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  1. Finally temp under 90. Enjoying tope on deck knocking out some training videos during lunch.
  2. Zacapa 23 is my favorite followed by Plantation XO as reasonably priced sipping. Was not a fan of Appleton 21 which was a recommendation.
  3. Nice epi and coffee watching F1 qualifying
  4. Was lucky enough to meet him during 2017 Sr PGA championship. He was a character talking to us as he walked from hole to hole. Langer was another pretty cool player. During a weather break - high winds, no kidding he was talking to a group of us. My son asked him if this ever happened to him before and he made a crack about the officials that had everyone almost rolling on the ground. After the 45 min delay he gets up to the tee (one of the longest holes) takes 2 practice swings and drives a rope right over the water perfect spot. He went on to win, think Jimenez came in 3rd.
  5. from tubos day. love the Trini & Partagas tubes - pretty slick.
  6. Bourbon strawberry ice tea cocktail. Normally like my bourbon neat but 95 out and only way wife likes bourbon!
  7. Agreed - absolutely love them. Have to get ahold and try the fundies and sure that will blow another hole in the pocket.

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