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  1. Nice round! I’ve still never shot under par either but I’ve come darn close a few times. I keep chasing that little while ball in hopes I get another chance.
  2. Just picked up 2 10 boxes of these. Really hope I like them. They are my 1st experience with Punch.
  3. We loved it! @GVan had played there before but it was a first for me. I struggled finding the start lines on the front and doubled a few holes which made it an average round for me. @GVan played well, especially he stopped trying to hit driver off the tee and stuck with his fairway finding 3 wood!
  4. Great Dip 2 LGR DIC 18 gifted by @GVan Tastes of sourdough, green tea and cream - mild smoke. Really yummy!
  5. UEB Jun 18 HUHC this morning. Sweet trail mix flavors but had a weird peppery finish.
  6. I’ve been to this store many times. Sad times. Looters should be put in jail and/or prison!
  7. 2018 Epicure Especial gifted by @StogieSteve23 Great flavors! Thanks again!
  8. R52 today after mowing the yard. Took it down to the nub!
  9. Arts and crafts project today for my iPhone X
  10. RGPC ALO Mar 17 Rested in humidor only 11 days Dry boxed for 20 hours @ 55% rh Smoking conditions: 62F at 82% rh Straight cut with a nice divot First Third Started with toasted tobacco, bit of leather Perfect draw Lots of smoke Muted flavors but I can tell there is more in there Slightly uneven burn but I would not call it wonky Just the slightest hint of salty sweetness on the finish 2nd Third More powerful flavors develop Walnut Still a lot of smoke with a similar burn. The ash has held and no touch ups required. Draw is still perfect. Salty sweet really coming through now Ash fell off at end of 2nd third Final Third Had to puff a little harder to get it back to full smoke after the ash fell off but did not relight. Walnut toasted tobacco dominated the flavors here. Very enjoyable. The sweetness faded toward the end. Hit of bitterness at the end Burn was wonky at the end and required the 1st touch up. Last flavors of just toasted tobacco but still LOTS of smoke output and never went out on me. Finished decent with no bitterness and toasted tobacco dominant flavors with just the slightest sweetness. Final comments 45 minute smoke Decent morning stick. Really wasn’t complimented by the coffee but wasn’t hindered by it either. Started out at an 87. Moved to a 90. Finished at an overall 89. Reminded me of a not as sweet 17’ El Prinicipe but yet brought in the walnut that made it its own.
  11. The Morning coffee stick is still my favorite stick of the day! The Principe is also my go to however, I'm currently dry boxing a RGPC for either tomorrow or Saturday morning. I have not yet tried the Parti Short with my coffee but I see that in my future soon!
  12. Amazing looking course! Hopefully @GVan and I can get out there someday!
  13. Nice review. I look forward to picking up a box. I’m still in search of my perfect small coffee cigar! This sounds like it could be a winner.

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