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  1. Hard to figure it out this year. Titans looked great tonight. Raiders took care of my Chiefs. I knew spread was way too high! Browns?? Who knows. I just hope all teams can get in their 16 games.
  2. Fresh BCJ and RASCC. The BCJ was darnn near unsmokable and about coughed up a lung. Needless to say they went to the back of humidor.
  3. Have seen Van Halen live many times. He was always the star of the show
  4. I had 02 La Punta and they were still powerful and full favored when I smoked my last one two years ago. Very unique flavor profile. I had 3 boxes with same code EAR 02 I believe. No clue as how newer production would age.
  5. I have had plenty of PLPC and just received some well aged Panatela's. Going to let them sit for a few months. They look great
  6. How about Choix Supreme? Seem to be very scarce across the board except for an LCDH here and there.
  7. The few reviews i've seen all point to poor construction. The delay in getting them out according to PCC was the sourcing of packaging. Maybe just an excuse by HSA. That was an ugly review stick! Looks like rolled by a ten year old.
  8. That's good to hear. Mine are still in cryovac so have not taken a look at them as of yet. Maybe over weekend.
  9. The Romeo Club Kings have been out. I have 10 tins of 5. Have seen no sign of the Partagas Capitols.
  10. Been wanting to go weekend fishing but just got excessive heat warning on phone. Runs through late Sunday. 105-110 heat index. Not sure the bass will be in the mood for it. That's a pass.
  11. I have some Shorts, PQ and BCJ aging just for this purpose. Have a new puppy coming in late October.
  12. Nothing like a breaching Great White!
  13. Been looking for some quality Punch Punch to lay down.
  14. I may do the same thing with a youngster. If it has a few years then I normally nub it.

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