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  1. Leave some olive oil on the residue for 10 minutes and wipe clean with paper towel
  2. I used to live in the gym. 6 days a week and canoing hundreds of miles. Now its 2400 Mg's of Gabapentin and a walk to the mailbox. You work hard to stay in shape and be healthy but it beats you up in the end!
  3. I will have to try the QT. Have a few boxes of aged Londres Extra that are very C&C
  4. My boxes have been all performed in a manner similar to your review. I had 2 partial boxes and just bought 4 more I found on sale. They are buried in back of Aristocrat. Very difficult to get to. On purpose!
  5. Are they my absolute favorite cigar? No. Do I smoke more of these than anything else? Yes
  6. Agree. I've had several cabs going back to 02. Some have displayed youth longer than others.
  7. Should be nice here today. Going to have a Trini Reyes before heading to Overland Park for food and football!
  8. I like em both but RASCC is an all time favorite. I like them young and old. The RGP boxes have been a little bit less consistent. When I was married I would have them shipped to different addresses. She didn't have a clue
  9. My last purchase date was supposed to be October 1st. Well somehow I've got 5 boxes in transit
  10. I'm more concerned about the 10 cans of Skoal I go thru in a week.
  11. I would rather have a tighter draw than a loose one. The former can be fixed most times unless totally plugged. Dryboxing, Perfecdraw and maybe some fridge time will do the trick for me. Have recent PLPC and some minutes that I fix this way. Rarely have had plugged Robustos. The latest shorter fatties I have in humi have had loose draw issues. I start out with X cut with exacto knife on these. Hoyo PR, MMC and RJPR etc.
  12. Nice to see a few PCs on the list. Kudos to HSA. Bastards.

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