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  1. Yes, probably limited production but I have an August 2020 box and I've heard of some 2019 boxes too.
  2. Definitely being mindful of your health is most important but I think it's possible to retrohale without inhaling any smoke and if you only pass some and not all the smoke through your nose you can avoid the burning. The technique for me is to "move" the smoke to the back of my mouth and then just breathe out through my nose a bit. Maybe 10%-20% of the smoke goes out that way and I exhale the rest out of my mouth after.
  3. Aged cigars are different and not simply better as you say. For me the biggest difference is that some cigars are gone and discontinued now. So the aged ones are all that is left. I don't think you're in the extreme minority especially in practice. Most people here (myself included) are not smoking mainly 20+ year old cigars. One thing I will say is I think you mentioned you don't retrohale the cigars, and with well aged cigars even more than relatively new cigars, a lot of the flavour/aroma and complexity is in the retrohale vs the palate.
  4. A Monte 4 for @PigFish's departed friend @naga5 On zoom. Best Monte 4 I've had in a while. Great draw, 80 minutes, rich flavour and great smoke output.
  5. The covid pandemic laid bare the fallacy of democratic toilet paper supply 😂
  6. I have some from last year and this year that are gold. Guess it's between 2017 and 2020 then. Edit: I'll check again when I get home. I wonder if I'm imagining things.
  7. Visiting my parents in Montreal. Took my kid to the park this afternoon and he collapsed on my shoulders on the way back. It was a pretty long piggy back ride.
  8. Smoking a Monte puritos with my dad in Montreal with the HC smoky. Old white band puritos. Not sure when ICT switched to the gold bands. Very strong and spicy. Might light up a Monte 2 in a bit. Edit: Monte 2. Forgot my BR cutter and couldn't find another one so used a Cuban cut on a figurado for the first time. Working ok.
  9. Esplendido is a slightly better value at those prices: somewhere between $35 and $45 each anywhere outside of Cuba. La Punta is a $12 cigar by comparison. But yeah $50+ is really getting crazy.
  10. I just meant that the one case I got of such different flavours in 10-15 year old cigars was almost definitely due to storage. In my case cardboard pack. That's my experience. Most of the 15-20 year old cigars I've had are discontinued ones that I haven't had more recent examples.
  11. I have definitely not had it with 2007 CCEs and 2008 PLPCs. While a bit different they haven't been night and day different from more recent examples (let's say with 3-5 years age). I have had 2007 RyJ Petit Coronas that were stored in cardboard pack that are very bland and cardboard tasting. Still have a lot of them left.
  12. Just lost the 2nd one 😂 2-1 Habs
  13. @El Presidente what's the highest grossing item on BR? Is this likely to top the list?

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