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  1. I agree, sure looks like mold to me. However only one seems to show mold around the foot; the others are at the head of the cigar. If it’s not in the tobacco at the foot, I would wipe it off before putting the sticks in the humidor and not worry about it... but that’s me, others may disagree. I’m sure not much disagreement on any sign of mold in the filler - pitch the stick.
  2. There they are! That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Beautiful BRC... top of my rotation.
  3. Hi Nino. House of Blues is still open and going strong. Mr. Lin is there and so is the humidor! If you come back to Shanghai when travel lanes reopen, please let me know. My wife and I would love to meet you and show you the town now. So much has changed.
  4. Hi Nino, you’ll be sorry to learn Zapatas in Shanghai closed in December 2018. I’ve lived in Shanghai for the past 10 years and Zapatas was a favorite spot Of mine, as well. The companion club, Sasha’s (same owner) closed at the same time.
  5. Love the 5th grade ‘wood burning kit’ cigar coffin. Really sets off the vitola.
  6. What a find. ROTFL after reading your thought process if someone stabbed you with the mother of pearl scissors. Arizona at the turn of the 19th century. Just brilliant!
  7. I enjoy them at 3+ years. I haven’t been able to find much redeeming in them any younger than that. To be fair, the aged sticks for me aren’t always caramel bombs. Sometimes I get that profile and sometimes it’s just a nice aged Cuban tobacco flavor - not complex and one dimensional, but still tasty. Smoking them slowly keeps the tobacco cool and helps pull out the creaminess and caramel flavor. I’m a slow smoker anyway, but even slower on a Mareva like PLPC. Typically, I get 70 minutes smoking time to the nub.
  8. In questa occasione, vi auguro una vita sana e prospera avanti. Buon Compleanno !! compagno Di!
  9. For me, hands down, it’s LCDH The Hague. Haven’t been there in over a year because COVID has stopped my travel back to Europe from China. But whenever I am in the Netherlands, Brian’s LCDH is where you’ll find me. Great selection of CC, chocolates handmade by his wife and a great bunch of BOTL and SOTL with whom to enjoy a cigar and a conversation.
  10. I I’m with you on this one. Cigars are my relaxation, enjoyment and de-stresser. So I try not to complicate it too much - that’s just me, certainly not for everyone. To smbauerlic’s original question, several years ago I did attempt to keep an inventory of my stock; used Cigar Scanner, CCW’s feature, etc. Eventually it became too much of a chore for me and I lost interest in keeping it up. My system for the past 4 years is a simple one. I keep an inventory of boxes in several coolidors, sorted by year of manufacture. Most of the stock is from 2017 forward - I don’t b
  11. Perfect weekend weather in Shanghai, temps in the low 30’s, relatively good air quality and light winds. Time to enjoy some fine CC and the weekend lineup is cast... 2018 H. Upmann Sir Winston this evening after dinner, 2019 BRC tomorrow afternoon finished off with a 2019 HU Mag 46 tomorrow evening while watching the F1 race with my mates at a cigar lounge at 21:00 my local time.
  12. 2020 RASS. Dessert in a cigar. Huge smoke output, long finish, just perfect.
  13. I have sampled them ROTT when shipping time from AUS to CHN is relatively short (currently running less than 2 weeks) and the cigar is too attractive to pass up. With only a few exceptions, it’s a disappointing experience, LoL. Generally I stick to a minimum of 90 days in my humidor to acclimatize the cigars. The vast majority of my new arrivals are going into long-term storage, so after trying one at 90 days, it’s close the box and let ‘em rest for several years.
  14. That’s a tough one. Like most of the responses, my regular rotation shifts around depending on the season; sometimes just to bring variety to what I’m smoking. At the moment, I am most often reaching BRC, RASS and PSD4.
  15. I agree. Great quality and a great concept. Bought one for me and my wife. She gets more compliments on the shirt than me, hmmm. Wonder what that’s all about? 🤣
  16. That’s great news Di. A year is too long to miss seeing your son. Have a great visit. I agree with Fezztone, this is one of the best posts on FOH!
  17. My first Cuban cigar was the HdM Epicure No. 2. I loved it, had never tasted anything like it before and never looked back after smoking it. No doubt, it’s a mild cigar, but it displays the uniqueness and quality of good Vuelta Abajo tobacco. Moreover, the construction is usually very good, it smokes young very well and the nic hit won’t turn a novice smoker green.
  18. RASS, Bolivar RC, VR Famosos and SLR Regios (good Cuban tobacco flavor in a milder smoke).
  19. Most of the time in my hand. I too can’t hold it in my mouth for the reasons already mentioned. The only time it goes to the ashtray is for ashing or if I need to leave it for a while to do something away from my smoking spot.
  20. Thanks for pointing that out. When I checked CCW this morning, I didn’t notice the lettering of HABANA below. I need to upgrade my bifocals, LOL.
  21. Ah, so simple. So we come back to the Standard A band being slightly different than typical. Did diplomatic cigars often have a unique style of the Standard band to distinguish them? Would seem logical to me if that were the case.
  22. I agree, the bands don’t match the Standard A band of 1969, which was on embossed paper with no writing on the band other than Cohiba. I can’t speak to whether the bands from that era on diplomatic presentation cigars were different than the Standard A band - perhaps? Also as I looked closer at the sticker on the inside of the lid on the varnished boite nature box, it refers to the cigars as 50 Coronas Especiales. The dress box is labeled as Lanceros. Hmmmm.

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