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  1. Should be a blast. Can’t wait to go 0-5 but maybe their is 0.5% chance of getting 1 correct or at least in the ballpark
  2. Would like to think my colts are a lock but not sure about wentz ( he might be bad luck, no pun intended miss the real Luck) lock Titans and Bengals parlay
  3. Couple of cigars over the holiday weekend BRC sat morn Epi 2 for the F1 qualifying P2 sat night vigia Monday
  4. Really enjoy the Z 23 neat and in mojitos, just bought the XO 2 weeks ago for this weekend and will have to try it with a D4
  5. PD4 been lucky multiple boxes or 1/2 boxes, been couple years since a dud. BUM MAR 15, EBM AGO 17 psp/hq, UAO JUL 19 JL2 TRU SEP19 HQ RJ wide church ARS FEB 19 Trin colonial GLE ENE 20 CoRo multiple 1/4 box lots but all 19 or 20
  6. Listen to Barstool sports on and off. Enjoy the pizza reviews (sometimes a bit too much with the reviews). But one of my relatives sent me note about his review last week for Defazios (opened back in the 50’s, pizza a lot later) It brought me back to days of walking half a block to get the fresh sausage & pecorino for sauce for my mom, grandmother or aunts. Miss the clam steams in backyard watching the old men playing bocce and smoking cigars all day and night. Whole neighborhood was from what seemed like either Calabria or Naples. Had to make some homemade pizza today.
  7. poker game tonight (with drinks/cigars of course), EPL starts early game lets go Leeds - give ManU loss right off the bat. probably move tv on porch to watch with a pint & cigar only 7:30am start time. dinner with friends sat night. watch City beat Spurs to begin another trophy winning campaign.
  8. CoRo EBO JUN 20 (BCCRW) the other pic was way too fuzzy to post
  9. Was a little leery going with the CoRo after the disaster sat night with the Parti Mad #1. Sun night was another very humid evening but after some nice tomahawk pork chops on grill, figured couple of mojitos and CoRo would be good. Aroma was sweet tobacco, hay, citrus and faint smell of expresso Cold draw hay/grassy (although not sure when I ate hay), expresso Lit easily enough, so that was already much better than PDM . First third - very smooth almost sweet expresso and then dry hay/wood. I really enjoy the aroma off the CoRo - cedar/sweet tobacco, some citrus 2nd
  10. Funny reading this after pitching a parti maduro 1 last night after first third. I want to relax and not make it feel like work. Do enough of the latter all week. Only pitched a couple of CCs in last yr, few more of the NC kind. Don’t mind wrapper cracking issues,etc as long at the taste is there. Or one minor touch up, but not going to relight every 5 minutes.

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