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  1. I smoke cigars outside 99 percent of the time so spitting is not an issue for me. What do you do if you were in a cigar lounge and has urge to spit? I don't like to swallow my own saliva when I am smoking.
  2. If I am not mistaken the Fuentes do not use Nicaraguan tobaccos in their blends at all in DR.
  3. Perhaps Opus Nicaragua would be cheaper since it's easier to grow "puro" in Nicaragua than DR.
  4. Perhaps I need to check out Aganorsa. I have never heard of the brand.
  5. I couldn't imagine chilling fine single malts in the freezer. Bourbon might work though. That's the way Jim Russell from Wild Turkey drinks his bourbon in the summer.
  6. What do you think about putting whiskey in a freezer when the weather is scorching hot
  7. I am an avid beer drinker. But the Zacapa 23 is a superb sipping rum with a cigar.
  8. Altadis makes NC brands with Cuban names. And Altadis owns like 50 percent of Habanos.
  9. I missed Bolivar RC and Partagas D4 full boxes on 24/24. Maybe next time. I am a morning smoker with a cup of coffee while taking a long stroll in the forest every day. I will try the experiment and I am beginning to think that I enjoy the flavors more during the last half of the month since those cigars are rested for 2 weeks.
  10. I believe that cigars are ready to smoke ROTT when they are released from the factories. I am sure aging cigars will have better results but I keep my cigars around 30 sticks per month. In terms of taste and body I didn't notice much difference ( But in a way I wouldn't know the difference since I have never rested my cigars). I always pair my cigar with coffee. In my experience even duds can taste tolerable when pairing with good coffee.
  11. A lot of times a cigar would start out flavorful and lose all that flavor in the 2nd third.
  12. I noticed that many CCs smokers don't care much for NC maduro cigars.
  13. I don't wait at all. I start smoking ROTT. So when I get singles or a box they will be gone in a month as I tend to smoke one cigar a day.
  14. All that good Cuban "dirty" earth is found in the last 3rd.
  15. MJ is 6 for 6 in the finals. Never lost. Lebron is 3 out of 9 in the finals even with super teams he created. MJ is 6 for 6 in the finals. Never lost with 2 3 peats. Eyes don't lie. When you compare Lebron and MJ highlights on youtube it's a night and day. MJ is poetry in motion.
  16. I have been smoking CCs for 3 years and I still buy mostly singles and quarter boxes. I know I am going get hammered for this but I smoke the cigars on the first day when they arrive without resting them for 30/60/90 days.
  17. I agree that's part of it. Money plays a big role as well. Nicaragua has surpassed DR in terms of sales in the USA for the past few years now and Fuente wants a piece of that market.
  18. Brand dilution is my biggest fear. I honestly don't care much for Nicaraguan tobaccos.
  19. Fuente is my favorite NC brand, especially their Hemingway lines. I just don't see the point of having another factory in Nicaragua when things are working great in DR. I have always associated Fuente as King of DR cigars. What do you guys think?

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