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  1. Is anybody here familiar with rolling their own blends? If so I would like to hear about your recipes and their flavor profiles. I wish it I could go to the store and simply roll a leaf up to smoke and get its flavor profile that way but unfortunately we can only buy by the quarter pounds. I have tried two blends so far, one pretty good, the other quite lackluster. Do you have any good blends that you enjoy?
  2. If anybody else is experienced with rolling what would you consider a good amount of ligero for a medium cigar. I have been doing 2 seco, 1 viso, 1/2 -1 ligero, wrapper and binder. I don't know if thats enough ligero though...Its hard to tell because I am still waiting for a lot of my cigars to dry and cure properly.
  3. It seems even after a week of letting my cigars sit outside the humidor they have a tunneling problem. I wrap them with the seco on the outside and the ligero on the inside because i know seco burns better so I think the tunneling is a result of the wrapper being too moist. It is quite spongey, but I don't know if thats just the quality of the wrapper or if it is indeed still too moist after a week of being left out in ambient humidity. any ideas onto why this might be happening would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. if anybody is interested in knowing the conclusion to this i found out what the problem was. i rolled the same blend of cigar with a seco leaf and the prominent burn was gone. it seems the strong pepper burn was on the wrapper which is odd because i thought connecticut wrappers were supposed to be quite mild to medium however they did contain very large veins which might have contributed to it.
  5. my next order of tobacco is coming next week im going to take that advice and just roll a leaf up and smoke it as is like a cigarette just to get the taste before i moisturize them to roll into actual cigars
  6. i thought it might be the roll too but oddly enough last night i smoked one that was admittedly too tight and the sensation was still prominent. im not sure what it could be. might be the blend because its so hard to find information on the flavor notes of each strain of tobacco. i can list what im using, note that when it comes to ligaro that i use a very small amount and sometimes i remove it completely because i thought that might have been causing this blend 1 --------------- rosado wrapper dominican binder dominican seco paraguay flojoviso nicaraguan ligero ( very ligh
  7. i thought it might be that and in the ones i omitted the prominent burn is still there
  8. i smoke it slow because i know getting it too hot will make it peppery but i also dont think its the flavor because all the kits i get have this component so i feel like it might be a moisture thing as you need the leaves very moist when rolling
  9. yes im sure there are a bunch of people who roll their own which is why im asking why there isnt a dedicated sub for them
  10. i am using kits that come with an assortment that make up a predetermined blend
  11. Maybe I'm missing it but I don't see a sub for rollers, which is quite bizarre in my opinion. Since the cornerstone of this hobby relies on the cigar roller it would be cool to have a forum dedicated to that topic.
  12. does that make a difference? both ends of my cigar are open but so are some of the cigars i buy like the villiger brasil exports are also uncapped and open on both ends
  13. Lately I have been rolling my own cigars and whenever I smoke them there is a very strong pepper burn over my tongue. It's so strong I don't think this is intentional because I cannot see anybody enjoying this even those who like a lot of pepper. The blend is supposed to be medium and I've tried a couple different kits with different strains of tobacco but the powerful pepper burn is prominent in each. Does this mean there is too much moisture in my cigars? I put them in my humidor for about a week and a half but I'm thinking maybe that wasn't long enough but since im new to this I really don'

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