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  1. Well that was 75 minutes of torture and then in about 6 minutes celebration. Still wanted Champions League this year. Now with Haaland no excuses for Pep. GO CITY!!!!!
  2. BBF w/Woodford double oak. Had to add a cube since it was so humid.
  3. Met Hamlet at local shop event here in Va couple weeks ago. Great time and lots of laughs.
  4. Illusione Epernay , Oliva serie V melanio, Foundation Wise Man both flavors, plasencia
  5. Getting sweet cream/tobacco and some cedar aroma. Wrapper color looked like it was dipped in water. Warm and humid Sunday afternoon, waiting for the downpour. Figure light bodied cigar and nice refreshing gin & tonic. Lit easy enough and draw was open. Flavors were sweet cream & tobacco, maybe a little nuts. burn was sharp and even. Not much change in 2nd third but image popped into head and maybe because I was watching baseball. Getting a lot of smoke and just tasted like chewing tobacco (when we were kids early teens/high school because the pro’s did it!!!). all of our mothers yelling at us trying to get the tobacco stains out of our uniforms - LOL. Guess none really thought about how healthy it was. So it was a walk back in time. Forgot what the Epi really tasted like not much changed but not a bad thing.
  6. Thanks for the laugh about Elaine - have to clean up ash all over the place. If my worst problem the next few yrs is how to ration out my CoRo, Sig 3 and Espy (both under 10), then I really don’t have any problems. Will mix in more NC in case I don’t see “value” anymore.
  7. Might have to start alternating. Neither were anything to write home about
  8. I was wondering where the email was for tonight. It’s been awhile since I have been able to play but work project was taking up Thurs night. Hopefully you are able to keep it going
  9. Pretty cool especially since I am originally from upstate NY right outside Albany.
  10. My fav robusto has always been the D4 and RASS. That all changed about 3-4 yrs ago. Had a couple of CoRo. They just seemed to be on another level. Now the CoRo is in top 3 with Lusi & Sir Win. Kicking myself for not getting more when had the chance. Just over a box left and going to ration these. Aroma was sweet tobacco, hay, citrus and faint smell of expresso Cold draw hay/grass, expresso, shortbread cookie Nice warm night so no need to rush this. First third - very smooth almost sweet expresso and then dry hay/wood. - cedar/sweet tobacco, some citrus 2nd and last third - sweet expresso still there w/cream, orange citrus (reminds me of valcencia - in season now and so fresh OJ everyday ) getting more of the shortbread cookie - wife made orange/cranberry biscotti for Easter & Easter bread (which is a sweet tasting bread). So it was prob a mix of those to flavors Not a lot of transitional flavors but the ones I get don’t need them to change. The CoRo has been always been spot on, taste, burn. Solid 94 - I get these!!!!
  11. Last night 8yr old D4 and it was pretty pretty good.
  12. Little chilly for weekend, yard work sat, good MMA card sat night - fights were exciting and then big sun morn F1 down under had to tape it and the monster ManCity v Liverpool. Great game on edge of seat whole time. Too cold to watch Master outside with cigar. Maybe next week for Easter.
  13. If not my fav then in top 3. Enjoy the 2.5 hrs of this smoke. Maybe they have gotten a little lighter lately but flavor still there.

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