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  1. I watched a thing on this, IIRC its something to do with the national retirement plan they have, something about it required them to have a corporate backing in the US.
  2. To my knowledge, the main things China imports from Australia are Coal and Iron ore arent they? Even then China from my understanding pretty much controls/owns the Australian government.
  3. When Cuba allied itself with Russia and China didn't they consider that as an issue? Why cant they just take a loan out backed by Chinese banks? China has the capacity to make virtually anything they would need. I don't see why it should be such a big hindrance.
  4. Historically speaking, this has always been Chinas prerogative. One way trade is the norm for china. They export to you, and import as little as possible.
  5. I love how even though cuba is only prevented from trading with the US(and can trade with literally any other country) they call it a blockade. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no ring of ships surrounding Cuba preventing non-US countries from trading with them, correct?
  6. Its interesting, cuban filler but sumatra wrapper. I wonder what that tastes like!
  7. I as well, i've had my dog Lucy since I was twelve years old. She's 17 now. Hoping I get a few years yet, as she is in good health but I literally have lived more of my life with this dog, then without!
  8. I'm sorry for your loss. Todays evening smoke will be for Tabitha!
  9. A Partagas Serie D No.5. I love shorter/petit robustos. A little bit of a rough start as it was too tight to draw, but after using my draw tool a bit got it going perfectly pairing with a dram of Blantons Single Barrel.
  10. Delicious RyJ on this beautiful spring day. Look at that gorgeous oily rosado wrapper. Delightful.
  11. Interesting to see things from the viewpoint of the old "Boston Blue Blood" type in modern time lol. For me a cigar is a luxury every man can afford. I have a hard time relating with "Ivy League" types though I find myself working with them more and more often as my career advances. Suppose its good to get a peak inside the head of people hailing from such lofty heights from time to time.
  12. As a person with a similarly unfortunate last name, i feel for the guy LOL! Beautiful wood work though.
  13. It would be very hard i imagine to run a business that operates in a socialist country like Cuba that makes top down decisions in this manner!
  14. Sorry for the loss... it is hard to lose a loved one, especially during the holidays.
  15. I plan to wait for two reasons, to see the data, and also to ensure that more at risk people then myself get it. I am very blessed to have a living wage job I can do from home, and while I do get quite bored being home all the time, i am safe and uh a bit fatter. lol.
  16. Ending my Thanksgiving vacation on a high note, illusione Haut 10 toro!
  17. B. I have had better experiences with the lighter wrappers.
  18. Depends! Very few I know smoke cigars. For some who do and are knowledgeable, I tell them anything there is more then one of. For people who are newer/less knowledgeable, i ask questions and will make suggestions within a range.
  19. He lives roughly 40 miles south of me i believe so we are in roughly the same climate! In the winter it gets down sometimes to 20 degrees during the evening/night where i'm at, but a temp of 30-40 is more average during the coldest times. 40-50 day time temps is common in the winter here. 40-60 during autumn. Night *can* get a lot colder if its clear skies, but this is WA so its usually not LOL!
  20. I may just go with this solution. the KISS principle has always served me well.
  21. I had a kerosene heater for a long time, but its not great with cigars as it smells like your sat behind a large Diesel truck. If you like that smell its probably great though lol.
  22. Illusione Singulare Kadosh. Tasty little petit robusto/Rothschild sized cigar.
  23. So with the Autumn setting in, and winter on the horizon, I figured it was time to do some research on a good Patio heater. Every year I suffer in the cold or pass up on smoking due to my personal sensitivity to the cold. So last year, I bought one of these: Thing is absolute rubbish. Its hard to start(Have to press down firmly on the dial for 5 minutes!) and Incredibly sensitive to fuel quality. When the propane fuel is of a quality it doesn't like, it makes a terrifying loud "WHOOOOMP" sound and then begins burning in a very abnormal fashion before going out and refusing to start again until its completely cooled down. Needless to say, I will not be suffering with this thing another winter and do not endorse it! With that out of the way, Do you all have any recommendations on a suitable patio heater? Ideally one which puts out a large amount of heat so that i am genuinely warm, and which is easy to start! No 5 minute purge cycle requiring me to hold my hand on a stiff dial, or any other garbage like that. Should be like a barbecue, turn, click, on!
  24. HDM Petit robusto! TSM MAR 2018. Tastes the way honey smells!

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