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  1. Nice selection! I really the Paul Garmirian Anniversary collections and reserva exclusiva, have not yet tried the Soirée though. Saw the 30th anniversary came out recently, would like to give that a shot too. Was thinking about picking up some of the Mil Dias as well, I have liked most of the Crowned Heads blends I have tried. Have you smoked one yet?
  2. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Had a little time before I started the grill, so decided on a quick smoke. Paired it with a mineral water and a pour of Elijah Craig Small Batch. This is probably my 5th from the box, LGR JUN 2018. Not the prettiest of smokes, but other than a tight draw on a few, they have been enjoyable. Not too much going on with the cold draw, mainly some natural tobacco sweetness. This draw was better than some I have pulled from the box, but I still hit it with the PerfecDraw a couple times just to make sure I didn’t have any issues. Very nice opening with some roasted nuttiness, leather and wood. The ash wasn’t winning any competitions, but that is expected with a short/small ring gauge smoke. Lost some of that sweetness that the roasted nuts were bringing, mainly wood and some leather now. Stayed cool til the end and decided to call it around 45 minutes. All and all, a nice short smoke, nothing too complex and doesn’t require much focus. I do think I lean in favor of Partagas shorts over these, but I will keep these in my rotation. 88pts
  3. Sounds like a great morning and looks so peaceful, I’m jealous! Any bites?
  4. Have heard good things about this unique blend of ryes. Been keeping my eyes open for one and finally found it today for just slightly over retail pricing. Excited to give it a try!
  5. Nice review! Sorry to hear it didn’t live up to expectations.

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