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    Traveling, Cuban Cigars,Single Malt, Wine and a good company to enjoy it all

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  1. RA Gigantes OER FEB20 HQ from our host first one from this box and I hope most of them will be like this one easy 94 points now
  2. P2 TUA OCT20 from our host I love good P2 and all 19-20 boxes i had were brilliant Cuaba Distinguidos
  3. Punch Punch RJ Churchill Dip2 Partagas P2 and D4 Trinidad Coloniales and Esmeralda no doubt RASS was fantastic fresh
  4. EGT ENE20 clearance box from our host I have enjoyed it, but as I remember UGO boxes from 18-19 were much better
  5. Monte 1 ESL ABR19 one of my favourite smokes
  6. This one was first one from this box, I am not going to touch this box until July 2023. This one had great construction and even burn, but flavours were very heavy and earthy/leathery, I would say unpleasant.

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