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  1. I grabbed a box last minute. Seemed like a good deal, even though I'm usually not one for 50+ RG cigars.
  2. Juan Lopez Seleccion no. 1 30C outside but cool enough in the shade.
  3. Hoyo Epicure no. 1. Edit: a little too mild for me until the final third. Solid 80 minute smoke though.
  4. Por Larranaga Panetela. Pretty badly plugged. Perfecdraw most of the way through reduced it to merely tight. About halfway through the draw opened up and it improved a lot. On the other hand tight draw have me a one hour smoke time 🙂 and I stayed out long enough to get a visit from my late night backyard skunk.
  5. Du depute ROTT and a Nespresso. Just got a box for $105. Have two boxes of Partagas Shorts on the way for under $200. Trying to keep it C&C as it looks like I may get burned on customs for some not so C&C cigars... 🤞
  6. I think you are right and it was too big a swing, and I smoked them too early. And this in addition to my blocked sinuses. Now that I can taste again I can tell there's a definite off-ness to the taste of the ones that have been there 2 weeks or so vs fresh cigars ROTT. The ones that have been there almost 2 months are starting to be ok again. In the meanwhile I've set up a coolidor for longer term storage and hopefully that'll solve the issue with desktops and inconsistent RH.
  7. Hoyo epicure no. 2. Draw was a bit loose so I used a single punch.
  8. I think I'm slowly getting over the slump, after taking a bit of a break for a week. Can taste the cigars much better now, retrohale is still a bit weird, but getting better too.
  9. RASS. Continuing with Robusto singles to figure out which ones I'd like to get boxes of. PsD4 and a Juan Lopez #2 yesterday. Hoyo epicure 2 is next on the list and then moving on to Hermosa no 4 and coronas gordas.
  10. Oops yes you are correct. lol, that's what I found counterintuitive Though that thread seems to indicate that 61RH at 70F is ok, and would be equivalent to 65RH at 80F.
  11. I believe @PigFish would say that as temperature increases moisture content in cigar goes up, given the same RH level. Or in other words you need less RH as temperature goes up. This is a property of tobacco as a material. Seems counterintuitive but hey that's science
  12. PsD4 first Robusto after a summer of mainly smoking petit Coronas and Coronas.
  13. I have found that there are 4 levels of C&C cigars with increasing price and quality. 1. Machine made (cigarillos and Belinda, Guantanemera and Troya) 2. Short filler handmade (Quintero, JLP, etc.) 3. Long filler handmade but previously machine made before 2002 (the cheaper petit corona cigars, e.g. Super Partagas, Mille Fleurs). 4. Long filler handmade that were originally handmade as well (e.g. Partagas Shorts, and the rest of the minutos and perlas, the marevas vs petit corona vitola, etc.). I mainly buy 3 and 4, with some 2 and an occasional purito from category 1. I find in general cigars from category 4 are more reliable in construction than category 3, though I've had good luck with Super Partagas. But PLMC could technically be considered category 3 since it replaces a previously machine made version but the vitola changed a bit (35RG to 33RG), but it is highly regarded in any case. Sounds like @mikinva would consider 1, 2, and 3 to be C&C but 4 to be too expensive to qualify. While @DoctorOctagon considers category 4 to be the upper limit. Living in Canada and paying Canadian prices I wouldn't consider category 4 cheap. But buying internationally those cigars are still pretty affordable.
  14. I just noticed that some bands list what seems to be the ring gauge or ring gauge range on the side. Hoyo de Monterrey, seems to have 4 different ones. The Du Maire band pictured below, shows 30-33 The Du Depute has 38-40-42 The next size I believe up is 46-52, but I haven't had one of the new 54 or 56 RG ones to know if those are the same or a 4th size. On the other hand I think from what I've seen on Romeo y Julieta bands are 30-46, and 47-52 (again haven't had anything over 52RG there). It seems Cuban Cigar Website tracks the changing band designs over time, but doesn't seem to go into this minute detail. I think I've seen these ranges listed on RyJ, Hoyo and Partagas. I think I haven't seen them on Montecristo or Cohibas, but I assume they also have different bands for different ring gauges. Anyone know any interesting facts about this?

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