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  1. I did same thing. Kept in online humidor until 2012. You are right they had poor reviews. Mine eventually came around but very inconsistent. Never see them around anymore
  2. I was in mortgage business for 30 yrs so feel pain. Tomorrow wont count as recission day so all fundings on refinance will be delayed a day. On a side note I see Bears looking to purchase Arlington Intl. What are your thoughts?
  3. I put zero although I think I could nail a coro as its unique.
  4. I was gifted a couple and should have bought a box.
  5. I like em both. A young RASCC reminds me of a szechuan stir fry. Lots of different flavors and spices. Age well. Have a few boxes going back to 13. Buy both of them. Normally can find each on sale.
  6. How was it? All my USE 08s long but were all very good boxes.
  7. Got a few. 00 Punch DC. All plugged, 06 SP Corona all plugged. Perfecdraw didnt help either. 50 Cab of Mag 50 when they were available. I would trade for a carton of Pall Mall non filter cigarettes as thats the flavor profile.
  8. Needs a few beetle holes and would be good to go!
  9. Happy Bday! Hopefully nice dinner and drinks are on the horizon!
  10. That should tide over another buying spree itch for a couple of weeks! Those Punch Punch do look great!
  11. I had a 50 and 25 Cab of Simones. Great sticks!
  12. Great review! Even better pint glass! The airing of grievances!

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