLH Principe- LGR JUN 2018
  6. Looking forward to some drinks and cigars during the games this weekend. I’m thinking Bucs 27 Wash 17. All the games will be enjoyable, but Ravens/Titans should be a great one. As a 49ers fan, I’m just a spectator (and bettor) this weekend.

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