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  1. xmas sampler arrived today. going to be tough to wait until dec - too cold at that time of year.
  2. my pack arrived today- pretty pretty nice !!! if I don't look at them until Dec, guess it will have to be xmas in the spring. don't want to run rush these in freezing temps - LOL
  3. New member of the family- she is 9 weeks. Guess I will need to stock up on petit Coronas if she will let me or I can stay awake LOL.
  4. This was the first one that happened to. Been through a couple of boxes and they are pretty reliable in morning or on vacation. Hope the rest of these are more like what I am used to.
  5. Have 5 and waiting for touch more rest but might run out of nice weather then it’s not until spring but sounds tempting. Good review.
  6. I cannot keep them that long. I break down and dig in. Waiting on PCC aged From 15 so that will give me a chance to try. But agreed new a couple of extra boxes.
  7. It stinks with no fans. Can you imagine how the fans would have been going nuts at Villa and Leeds! Can’t believe where Man City and ManU sit in table. Finally bounces go against Liverpool but their def has been shaky at best anyway.
  8. I have found the vigia and topes pretty good young
  9. HQ from 24:24 had to try one before the colder weather Pleasant Sunday afternoon watching Villa destroy Liverpool- unbelievable, at least Man City doesn’t fall further behind but Everton and Villa top unreal. Then watching my colts vs bears. Aroma- cedar, sweet tobacco, floral Draw, light and salty, nutty, leather 1st - nutty, fruit, chocolate, still floral aroma 2nd - nuts, bread/biscuit, fruity 3rd - sweet bread, honey, wood, Nice 2hr+, mild to medium. Should have grabbed a box, will be on lookout now and will rest until spring. 90/91
  10. Partagas D4 ARP SEP 19 (47+RW) Aroma - bread,leather, cedar Draw - slight 1st third - salty, spice,nutty Draw is tight, aroma lit just love it 2nd - spice gone, cream, like whipped cream sundae with nuts 3rd - more of the same 95, just never lets me down
  11. HDM Epi no.2 ABR 19 (PSP/HQ from 24;24) Aroma - cedar, wood, coffee Draw - just right, cedar, stronger coffee 1st - almost burnt expresso, spice 2nd - add cream to the expresso, baking spices 3rd - cedar creeping in, more cream with expresso, baking spices just barely Burn was a tad off 90/91
  12. Chilly morning with Epi No.2 and watching Man City. Hopefully they can play def today.

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