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  1. Played Cog Hill - Dubsdread - Course No. 4 this past week in Chicago. Amazing course where Tiger holds the course record with a 62. No idea how that was possible…
  2. I will refer you to @GVan as he lived in Abu Dhabi for ~5 years.
  3. New early 40th birthday gift for myself. Omega Seamaster Diver 300
  4. Great looking Portillos cup!! And, love the work too...
  5. @StogieSteve23 I thought it great! It was my first Mag 46 so nothing else for me to compare it to but... the burn was great and the flavors were very yummy (lemon zest at first then spices and earthy for the last 1/2). It probably helped that I set my expectations low too, ha!
  6. I keep reading more and more positive things about this stick. Your comment pushed me over the edge, ha! I just placed my first Trinidad order! I thank you! My wife hates you... sorry...
  7. I will 2nd @NicPac with The Course Called Ireland and The Course called Scotland
  8. Steve - I received the same box today (BRE NOV 18). It does look and smell amazing! I am going to smoke one ROTT tonight and see how it goes... I'll be in touch!
  9. Nice review @Kaptain Karl! Did you dry box this stick or smoke it right out of the humidor? I have a similar age box and I may need to give one a try!
  10. Is it weird that I get anxiety when I view your photos?! I fear your going to lose your stick over the edge! Hope you enjoyed it!
  11. $2 Million Cigar Lodge in the Backyard? You Must Be Blowing Smoke In Glencoe, Ill., Andrew Berlin built a 900-square-foot outbuilding where he could enjoy his favorite cigars. By Alina Dizik Feb. 4, 2021 12:30 pm ET Andrew Berlin can’t recall the exact moment when his idea for a simple screened-in porch became a less modest endeavor. But two years and $2 million later, he is enjoyi
  12. Steve - I too use those gloves and I completely agree, best bang for the buck out there! (ps. Grow some man hands and you won’t need to worry about the cadet sizes! Ha! Just giving you a hard time...)
  13. Amazing looking box of Monte PEs today ART May 20

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