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  1. There are slightly different aspects to this question: when is a cigar enjoyable, and when is it optimal. 4-6 years may be optimal for most, but when building a collection from scratch it's not an option. So the question is what can you smoke and still get the essence of the cigar. My personal experience: - If cigars have < 45-60 days rest in your possession, there's a non trivial chance it won't be enjoyable. Can be bland, or taste of gasoline/chemicals. Not all by any means, but a heightened risk in this stage. Too much risk for my taste. - With > 60 days rest, almost
  2. They've run loose for me, anywhere from mildly to very. Have had them give 60 mins of tasteless smoke, very fast for the vitola. But when they're on they're great.
  3. Very cool. When do you intend to crack them open, or are you already in? Will be a great Year of the Robusto.
  4. Let me put it slightly differently: a perhaps pointless thought experiment. Suppose there were never an embargo. What would we expect of Cuba's long run GDP? Every high performing country in LA is a former or current US, UK, or Dutch dependency. Almost all French and Spanish colonies struggle to this day. The best of the bunch are Uruguay, Panama, Venezuela, and Chile, about $15-16k per person. Now the latter three have major geographical/resource endowments by random luck that Cuba doesn't. Uruguay is a mystery but probably related that it has been quite stable politically since the 198
  5. It is hard to get a sense of how well Cuba would be doing without the embargo, for which I have no love or defense. For what it is worth the World Bank estimates cuban GDP per capita at about $8800 in 2018, close to the median of Latin American countries, just below Argentina, similar to Mexico and DR, and far above Nicaragua and Honduras. To stay on topic, that's a decent amount of chickens per person. Would that be greater without the embargo? Possibly, but the fundamental constraint is that it is a resource poor country. Regardless, how they distribute that $8800 per person (if the WB
  6. Was an untenured professor writing my 1st book, smoked a lot of NC's in the process. Went to the UK to give some talks on it. Stopped in a tobacco shop in London to buy a few CCs. No idea what I was looking at -- what were all these marcas and vitolas about? Got various Punch, Partagas etc because I'd heard of them. Was scandalized by the prices -- £12 for a punch punch if memory serves, Cohibas were out of my league in those days. This was 2009. That's London shops for you. I dutifully removed the bands at Heathrow and stowed them away in a desktop humi for a special occasion. Said occa
  7. Have to admit I am always a bit confused by Habanos's classification of "strength." It conflates 3 really different things: - Body - Flavor strength - Flavor clarity To me, "body" is basically the nicotine content. IME habanos are generally not strong in this sense (full bodied) relative to NC's, and variation within cuban marca is as large as variation between marcas. Can even be significant between different sticks in the same vitola of one marca. I've had R&J churchills that almost made me hiccup, but most not. Flavor strength is just whether you are tasting
  8. Are either of you experiencing production issues in the R&J? For 2018-19 I am running about 1/4 to 1/3 plugged or with wrappers that go sideways in the 2nd half.
  9. This is my favorite vitola. I love them all, at their best they are all 93-94++ point smokes for me. If I had to rank: 1. HUSW. For my money the best cigar out of Cuba. Just perfect. 2. Espy. Fantastic, but the value quotient is weak. They are so bloody expensive. 3. Lusi. Love the red pepper and flat cream profile. 4. Hoyo DC. Vanilla, cake donuts, and cream. Lighter bodied for me but the flavor is well defined and on point. 5. RyJ churchill. So good when it's on. But the least consistent of the bunch. 6. RAG. Has the classic RA profile but an element of bisc
  10. Driftwood, which seems to be present especially in many (not all) Monte 2's. But the worst is the bitterness I get when an ash plug is forming.
  11. Another SW data point: MOL JUL 19. Not sure what MOL is/was, but I am sure they did great work
  12. As someone who follows social distance and masking guidelines fairly carefully: I admit I share some of the skepticism. We don't really know what effect interventions like this have at population scale. For all the cases of "Place X did intervention Y so we can see how that intervention works" there is enormous variance we cannot explain. It does not help that following the policy recommendations is sometimes presented as a matter of settled science, or worse of personal moral worth -- of an individual, a group, or a whole nation. If all this were true, I have a hard time understanding w
  13. Another Hoyo del Rio Seco, ENE 19. Great with coffee and sunshine.
  14. That is really a shame and I hope people are ok or as ok as possible. What % of tobacco for this year's cigars comes from this year's growth? Are they able to smooth out the effect over a few years or will it translate 1:1 into this year's cigar production?

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