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  1. Hello Sir. I noticed that you advise putting Tyvek between the DensShield boards and SC. Is this preferable to putting the Tyvek behind the DensShield? My closet / future walk in humidor is in the interior of my home. No outside walls to worry about. I've purchased T&G Spanish cedar planks and am lining the entire room with the SC. My plan was to install the SC directly on to the DensShield board. Is this ok? Appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Why Tyvek instead of a traditional (non-breathable) vapor barrier plastic? And how should the Spanish cedar be installed over the Tyvek? Is it ok to puncture the Tyvek with nails/screws?
  3. Any update? I am about to begin a similar closet conversion and am contemplating the same dilemma you had re: ripping out the existing drywall and replacing it with greenboard.
  4. Hey Ging - appreciate the feedback. I read somewhere that a breathable sheet (Tyvek) is better than a true vapor barrier. If vapor barrier is used then isn't there a risk of mould since the humidity would be air-sealed within the humidor and therefore have nowhere to naturally escape to if/when the RH gets too high? Thanks. Moisture barrier where? Between the greenboard and the cedar? or in behind the greenboard?
  5. Hi All - I am converting a small closet to a walk-in humidor (4 x 5 x 9) and would appreciate feedback on two points: 1) Should I take down the existing drywall and replace it with greenboard (due to humidity factors)? 2) If yes to above, should I place a vapor barrier or Tyvek housewrap behind the board (recognizing that the two serve different functions)? Factors to note: relatively stable environment in that the closet is an "isolated box" (ie: no exterior walls) on the main level of a climate controlled home (68F in winter and 70F in summer). Location is Northeast region so can get humid in summer but only for short periods (and not swampy like Miami!). Finally, I am using Spanish cedar throughout the entire closet (not just the shelves) if that makes a difference in terms of drywall type and the need for barrier.
  6. Hi. Yes the walk-in closet is an "isolated box" within the home (ie: no exterior walls). It's located on the main level of a climate controlled home (68F in the winter and 70F in the summer). Location is Northeast region so can get humid in summer but only for short periods (and not swampy like Miami!). Appreciate your follow-up thoughts on Tyvek vs. Vapor Barrier and also whether to simply install the Spanish cedar over the existing drywall or rip it down and install greenboard in its place.
  7. This is interesting - I was about to use vapor barrier plastic for my closet humidor conversion (ie: in behind greenboard) but then I heard from someone else that Tyvek would be better because it's breathable. Similar to your comment. Can I get your final thoughts on if the Tyvek housewrap is the best way to go? Also, do you think greenboard is good? Or should i just leave my existing drywall as-is and install the cedar overtop of it. This would certainly be most cost effective than ripping it down and installing new greenboard. Note that my walk-in is small (4 x 5 x 9) and i'll be lining it entirely with Spanish cedar, if that makes a difference in your calculus.
  8. Why do they need to be quarantined separately?
  9. Tiny bit on the foot. Wiped away cleanly. I will smoke it anyway.
  10. Haven't smoked them yet. Box just arrived today. Sealed. AUG 19 box date.
  11. For what it's worth, all of it brushed off rather easily....
  12. Rene was formerly the manager of La Taberna del Galeón in Plaza de Armas.

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