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  1. Absolutely! I am glad everyone is happy with their shirts and hats! I wanted to be able to provide the same bonus as last order and we were able to swing enough order to do it. Cheers gentlemen, enjoy! 😁
  2. This has been my daily wear since my wife bought it for me as a wedding gift (she is definitely a keeper, even got me my new humidor setup for my most recent birthday). The Speedmaster Professional AKA “The Moon Watch” has been a long time favorite of mine and this watch will always have a special place in my heart. Obviously my wedding was greatest of all memories with this timepiece, but it has been with me through many cherished memories and many more to come! 😁 Definitely planning on passing this one down. Also, the Hoyo de Monterrey was spot on!
  3. I am obsessed with timepieces! Huge passion of mine, been trying to get a collection started! Stunning choices gentlemen!
  4. Honestly I am sorry to hear that! I tried my best to work something out for everyone. I can always send you one of my hats if you want? I order a shirt from both, so I have an extra hat. I would send you the shirt, but my wife stole the other one already 😂 PM me and let me know! 👍
  5. Thank you all for the kind words! I am glad I was able to create something that everyone has enjoyed! Well worth the effort 😁
  6. @Ken Gargett how much age do you generally like on Siglo IVs? I noticed this is a relatively young example in your review, I personally don't let them age too long because I can't control myself 😂! I didn't know if you saw benefits from waiting, and if so, would you let us know?
  7. I agree, the Corona Gorda always seems to hit the spot for me, the Siglo IV has been smoking incredibly for me!
  8. Boveda makes some pretty cool acrylic humidors of different sizes. As for storing them together, I would simply use the lower of the two RHs, so 65 or lower in this case. I am not an expert, but this has worked well for me.
  9. REMINDER: This poll will close on the June 25th! Currently we have 143 votes and I would love to close this out with 200 votes. I am sure there are plenty left out there who have yet to vote! Thank you to all of those who have participated! 😁
  10. The poll now has more than 100 voters! Greatly appreciated, keep it up!
  11. @cdmclements That is a valid point. I thought that most members who haven’t smoked all of these would simply vote for the best of those that they have tried (at a maximum of 5). Personally I have only had 5 of these cigars, and I voted for my top 2 since they were far above the other 3. And I didn’t think that the order was an issue since the closed poll shows the same result, but I see what you are saying! I guess the cat is out of the bag! 😂
  12. @eldude I completely understand! Well hopefully this study (and the prior polls) will help you make a decision on what cigars you will try next!

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