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  1. Is it weird that I get anxiety when I view your photos?! I fear your going to lose your stick over the edge! Hope you enjoyed it!
  2. $2 Million Cigar Lodge in the Backyard? You Must Be Blowing Smoke In Glencoe, Ill., Andrew Berlin built a 900-square-foot outbuilding where he could enjoy his favorite cigars. By Alina Dizik Feb. 4, 2021 12:30 pm ET Andrew Berlin can’t recall the exact moment when his idea for a simple screened-in porch became a less modest endeavor. But two years and $2 million later, he is enjoyi
  3. Steve - I too use those gloves and I completely agree, best bang for the buck out there! (ps. Grow some man hands and you won’t need to worry about the cadet sizes! Ha! Just giving you a hard time...)
  4. Amazing looking box of Monte PEs today ART May 20
  5. Back from 3 weeks in Florida with @GVan and I’m greeted with these with the mail today. Monte 2: TAO Nov 19 La Fuerza: RAT Mar 20
  6. Happy New Year Cigar friends. Starting the year off with one of my top cigar of 2020: Monte PE (Jan 2018) courtesy of @GVan
  7. Great Monte 2 today (UER Jul 18) and a great round of golf with @GVan
  8. A few from the week so far with @GVan Happy Holiday cigar fam!
  9. Thanks Karl. I have two boxes of this code and, after that first one, it’s going to be hard to keep my hands off them to see how they develop. Perfect draw, no touch ups and, classic Boli flavors!
  10. MSU Feb 18 - First one out of the box. Pretty darn good!
  11. Great review and I could not agree with you more. It's a toss up between these and the Boli PCs for me for my Mr. Dependable.
  12. Great pics Steve! Glad you had an opportunity to play Bay Hill. It's a great looking course!
  13. Parti D6 UEB Feb 19 - First D6 I’ve had. Lasted 40 minutes and the first 2/3rds was great. Finished so so but I’m defiantly looking forward to seeing how this box develops over the next few months.

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