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  1. I’ve got a box of Sir Winston with the code TPO AGO 19 Haven’t had one yet but they look amazing!
  2. I do like watching BR and I’ve even been lucky enough to get some good deals on it. Watching the auction going on right now is crazy.
  3. I had a beetle outbreak in my humidor from a three pack of HdM back in maybe 2005. I’ve stopped freezing new boxes, how about y’all? Do you freeze every box for a couple of days?
  4. We’ve been doing pretty good. We both work from home anyways so it isn’t a huge change. Mostly having kids home from school has been a new challenge but it’s been fun mostly. The hard part is all the social stuff like church, parks, and restaurants being shut down.
  5. I bought the RyJ Tacos on 24:24 even though I’m running out of humidor space. ? Also bought the new pirate LEGO 21322 set this morning and hope to build with kids, but to be clear this one is mine!

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