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  1. From what I understand the two steps are detached. HSA (the Cuban manufacturer) doesn't want anything to do with plain packaging and doesn't cooperate at all. Havana House the Canadian importer does all the plain packaging themselves. I have to assume HSA gives Havana House the same dress boxes and slide lid boxes they give every other distributor and Havana House has to throw them away and put the cigars in the cardboard boxes. If HSA was willing to help by just providing cigars in bulk (at some sort of discount), they'd probably put them in cardboard themselves and avoid giving that discount. But my statement also needs a correct me if I'm wrong disclaimer.
  2. 73% fresh on rotten tomatoes... Critics...
  3. Marijuana also has plain packaging though the regulations are probably a little looser (I think you can have different colors other than this green/brown but similar in that there are no brand or other elements allowed).
  4. @Fugu this is like mark twain's famous line and I paraphrase: everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it. Complain if it makes you feel better. We are among friends. To me HSA is not listening though. You do bring up a good point about the series du hoyo though. That is particularly cruel behavior on the part of HSA. Killing pretty much all the classic refined small RG cigars in the line and bringing in some monster RG cigars to an audience that probably could care less about the line. I think a new box of Rio Seco is probably around the same price as a vintage box of du gourmet... Sad times...
  5. I believe right now it is not available at all. I think the regulations allow a 10 digit alphanumeric code, so I think the box code information could be conveyed. Also regulations say that if the box were made of wood or metal it doesn't need to be this color, and could be the plain color of the wood or metal.
  6. Thanks! I'll have to try the dark blend sugar free.
  7. These ones aren't zero sugar as far as I can tell. It's Coca-cola plus coffee in various flavours. Seems it's 18 grams of sugar per 12 oz can.
  8. I like the creativity they have in imagining something new, rather than just copying an existing box. My favourite is when they invent new vitolas.
  9. I'm guessing most sales in Canada are singles and most consumers wouldn't know what is what without the bands. Even now most would prefer the vitola name on the actual real bands (I keep seeing praise for that feature of the Connie A).
  10. I saw it in video form: This was about the wolves being reintroduced to yellowstone (the reverse of the ecological process you describe).
  11. Yes I wouldn't single them out. I just meant that is a well known example. Wolves were pretty much eradicated in Europe and elsewhere probably due to the same feelings before America. But it is interesting to note just the same.
  12. Oh yes agreed terrible flimsy boxes. And I worry about cardboard taste over the long haul too as I've had with cardboard packs. On the crappy materials front this is Havana house's choice (the Canadian importer of Cuban cigars). Government regulations don't dictate a material but a color and design, font elements, etc. They could sell cigars in ceramic jars if they were that color. So it's the importer cutting corners.
  13. @Ken Gargett sounds like the feelings that led to the eradication of wolves in the first place. U.S. Fish and Wildlife,dens%2C and hunted with dogs.
  14. Haven't tried that. I used to pour coke over freeze dried coffee. It has a weird effect where you get tons of thick foam. Was useful when trying to pull all nighters. But my days of not wanting to sleep are over, and I get to bed too late as it is and drink too much coffee now too.
  15. On a slight tangent, agreeing with your assessment generally. I still think one needs to review the science. There are cases where the best theory science has or had to offer was not a very good one. I keep thinking of theories involving ether to explain electromagnetism.

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