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  1. Yes especially since some of the early pioneers were non human animals 😂🤣😂
  2. I think Artemis is a goddess. Which makes sense as the mission is to put a woman (and I think also maybe a man as well) on the moon.
  3. Interesting you list 00-02 as the QC issues. As 99-01 is what I see the most derided with 99 especially scorned. There's a Canada box pass being organized and one rule is absolutely no 99 cigars and a limit on 00-01 cigars. Edit: Link: Quote: "Cigars from 1999 are prohibited. Cigars from 2000 and 2001 can be present in the box pass, but no more than 5 cigars from these years combined at any one time. Any cigars into the pass from 2000 and 2001 must be from a box that you've recently smoked from, and you can confirm that they have not exhibited significant const
  4. Fundadores first of a BSM MAR 20 box. Coffee, nuts and baking spice. Not a lot of sweetness yet though. Wonderful draw and burn.
  5. Was just looking into that era. It's well agreed that 1999-2001 was problematic for CCs due to a desire to dramatically increase production. So I wouldn't give too much grief to that, though I don't like the author. It probably did look at the time that Cuba's golden age was over and dark times were ahead. Here's an article by James Suckling, and a quote: "What’s easier to say is the Black Period for Cuban cigars was from 1999 to 2001 and the cigars from this period are almost always disappointing. Just about every time I smoke a Habanos fro
  6. Something like that. Although to be fair they don't use any of that kind of language in the program descriptions, just leave it to be inferred from the context. Recent Mars Rover mission (unmanned): Next mission to the moon (manned):
  7. I think I found the original article, not sure this is the official NASA position or just someone unrelated suggesting this language: Edit: Yes NASA suggestion at this second link: " Gender-Specific Language (e.g., Manned Space Program vs. Human Space Program) In general, all references to the space program should be non-gender-specific (e.g., human, piloted, unpiloted, robotic, as opposed
  8. I've definitely gotten cigars that were ruined by poor storage for too long, but I think there's probably more than these two options 😂🤣😂
  9. That's my main objection to larger RG cigars, the price, seems like there's a big premium. Look at the price for Rio Seco a lot of the time... Thankfully FOH usually has reasonable prices on them.
  10. At any given time there is seemingly a maximum acceptable RG, and anything one above that is an insult to good taste. Currently 52 (Edmundo) or 54 (PSE2) are acceptable and 55 (Montesco) or 56 (Rio Seco) are jawbreakers. 😂 I don't understand it either 🤷‍♂️
  11. Quai d'Orsay Coronas Claro has a citrus/orange to it. From the RyJ small cigars, Sports Largos are the best to me (cherry and sometimes Turkish delight), but a bit smaller than a corona. Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas (maybe Perlas too) can have a fruit element on occasion, but again more of a stewed/dried fruit like the RASCC.
  12. Hahahahahaha I copy pasted the wrong link. Probably see the xylophone I ordered for my son 😂
  13. The worst part is it doesn't really make sense and makes most skinny cigars look like a bad deal. But the math is easy...

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