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  1. Jealous. I bet that one was great. I think those are like $800+ in SoCal, if found at all.
  2. Been wanting to try the Signet. What did you think of it?
  3. Thanks for the reviews. I have some lanceros resting myself but have yet to dig into them. Based on your descriptions and reading about your experience with them, I thought the scores would have been higher. What were the knocks for the scoring? Thanks!
  4. Partagas E2 Monte 2 BBF RyJ Wide Churchill Trinidad Vigia Siglo II
  5. I think somehow keeping the initials “FOH” would be great. Just rolls off the tongue and have become accustomed to @Elpresidentesaying “Welcome to FOH” at the start of every video. And I personally love the smoking monkey logo and hope that it does not change.
  6. Some gorgeous smokes and excellent reviews to start the year! Thank you @JohnS for all the reviews, really enjoy reading and smoking them vicariously through you. Looking forward to more! Cheers 🍻

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