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  1. These work very well : https://www.onlinelabels.com/materials/cigar-labels
  2. Not to be an outlier - because I too am thrilled with the quality of everything I've ever received - but it would be great if there was consistency with how graded boxes are labelled. There is a price difference after all, between PSP, HQ and Clearance. I've ordered PSP boxes and received them with mostly red, but also some with orange stickers. Other PSP/HQ boxes have been received with no stickers. Again, I'm happy, but would be great if the stickers could be consistent!
  3. Madeira..particularly from the Terrantez grape. I've worked through many bottles of H&H 20yr with fine CC's. It's a great pairing. Vintage Port also works well.
  4. Great review! My experience has been that the honeyed element becomes more prominent after 3+ years. At 10 they are sublime. 😎 Is that an infrared patio heater in the background? I've been looking for a heater myself. Have read good things about these electric ones. Much more efficient than NG or propane, or so I've heard. A must have with our cold Canadian winters!
  5. How was it? I have a LGR NOV 17 box and the first two smoked have been less than stellar. I only got brief flashes of the classic Punch spice or peanut flavours. More of a dirty/ammonia profile. 🤢

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