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  1. Not only pleasing to the eye, it looks very well made. (Not something my generation is used to saying about a lot of things made in Cuba)
  2. Not quite 'on the box', as I have the DVD box-set (remember those?!) but I've been re-watching for the umpteenth time Deadwood.
  3. It looks like instead of a humidor, they were left in a cupboard under a leaky sink.
  4. I bought a box of My Father La Antiguadad robusto as a blind, never-tried-before purchase. (Usually can't go wrong with anything by Pepin) I had one ROTT and it was one of the strongest cigars I've had in ages. Definitely one for the Nicaraguan powerhouse lovers. Can't wait to try another after a little rest.
  5. Well said. The best aged RASS I've had had been the same shade as B.
  6. Think about any mainstream newspaper article about cigars. How wrong was it? If so, how could they get a simple subject so wrong but on the front page completely understand foreign affairs and politics? 🙃
  7. Although I'm usually a beer drinker, I've been dabbling with a little red wine lately. Also I have just bought a bottle of Congnac. A Chateau De Montifaud Napoleon. Thought I needed a change up from the usual Bourbon and Rum. Thought I'd open it up for my Dad's 71st birthday coming up.
  8. In an interview, Pete Johnson said in the 90's, when was still in retail, he used to go down from LA to near the US/Mexico boarder and had a guy that supplied CC. Apparently Pete would open and check as many as he could, keep the best ones and distribute them across a small circle of folks he knew from the cigar shop he worked at. I can imagine similar things still happening across high end cigar circles in LA.
  9. No pic, but I've taken another step towards amassing all the Tatuaje No.7's available in the UK by buying another 25 cab of the Broadleaf reservas There doesn't seem to be any natural No.7's left, so I may have to start searching further afield. I had one of my 4 year old natural wrapper 7's yesterday and it was one of the best cigars I've had in ages.
  10. Maybe you've won the factory's tombola? Contact HSA to find out what you've won!
  11. The Mexican Experiment II's are very nice. Kind of like the Aroma de Cuba by Pepin, but a little more spice and cream.
  12. Wow! I usually have terrible luck with things like this. Thanks a lot everyone!
  13. Partagas Mille Fleur. I bought a box as they were good value for money, and when they arrived they looked a bit 'rustic' to say the least. But to be fair, they smoked really well and had the classic Partagas flavour profile and the box ended up empty a lot quicker than I anticipated.
  14. I think a lot of people get lost/frustrated with the seemingly disjointed narrative where it jumps from one situation to another. I found it helped to imagine it more like movie, which jump-cuts between multiple places.

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