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  1. JL2 Oct19. Nice afternoon, getting some training completed.
  2. agreed and they could have scored another also, but that call was terrible. De bruyne is back on his game and just the right time. hopefully rest of team is not going backwards now!!!
  3. Last night awesome D4 BUM MAR 15 watching replay of the Man City v Dortmund game. Nice pint of Guinness to go with it. City got lucky but I will take it. The game almost ruined a fantastic D4. It was first from this box and wish they were all this good.
  4. monte leyenda fri night - perfect burn and taste Sat afternoon JL2 for Whyte vs Povetkin heavyweight fight - they were throwing some bombs. Sat night for big MMA title fight - that needed another heavy hitter Lusi and boy they just do not disappoint.
  5. 2 sweet looking boxes arrived today. top quality from our hosts.
  6. Mostly email, although did speak once before he started my cab. He has always responded to emails- might be a day or two later. Units are better than pics show. Quality was tops.
  7. I recvd my 2k end of oct (went on Matt’s recommendation) and have 2 sets of the canisters Yes to distilled and they are easy to access since shelves come all way out on the glides. After break in of 2 weeks unit was steady and filled it up. Added just a little more water but could have gone without adding. Very pleased and would buy again from Matt.
  8. LOL - - what annoys them the most - getting excited like its xmas when seeing the box at door, the ritual of unpacking, smelling, laying out for pics, admiring them, posting pics, then deciding where they belong in the humidor?? (we never bring up price!)
  9. Guess u can tell by my tag line. My first buddy was a rock solid 80lb male boxer. Wife did not want another dog that big so we went with a female boxer (first time with a female boxer). Got her as a pup this fall and it seems she is just as strong (now 7 months old)
  10. Siglo IV LME DIC19 psp with tequila old fashioned. The puppy wanted to share in the fun.
  11. BBF are outstanding. my HQ box couple weeks ago awesome, so you your PSP box cant imagine - jealous I missed out. enjoy.
  12. JL1 last night and tonight Edmundo for the FOH poker game. finally nice weather!!
  13. cab of psp RASS arrived today. probably will try at lease one this weekend if weather stays nice. still might pick of another box on weekend 24:24 they smell that good!!
  14. About 6 weeks from beginning of Jan -feb due to cracked rib. It was too cold anyway but could have gone to the pub. Between not relaxing with a cigar and not beating able to work out, was a “little grouchy”. Still can’t work out yet but started up again with RyJ No4. Still testy but not as bad. It’s finally getting warmer around here.

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