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  1. Smoking while smoking. 2020 RAT PLPC. Spot checking the cab. I can taste the greatness to come.
  2. PCC Aged Reyes courtesy of our host. Date code is nice and sloppy.
  3. Those are just sad. Amazing to see such a stark contrast.
  4. Monte No. 4s from our host. Pictures don’t do them justice but these wrappers are very dark, was surprised when I cracked them open.
  5. First few puffs were the most disgusting, acrid, bitter cigar I’ve ever had. I almost gave up on it, but after that it was delicious. Very weird, glad I stuck with it.
  6. This has been my experience as well. That said, I just had one of the LGC the other day and I was surprised at how good it was. Better than the first one I sampled by a lot.
  7. Just keep in mind that I’m just some idiot on the internet
  8. Crazy weather swing. Yesterday I was skiing, today I’m smoking in shorts.
  9. Real change of pace. It’s not the right ring gauge, the right country. It’s not even the right color! Wasn’t bad though, I’d smoke again if offered.
  10. Enjoying thanksgiving with my wife during quarantine.

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