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  1. Very cool... anyone know when Trinidad added the pigtail? I don't think I've ever seen one without, but then the oldest Trini I've had was from '08.
  2. Love the Le Grand... but is it worth the dozens of cigars I have to forego to get one? Yet to be determined.
  3. For me this teak Dunhill turbo is the one that got away. Saw one in person years ago on a closeout sale, but at $200 I still coudn't justify buying it. I've generally used matches for the most part, but I really really want one of these.
  4. This is an incredible resource! Very timely, as I just weighed two Fundadores and had one come in at 14g and the other at 10.6g ? After a quick review, I noticed that all Robustos are listed at 11.66g, Petit Coronas at 8.46g, etc. Do we have any idea what RH these weights represent? In a perfect world all cigars of the same vitola would weigh the same, but as we know in practice that isn't the case. Is it fair to assume the average CoRo weighs the same as the average PSD4?
  5. This is an awe inspiring setup!! If only I had space for a cabinet like that. The cedar lined wineador on the other hand is something I'd love to learn more about. Is that a custom job?
  6. Hello from Toronto! Long time lover of CC since my very first PSD4 nearly 15 years ago. I’ve been lucky to enjoy countless CC since then, but shockingly only recently came to learn of FOH. Boy do I wish that I wasn’t living in the dark ages... so glad to get out from under this rock. Looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you!

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