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  1. Many products these days come with very few instructions. I would imagine you could google the model etc and download the manual. Or once find manual just find section on wont come on while child locks are engaged
  2. If a team wins coin toss and scores a td they love the rule. If not they want rules changed. Goes both ways. The college rules would not be well received. Buffalo had 13 seconds to stop Chiefs with #1 ranked defense...and couldnt.
  3. Twice I have had Who Concerts postponed! Once in Tampa Daltrey shit his pants on stage. Had to fly back down the next month. Then at Sprint Center in Kansas City. It was postponed for several months. Do not recall the reason. Thinking it was 2015.
  4. Last one I had was extremely light compared to 15-20 yrs ago. Actually surprised. Nice flavors tho. Think it was a 2020. Bought some singles.
  5. I wanted to see as well. Not going to happen! I will stay home and watch Chiefs today. They were lined up at gates at 2:30 AM tailgating and waiting to get inside Arrowhead. Know lots of people who are going to game today. Both kids are going as well as nephew. Buffalo is a scary team right now!
  6. Yep. Jaw breakers. Had a couple that were gifted and just Ok I thought. Nothing special. Never had Gran Reserva CoRo
  7. My last move will be to my grave! Moving is awful experience.
  8. Great review on a very good stick. Wish I still had more left!
  9. 100 % agree. They were incredible. Great memories! Thx for posting
  10. Have a Monte DE in dry box bullpen for Chiefs/Cowboys later today

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