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  1. MOE OCT 14 Choix Supreme. Roasted nuts, soaked in honey: sublime.
  2. SOU-weet! I've received beautiful boxes of Cohiba, HU, Partagas and Trinidad all with this diverse code.
  3. Hi from Vancouver! I've been a member for the past year plus but have been remiss in posting an introduction. I'm 46 and fairly new to cigars, but thanks to FOH have quickly gotten up to speed (too quickly...my poor bank account). A guys trip to Portugal's wine regions a couple years back with a few mates who are avid cigar smokers peaked my interest in the hobby. Port, Madeira and cigars are an ideal pairing. Back in Canada, with less than stellar B&M selections I thought I needed to book a trip to Cuba to have access to the bounty, but then I found you guys! Now Cuba come
  4. The well-packed box arrived at my address this am, and the following trades have since been confirmed with treberty : Takes : 2014 R&J Cazedores 2006 Diplomatico #3 2015 Diplomatico Excelencias 2013 Montecristo #2 2014 Cohiba Siglo VI Puts : 2015 HdM Epicure Especial - EML JUL 15 2007 Partagas Series du Connaisseur No. 3 - TEB OCT 07 2002 LGC MdO No. 4 - OSU JUN 02 2015 Trinidad Vigia - AEM JUL 15 2007 Cohiba Esplendido - PLM JUL 07 Extra Added Stick : 2015 HdM San Juan OLM JUN 15 Plus
  5. He has a good bit on cigars in this Tim Ferris podcast. Skip ahead to 58:00. https://content.production.cdn.art19.com/validation=1618635498,612e7a13-c6cb-56ce-a996-85ef16844ce8,iGZG-gQ6QfCR6PusyQRQdS1Xmp4/episodes/57237382-d25d-4608-a5b8-63afd50fccfd/c679a3455270942ce5d78065225c2437bfe48b75cc9d749b75639083d31b90c0ebb7936b0f6acb3410499cb5430de53493db81120778226f0196caa340a0f26f/The_Tim_Ferriss_Show_-_Bill_Burr.mp3
  6. Hi Moe. It's still laggy as of right now. And getting 502 errors (not 504).
  7. @MoeFOHThe forum has been loading very slowly via both wifi and cell service for me for at least the past ~16 hours. Reloading the page usually works, but lots of lag and 504 errors.
  8. Up 25%. PSP boxes were on 24:24 Feb 3 for $211, with a UTL May 18 box code.
  9. I'm mulling a similar decision. I've read electric/infrared heats surrounding objects, not just the air, unlike natural gas/propane. I'm curious to hear from folks who have the infrared, and whether it's sufficient.
  10. These work very well : https://www.onlinelabels.com/materials/cigar-labels
  11. Not to be an outlier - because I too am thrilled with the quality of everything I've ever received - but it would be great if there was consistency with how graded boxes are labelled. There is a price difference after all, between PSP, HQ and Clearance. I've ordered PSP boxes and received them with mostly red, but also some with orange stickers. Other PSP/HQ boxes have been received with no stickers. Again, I'm happy, but would be great if the stickers could be consistent!

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