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  1. Which type of deadly snake is that? Hate to run into him. Is there any animals over there not dangerous. I bet even the FoH mascot is nefarious.
  2. Thanks - I enjoy making the cioppino. It’s a lot of work but we’ll worth it!!!!
  3. Need a relaxing cigar before cooking rest of New Years Eve dinner Aroma - cedar, cream and sweet tobacco Draw - can taste the cream and tobacco First third - more of the same creamy, cedar and sweet tobacco, hint of spice Second - faint cherry tartness coming on Last third - cedar and spice, never got a full taste of cherry just a bit, almost 90 min, could have drawn it out longer but had to start the food. Solid 92, this box has been good.
  4. After watching the champagne master class back in nov, decided to push the envelope and expand our tasting. So bought a few diff vintage Champagnes for the wife for xmas (nothing crazy since the bottle lasts only a couple hours and box of cigars can last years - can’t equate the two - right??). Maybe FOH should start selling Champagne and the wife won’t know if the box is for her or me!!! For New Years eve!!! Aroma - leather, earth, cedar and floral/tobacco Draw - everything about this is going to be good First third - aroma getting a floral, taste slight spice with sweet finish Getting wood with maybe nutty/salty, creme cake Not getting much change except for a little very light spice drifting in & out, no complaints - don’t need the flavor to change! 2 hrs 30 min pure joy with good champagne watching New Year’s Eve special, even the rain was relaxing (wind wasn’t blowing so no problem on the porch). It was going to be the Lusi or Sir Win, could not have picked wrong but damn it was 95-96. Guess will have to pair good cigars with good champagne now as an option.
  5. Punch 898 PCC Regional - 2021 Xmas sampler 1/2/22 Aroma leather, cedar, earth Draw - sweet tobacco, cedar, peanut First third - salty peanuts, wood and maybe a little coffee. A lot of smoke and aroma is very pleasing. Salty peanuts disappeared and some bitter coffee flavor came in. bland rest of the first third The bitter coffee was only flavor rest of the cigar. Really wish the salty peanuts, cedar and wood flavor kept and this would have been excellent. I have a box of these from ’19 think will keep them hidden for a while longer.
  6. Partagàs P2 - 2021 Xmas sampler First cigar of the new year!!! Aroma- leather wood earth Draw - little light, bready, earth, forest/wood First third- sweet & salty spice , earth and mushroom Second third - sweetness drops a bit, tasting coffee and cinnamon. Last third - more bread, maybe almond danish and some cinnamon Just an overall good taste.
  7. Punch Punch - 2021 xmas sampler. lit this one yesterday. 12/16/21 A lot of cedar/wood and tobacco aroma. Draw was on point. After lighting, more cedar/wood/tobacco and now a sweet cream taste appearing. Next third, cedar remained up front but getting a sweet spice flavor. another 20+ min getting diff spice now creamy bbq sauce and wood which stays to end. I have had mixed results with Punch last couple years, but this was a good one 90.
  8. Hope everyone had a healthy, safe and enjoyable New Years
  9. My New Year’s Eve cioppino (this yr I scrubbed the shellfish night before since it was going to be warm and wanted to get a cigar or two in during day) monte 4 early in day, RyJ wide church in afternoon and nice Lusi after dinner with champagne on deck. Unbelievably warm even with the rain at night.
  10. Nice have to try that on the grill. I usually get it at restaurant when it’s the special (mostly grilled) but never tried it that way at home.
  11. Soak in salt water for 3-4 and then low and slow in oven. Not sure if they used to marinate overnight or not. I know they used to soak the eel and cod (I cheat and use fresh cod now) in the bathtub over night. Yes tomato paste. Will do my cioppino for New Year’s Eve.
  12. Mix of peppers including Calabrian peppers, onions, very thin sliced garlic, extra virgin OO, white wine and just a little paste. Touch of red pepper and fresh basil. 2nd time trying to make it and think I came very close to my great aunt’s taste. Wish I had them write down the recipes (grandmother and her sisters), no one wrote them down it was all by taste and feel. It was one of many Xmas eve fish/fresh pasta dishes during my childhood.

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