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  1. I watched about 3/4 of it smoking a cigar (no, not a $500 one..) and to be fair it was a pretty decent conversation ranging from what they would rather spend $500 on and some general cigar based chit-chat. They didn't really talk that much about the cigar they were smoking (It must have been that good) which at least made the video seem more of a podacast and slightly less than the obviously paid advertising it is.
  2. I saw this pop up on my YouTube feed and thought "500 dollars and all I got was a lousy Davidoff..." I know Davidoff are well known for being over priced, but this is just Gurkha levels of stupid surely?
  3. I find gummies to be the least effective of the CBD stuff I've tried. Although it can taste a bit funky, oil is the best way to go. And finding a reputable source is half the battle. Another thing to consider with CBD is the effects are quite subtle and seem to be geared more towards managing mild anxiety and inflammation. So take little and often and over time your body should store up enough to be useful. So managing your expectations in the face of the 'magic cure-all' marketing can be difficult.
  4. Not to be a party pooper, but this reminds me of being a teenager and smoking cigarettes and various 'medicinal' herbs in my bedroom - no matter what methods, or how clever you think you're being, a non smoker will always tell someone's been smoking something. But still, I'll await the results with incredulous interest...
  5. The only security measure I've seen on NC are the serial numbers on high end Padrons. Even then, I'm not sure if it's because they are regularly counterfeited, or if they want to give off the vibe they are so good/popular they may be counterfeited.
  6. Although Rum and cigars are a go-to pairing, I did have a Foursquare barrel strength rum that just blew away any cigar flavours. I guess it's not just flavour matching/contrasting to think about but also body, mouthfeel and strength to consider in a grade A pairing. For a beer pairing I (although definitely biased) feel a real ale is better than a lighter beer. Although a lighter beer seems to work well with lighter pipe tobacco (Virginia/VaPers etc)
  7. I've never seen one, and too be honest, couldn't see why anyone would fake them since they are cheap(ish) and plentiful in most of the US and the local Latin American people who make them are well enough compensated not to bother. The nearest to 'counterfeit' NC cigars you'll see would be the legit ones lifted out the back of a truck in Florida I would have thought? The whole reason for fake CC seem to be the 'forbidden fruit' market in the US and even if someone in Europe wanted a super limited NC there are more than enough folks who know how to ship them problem free online.
  8. Thanks to the Mods for setting it up and to everyone who participated. Credit to Super Dave AKA Bob Einstein for my joke.
  9. Two ladies are walking over a bridge, a little bit drunk. One of the ladies says 'I want to pee off of the bridge like I've seen the men do..' So, she hops up and sits on the rail, and looks over her shoulder. She says to her friend 'I'm going to try to hit that canoe' Her friend says 'that's not a canoe, it's your reflection..'
  10. I've had a few sinus issues since last Feb when I had some kind of virus/'rona (this was before we knew what was going on) and suffered some kind of post nasal drip which led to a scratchy throat and a constant dry cough which has led me to not really 'taste' a lot of cigars, just picking up on mouthfeel and more physical sensations as opposed to distinct aromas/flavours . I found steaming myself out with hot water and vapo-rub has helped a lot. I find myself picking up a lot more nuances in the pharynx/back of the palate when retro-haling. Early days yet, but I'm going to regularly steam myself out every other day for a little while and see how it goes.
  11. Where I'm from in the UK, I'd have more chance getting an audience with the Pope than seeing my GP (and this was the case pre-Covid) So I tend to treat all ailments the same way- equal parts Tea, Sleep and Bourbon. Just like my Dad taught me.
  12. Bovedas + 5L Tupperware boxes = no problems (perfect for a lazy git like me)
  13. Although Monte 4 is one of the best selling CC in the world, I feel Monte 5 is overlooked in comparison. Maybe it's overlooked due to it's size, but Monte 5's seem to have everything people love in a No.4 but more concentrated and turned up to 11.
  14. The only place I've previously seen tonka beans mentioned is as a topping for pipe tobacco in the form of tonquin. Sam Gawith 1792 flake would be a well known example.

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