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  1. Riding out Typhoon In-Fa in Shanghai. To encourage your recovery, I poured a glass of Buffalo Trace and set fire to a nice Bolivar Royal Corona from our gracious host. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jim.
  2. Bolivar RC and Juan Lopez Seleccion no. 2 are at the top my list that starts with RASS and PSD4.
  3. What a great post. Recognize every one of those items. The transistor radio, bag phone and reel to reel tape deck really take me back!
  4. VP Manufacturing for AP and European production of intermediate chemicals and nylon polymers. Based in Shanghai for the past 10 years. Roughly 2000 CC, no NC. Prior to 2019, most of my sourcing was from Europe. After discovering FOH, I’ve been sourcing almost exclusively from our host.
  5. Happy Birthday. Great choices for your birthday smoke. I’ll be looking for a box of the HQ SOU D4 tomorrow. Missed the PSP today. Here’s hoping there are two boxes we both have good luck in the carts tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. To each his own. Generally nothing above 50rg for me. The only exception is the HU Mag 54. Those are delicious cigars, so I put up with the large ring.
  7. I haven’t found any better or more complete source than what our host provides. Outside AUS, prices are good too. I know 24:24 has been a bit of a ‘feeding frenzy’ the last few months, but patience and persistence pays off. To be honest, the selection on this site (with some highly sought after marcas and vitolas being the exception) continues to be good. Glad to hear you’ve sorted your storage situation and are now able to buy boxes and get your aging program started!
  8. Heart performed this version live at The Kennedy Center Honors in 2013. Jason Bonham was on the drum kit. Look for it online. Great cover of LZ’s original.
  9. These are 2 hours of pure pleasure for me. From your posts, I believe you are also a “slow smoker”. So find yourself 2 hours of interrupted time to just revel in the pleasure of a beautifully hand-crafted Cuban cigar. In this busy world that we live in, finding a couple hours of relaxation is a blessing.
  10. You won’t regret this purchase. Outstanding cigar. I’m looking forward to your review of this wonderful stick. My prediction, once you taste the flavors and transitions of this cigar, you’ll be “hunting them down” on 24:24.
  11. For me, it varies so much with the size/vitola. Having said that, I generally enjoy the flavors at the end of the second third through the final third.

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