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  1. Yep, exactly. In fact quite an old mb which you can probably pick up for about 10 grand on carsales in decent condition.
  2. Maybe people jaws will start to ache too much ?. But in reality this is a result of cigars becoming more novel. Possibly more people who don't know much about cigars are buying them more. We can never predict trends, specially into the far future but we will have to see. Irrelevant side note: I tend to compare the move away from longer skinny vitolas to fatter ones like how SUVs are becoming more popular than the traditional sedan in the car market. The two shifts in popularity seems very similar for some reason.
  3. Truly one of the classics. They must have been making this cigar for over 150 years before they discontinued it. Truly a shame that they did.
  4. Perhaps the Cohiba 60 Annerversario humidor? Only 50 made. Not sure how many each in humidor. Only cuban i know with 60 rg too.
  5. At the end of the day these politicians are just virtue signalling and these 'public health advocates' as just whining like babies because it's their job to follow the anti-tobacco narrative. If these 'public health advocates' dare defend any sector of the tobacco industry, they will be shut down by all the other 'public health advocates'.
  6. That's a shame considering the appeal of this cigar and the MDO series in general. Perhaps the could have been some flavour value out of this cigar? If not than that would definitely be very disappointing.
  7. If it helps la casa del tabaco knokke Belgium sells cuban davidoffs. They do not auction them.
  8. My question is why do they even bother with the stamps and seals and everything. As if the clear top isn't bad enough. Perhaps to make it look nicer?
  9. i hate to be that guy but it looks like something else for women's personal use. ?
  10. When is this going to end? At least most of them stop at 52/54 and not 56/58
  11. It's a shame. These big tobacco companies like PMUSA and Imperial give no shits about the premium cigar industry. They couldn't be bothered to hold onto these brands and invest into them just a bit more.
  12. Pitched - An overly young HUHC (don't know box code as i got in a tin) Nubbed - A Partagas Mille Fleur from 2018
  13. The condition of the box is decent so i assume its probably been tucked away in some humidor or other sort of shelf for 50/60 years.
  14. Nevermind I reliased it has a spanish tax stamp
  15. Probably for the American market selection as I believe that the pencil marking (lll, light, light, light) and the claro wrappers were sold in that market, whilst the English Market Selection used darker wrappers.
  16. Ik it's a shame, luckily this is the last year of it. How come overseas residents don't need to pay the duty even though the cigars are here in AUS? Just wondering...
  17. Fan of rare standard production CCs. Live in Australia so they are expensive as hell. Love smoking with my mates. Want to try vintage/discontinued cigars. Don't have a lot of money to spend on CCs
  18. Why do Australian residents have to pay much more than international residents?

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