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  1. Monte 2 on my 30th birthday. Single stick so I couldn't tell you box code or anything. I am new to CC having smoked NC for a few years. I had finished golfing 18 and went out in the backyard to enjoy a birthday cigar. First Montecristo, and I must've have gotten a decent one because it was absolutely spectacular. This was the eureka moment for me and really got me on the Habanos hype train.
  2. Newbies welcome in Zoom? Would love to pop in and have someone to smoke with but don't yet know any of the fine folks here in the forum.
  3. I see you're down by Philly, I am up by Scranton. Hope you stay safe in these trying times!
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Jim, turning 30 soon, and I was a pipe smoker for a few years and enjoyed cigars occasionally as well, but have turned into a regular cigar smoker over the last few months or so. I decided to take the plunge and get my hands on some Habanos since I’ve always been told that I need to try them to really appreciate the unique flavor profile. I’m learning a lot just by virtue of having lurked on this forum for a while now, so I thank all of you for your wisdom!

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