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  1. I freeze all my cigars so not worried about beetles, and nothing I can do about the temp. It has to do with my living situation. But temp is stable at 72 degrees. So just trying to figure out what is optimal humidity for aging given my situation. Thanks!
  2. Is it going to be problematic to age cc for long term @ 58% and 72 degrees F (room temp)? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. I have seen Piggy's posts and I think what he says makes sense for standard desiccant, but the beads for cigars are treated with salt much like Boveda packs. And the advertised humidity level is achieved by adjusting amount of salts, just like Boveda does. Thanks for confirming I'm not nuts to do such controlled test. Yes, I understand relative humidity is relative. The temp was stable at 70 degrees the whole time in climate controlled room. So I guess they are simply not working to the producer's specifications. Thanks for your .02 cents!
  4. No, I didn’t add any water. But they come pre-wet from the vendor. 1/3 of the beads look clear and rest looks dry to me.
  5. RHShield. Yes they are advertised as 2-way with salts that is supposed to keep it at 60% and it is supposed to be +/-2% accuracy.
  6. Tupperdor is completely empty. I was just doing test. My hygrometer is correct. Did Boveda calibration kit, and it measures the ambient humidity what it should be. Without beads the tupperdor reads 60%. As soon as I add beads shoots up to 73%.
  7. 1. Empty it read 60%. Within 3 hours shot up to 73%. After 24 hrs still 73%. 2. 19 quarts Tupperware. 3. 4 oz. of beads.
  8. I know it is debatable how well beads remove/absorb moisture, but shouldn’t it at least stop releasing humidity? The beads are 60% and the humidity level already correct but beads drove it up 13%. Would Boveda have the same issue?
  9. I bought 60% humidity beads, did not add any water, put it in airtight Tupperware, and it reads 73%. My ambient humidity is 58% and my digital hygrometer calibrated with Boveda’s calibration kit. Any idea why this is happening?
  10. What is it you are all noticing is going down about RASS? Construction? Flavor?

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