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  1. Stiller was great in King of Queens. Still kills me!
  2. Had to go Costanza. He was a classic as was Archie
  3. Seems like many of my Cazzies have had uncommon codes in past 15 plus years.
  4. Good score! The 02s I had were excellent. Another one they just had to ax I have 8 boxes but none have dark wrappers like these!
  5. I have moved twice since I made a comment I will never move again!!
  6. Illinois audits are tough!! Not as bad as AZ or having HUD spend a week in office
  7. I was in mortgage/finance industry for 33 years. Owned mortgage company for 17. Merged with a company in 15 and spent 5 years with them. Threw in the towel last August and took 5 months off. Now Im in healthcare. Been in training for 6 weeks. Will see how it goes
  8. I remember that code for many Boli boxes in 09!
  9. Thats how I want my Espies to look like! 3's look wonderful as well
  10. These are really growing on me. Going to try and save one box for aging maybe 5 years. Good young now.
  11. Always something nice on BR! Many would qualify as a special occasion smoke. Plus u could always put back up as a partial box down the road if you want.
  12. I ended up getting mini goldendoodle. Could have gone either way. There is a breeder of both south of KC and was shocked to see how many Bernedoodle were being sold to people on East Coast.
  13. Starting to see more and more breeders of these popping up in surrounding area. I looked at these as well on recent puppy search. Great looking dogs!

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