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  1. So weird given that the RG Perlas and PC are some of the most consistent cigars!
  2. How was it? I have one but holding off after a bad experience with a Diademas. Heard these were good.
  3. Yeah probably that. I've taken the band off a cigar and had pencil and pen notes underneath, mainly numbers, maybe some kind of count by the roller.
  4. Pretty good. This was from a LGR JUN 17 box. I don't have a huge preference between the 4 different minutos but if I had to rank them it would probably be Bolivar Coronas Junior, El Principe (these), Partagas Shorts and then Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas, though it's pretty close overall (I smoke all 4). Just wish I had another box of El Principe as they seem to be in short supply now.
  5. Oh damn! I've just about full up and out of floor room... Was hoping it wouldn't come to stacking coolers 😂
  6. Props on going with the suggestions. Usually people will put up a poll for what to smoke, then look at the results and go nah not feeling it and smoke their own pick regardless 🤣
  7. It was from 24:24 was supposed to be something ABR 21, but came out as OER MAY 20
  8. I think I can do better. But I feel like it might be a humbling experience. Excited either way.
  9. Mag 46 ROTT but was the best mag 46 I've had so far. CPE ROTT worst construction ever in terms of underfilling. But solid flavours. El Principe.
  10. Thanks @Nevrknow! Good to know. I use my nails to pull them out but it can be frustrating and close to impossible whenever I cut my nails. Just ordered one on Amazon.
  11. Maybe not from just sitting outside. But smoking seems to have a much faster effect. Generally at warmer temperatures though.
  12. Go through enough cabs and you can run into them I get them most often on Hoyo du Maire and du Depute. Maybe Corona Gordas, rarer in Robustos.
  13. I had two or 3 dead clasicos last year. 2 had construction issues too. Bad luck or bad storage by the vendor most likely.

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