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  1. After last week, the Costanza method may just be the ticket! Thats how Mike won. Just go with the opposite
  2. Those 08 Unico's were insanely good for sure! Nice to hear still smoking well
  3. Im waiting for Kendorsed jock strap. Lets get it to market soon!
  4. Nice review. Have some 19s aging and wont touch for a few years. Here is to hoping your marriage last longer than mine!
  5. For a nc these are pretty good. Buddy got full box on sale last month for ridiculously low price.
  6. Original release Noella from jar. Smaller version of aged SW.
  7. I think the Epi 2 is also good choice. Just the last few I have had of recent production have been bland and flavorless. If yours have been on point its a good option. Ive been in your camp giving Espies etc away to rookies and always regretted.
  8. I have many boxes of these and Londres Extra. Early on the Petite was pure cardboard. Fast forward a few years and I do get sweetness and nutty flavors you described. Had one last week that blew me away for a 3 dollar cigar. I like em as if I get one thats not up to par its pitched without the guilt!! Nice review!
  9. I had same code on the SLR Cab that I bought at Czar. They were phenomenal! Nice score for sure!
  10. Browns played well enough to win. The turnovers killed em. Chiefs fortunate to get the W!
  11. College Football, Baseball, NFL and cigars. May not leave the house!
  12. I did pick Vikes but dont see Mond as superstar. Saw him play many games in SEC. Decent backup

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