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  1. Clumsy bugger as I am, my biggest worry would be dropping the cigar in the drink.
  2. Usually yes, I would get a four day weekend. But a few months ago before anyone at work could, I looked ahead and book-ended the 4 days with some annual leave, making it a 7 days off-for-the-price-of-3 weekend. I hope to do virtually nothing, apart from smoke nice cigars, drink nice booze and cook nice dinners. I hope everyone here with some time off gets to do the same
  3. A fairly tough one this week. But I'm not sure if it was a real quote, or just one that's been attributed to someone long enough that it's become 'real'. Still, good luck everyone.
  4. Most of my boxes of Noella, 7th Natural and 7th Reserva are from 2016 and I'm not sure if I'm particularly lucky, but I haven't had a dud yet. I would say definitely open them soon, and see how close to peaking they are for your tastes. I appreciate a lot of guys on this forum really like well-aged cigars and if you are the same, you may even think a bit longer may be needed. All I know is I have to slap the back of my own hand to avoid tearing into a box too frequently.
  5. Not a petit cazadores, but I have had reservas in other formats. The reservas do age really well too, but for some reason I do prefer the regular version. I also have some Bon Chasseurs, which I believe are the same blend as the brown label, but a different wrapper. I hope to see how the develop as they already have a very smooth, creamy finish even though they are brand new.
  6. I had a 5 year old Noella the other day. It seems with a few years on them they start to develop a very creamy finish. Still plenty of strength on it too, which suggests the Tatuaje brown labels are (for me) one of the best NC for aging.
  7. That's exactly what I thought. I know if my local council started the year with a finite store of paint, all the council houses would start off at one end of town looking like a Van Gogh painting and the other end looking like a watercolor painting.
  8. Got mine today and used it as soon as finished work. Really clean cut, and fantastic value for money compared with some of the other more gimmicky knife style cutters out there.
  9. Mmm...a literal monopoly in a communist dictatorship or a plethora of companies in different countries and different M.O's? At least with NC companies if you don't like the product or conduct of one company/individual, you can at least try another.
  10. Although I'm not one for big brand-name stuff (most of my disposable income is spent on tobacco) I think if done correctly some nice packaging can be the 'cherry on top' of a good product. But for obvious reasons, it can't be the main focus. After all, a dog turd in a Tom Ford box is still a dog turd...
  11. Some people seem to love them. (i've never had one TBH) I guess it's just one of those cigars made for a certain market, just not the type of folks who frequent forums like this who take their cigars a bit more seriously than the average golf player. Although I love a New World cigar, that flavour description sounds like 90% of all Dominican Davidoffs I've ever had.
  12. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my Brother (who is a non-smoker) bought me for the first time a cigar based gift. A sampler of JC Newman Quorum. A very budget-friendly sampler, even for UK prices. I stashed them away and just remembered them today and decided to fire one up. Nothing too bad. Pretty bland but not completely off-putting and for the money I could see folks having these as a 'yard' cigar. (And the taste is certainly being helped by the Kopper Kettle bourbon I'm drinking ) So I was wondering what are some of your hits and misses when it comes to cigar gifts
  13. Anecdotally speaking I have seen some 'boutique' new world companies starting to produce lanceros and slightly smaller cigars in general. Hopefully (although it may take several years), as Cuba started to make larger cigars due to the NC trend for 55+RG cigars, the trend will eventually cycle back and we can see smaller ring gauge CC.

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