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  1. Smoking while smoking. 2020 RAT PLPC. Spot checking the cab. I can taste the greatness to come.
  2. PCC Aged Reyes courtesy of our host. Date code is nice and sloppy.
  3. Those are just sad. Amazing to see such a stark contrast.
  4. Monte No. 4s from our host. Pictures don’t do them justice but these wrappers are very dark, was surprised when I cracked them open.
  5. First few puffs were the most disgusting, acrid, bitter cigar I’ve ever had. I almost gave up on it, but after that it was delicious. Very weird, glad I stuck with it.
  6. This has been my experience as well. That said, I just had one of the LGC the other day and I was surprised at how good it was. Better than the first one I sampled by a lot.
  7. Just keep in mind that I’m just some idiot on the internet

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