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  1. I handed out 5 Monte 4 last Saturday after dinner..... I think one for the whole gang still would have been too much 😂 So Piedra would be my pick!
  2. Yes. I live in Québec , Canada. Winter goes down to -35C... So I smoked my last cigar in October and my first one this year last weekend. Easy really!
  3. I want to buy an Audew 300 Electric humidor, but they seem to be sold out everywhere... Checked Newair (even though they are pricier $$$) sold out too. Do you have any other brands to recommend? Or any other retailers with stock? I'm in Canada btw 😁 🔥✌️
  4. Brought back a José Fuster drawing in 2019 (Fusterlandia, Havana) that I had framed.
  5. Looks pretty similar to me. Yes the vendor is Canada Humidor. One of the co-owner came back to me... Like Cigar Surgeon said, the co-owner confirmed that they personnally bring back the ashtrays from their personnal trip to Cuba. I tend to believe it, even though the lettering is ugly as hell 😂 their website is considerated very legit in Canada.
  6. I just wrote to the vendor to have more details... I would be very surprised that this retailer is selling fakes... But we never know! He was selling the mini and small sizes too.
  7. Since I did not have the chance to buy one Hotel Nacional's ashtray at my last visit in Cuba in September 2019, I decided to buy one online from a canadian reputable source, at least I think so! Is it just me or the lettering is off? I got the medium size too and it is not that heavy... Maybe is it because it is pre Castro, or pre embargo or whatever? 😂😂😂😂 Still look good though and I did not pay THAT much since it was sold as imperfect... Anyway, I can't wait to smoke my brand new JLP with the new ugly minimalist band 😂 (please don't tell me tha

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