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  1. @JohnS. Saw some crazy stat today that Mets were like 2-683 or something like that when trailing by 6+ runs in 9th. Well they made it 3 last night!
  2. I enjoy them on occassion as well for a change of pace. Have had the lancero and I guess Corona. Hard to find now.
  3. Pulling for Wild but currently down 2-0 in 2nd. Blues look much sharper and playing with more energy.
  4. Just had a 2019 earlier today from a cab. Darker wrappers for sure and quite complex. I actually prefer to D4s although I always have both on hand.
  5. Chiefs had decent draft. Needed secondary help and edge rusher which they picked up. Now we need to replace the irreplacable Tyreek Hill. Doubt Tua will be able to connect with him like Mahomes did. AFC West got much stronger so it will be more difficult to win the division for 7th straight year.
  6. Love the BPC. Usually takes me 45 min plus to smoke. Not sure about blend changes but some years better than others. Miss the cabs for sure. My 19s are smoking well but the quarters I have picked up here recently have been excellent. Rich and complex but not as strong as say 15 years ago it seems.
  7. Excellent review. Always enjoyed these and the Bachilleres. Thought both needed several years down for them to shine. Probably why many from the Sancho brand were cut in 06.
  8. Close call between 19 Reyes and 19 D6. Both outstanding but giving slight edge to Trini.
  9. Excellent review. I went deep on late 19s/20s picking up 6 boxes sub 200.00. Working my way through a NOV 19 box now. With pricing expected to rise significantly on Trinidad lines I will probably slow down my consumption of Reyes for now.
  10. A Paca is a large rodent from South America! Good to know they now have some skin in this game.
  11. Always been a favorite for many years. Still have some 2011 but have yet to sample 19, 20 or 21 boxes.
  12. I agree on Boli PC. Have not smoked a lot of 21/22 as still working on aged stock but the the quarters I have picked up here have been superb. Best Ive had since 08/09s
  13. Im doing 20 minutes cardio followed by 40 minutes circuit training 6 days a week. On Sundays I do hour cardio. Im 58 now and down to high school weight. I also eat pretty well. No sugar and have had no beer since Super Bowl. I do get a pizza once a month. Much is done due to health issues etc but I feel much better.
  14. Need a box of El Principe. See a couple vendors that have in stock but pricing is off the charts!
  15. Agree. Been using a particular vendor for 20 plus years and many arrive terribly over humidified. A couple months down is standard and would call it acclimation and not aging. For my taste I normally let them rest for a period. Given todays prices my Trinis and Cohiba always go down. Too pricey to be experimenting with rott. BCJ and other perlas or minutos maybe a different story.
  16. Family has beach condo on Gulf Blvd. Right next to Tradewinds. Always like to hit Gigis for Italian and Crabby Bills for Grouper Nuggets! Better places for sure but those two are staples. A few decent cigar shops in area.
  17. I have not purchased any VR Unicos in years but the 08, 09 and 10s had such velvety smooth wrappers. You could feel the tiny hairs on them. Havent seen since. They were like smoking a bag of Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. So agree with Van55 and Bassman reverting back to initial thread. Im sure they are both enjoying a chocolate stick in the heavens above!
  18. Smoke a lot of them and have for 20 years. I actually prefer them fairly young. Have not noticed much of a blend change over the years like other cubans. I like all small sticks in the HSA portfolio but prefer the others with some age on them. Still see them as a good value cuban for my taste. Surprisingly my current dress boxes smoking better than my cabs
  19. Last time I visited we had Joes and Campos. Not bad but ask 20 locals near Philly and likely to get 20 different answers as to who has the best
  20. Saw they have a "Charles Barkley" sandwich on menu for a limited time.
  21. I generally stick to Keto myself. Just a habit now. Love pizza tho. When I lived in Chicago my yearly takeout tab was easily 2k.Calculated by co-workers. Of course with every pie there had to be a 6 or 12 pack of beer.
  22. He was in Chicago for NCAA tournament games a couple weeks ago. Guess there is one in LA as well
  23. Which one? My brother ate at The Girl and The Goat recently and said pretty good. It was packed!
  24. Still have 3 left from MKO 03 which I believe was El Laguito at the time. They age very well! Wish I still had my 03 Sig VI's that I bought from Czar. Paired very well with Jameson.

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